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Shelving units are among the most important features of a room. Whether in the private home or in offices, law firms and practices, these practical multi-talents are absolutely indispensable, because they fulfil several functions at once. On the one hand, they naturally offer plenty of space for decorative objects, books, files, etc., on the other hand, they can also be used very well as room dividers. For example, when two children share a room or when a visual separation of living and sleeping area or living and working area is required. At Pickawood Europe, you can get shelving units for every need and every requirement. They not only offer you maximum functionality, but are also characterised by first-class carpentry work. They also look great, because we believe that a shelving unit should also be an attractive eye-catcher. And best of all: we can make your individual shelving unit entirely according to your personal wishes! Do you have sloping ceilings, would you like a "corner solution" or a shelving unit with a special compartment division? No problem, we can turn your ideas into reality! Find out more about our portfolio and our strong services below!

Books are the gateway to the world, they impart knowledge, bring us closer to foreign cultures, captivate and amuse us with their stories and are at the same time probably the best way to completely switch off and relax. Good for those who own so many books that they need a bookcase! If the pile on your bedside table is already reaching dizzying heights or you want your own library at home, our custom-made bookshelves are just the thing. You determine the dimensions, the appearance and the division of the compartments, we take care of the implementation. Whether it's a narrow but room-high solution for a small room or spacious shelving systems for the passionate book collector, we fulfil all wishes reliably, individually and in excellent quality. The same applies, of course, to special types of shelving. In the living room or in smaller offices, for example, a stair shelving unit looks very good. It doesn't look so bulky and still offers enough space to store all the things you always want to have in view. By the way: stepped shelves fill the space under a staircase or sloping roof perfectly and you don't waste a single centimetre of space! Here, too, you can of course determine the height, the arrangement of the individual columns and the material yourself. From the robust multiplex or MDF version to almost indestructible and very noble shelving units made of solid wood, everything is possible at Pickawood Europe. Speaking of solid wood: beech is particularly popular in this context, because the type of wood is extremely versatile and can be customised to suit any interior design style. However, you can also opt for oak or pine, for example: There are no limits to your design freedom with Pickawood Europe!

This also means that you can equip your new shelving unit with drawers and doors if you wish. It doesn't matter whether only individual compartments are to be given a closed look or the entire shelving unit. You can also choose the handles yourself using our online configurator. We have many attractive variants ready for you, from classic and timeless to modern and super elegant. In addition, a shelving unit can also be designed completely or partially as a display cabinet. This is particularly useful if you want to store valuable objects, such as collectibles, protected from dust and moisture but still clearly visible.

By the way: a shelving unit does not necessarily have to be placed on the floor. Of course, you can also choose hanging shelves from us. Hanging shelves are always the ideal choice if a room is already heavily cluttered with various pieces of furniture and you want to make use of the remaining wall space. In addition, a custom-made hanging shelf is also very suitable in the study or office: for example, above the desk. It also looks very good in the living and dining room if you place it above a low chest of drawers or a sideboard.

Many customers also opt for a wall unit in the form of a shelf. This solution looks very spacious, airy and modern. A separate cut-out for your flat-screen TV is of course also possible. The complete ensemble then appears "as if from a single mould" and radiates calm and harmony. The individual shelves also offer optimal storage options for your DVD collection, games console, magazines and the like, so that the room always looks tidy and orderly.

Did you know that a custom-made shelving unit accompanies your children throughout their entire childhood and adolescence? In the beginning, it can be used to store toys and cuddly toys, later on it can be used to store (school) books, and once the child has grown up, the shelving unit will move into their first own home with them, because thanks to the extremely high-quality workmanship, the lifespan of the shelving units from Pickawood Europe is almost unlimited. This way, your offspring will have a lasting memory of their childhood within their own four walls! But for now, we wish you lots of fun and creativity when configuring your custom-made shelving unit! The following questions and answers serve as a small guide and support you in planning your shelving unit!

How do I start when I want to configure a shelving unit online?
First, select the desired size and material. So measure the intended space carefully beforehand. We stick to your specifications to the millimetre, so that your shelving unit will fit into even the smallest niche if the dimensions submitted are correct. Then divide your shelving unit into columns or compartments. You determine the number and size of the individual compartments individually. Finally, you can decide whether your shelving unit should have any special extras. During the configuration process, you can make changes at any time or start from scratch. So take your time and think carefully beforehand about the details you want your shelving unit to have and the requirements it has to meet.

What do I have to consider if I want to use my shelving unit as a room divider?
Depending on how deep your room divider is to be, it may make sense to additionally stabilise it Then simply fix it to a portable wall with suitable brackets. You can also choose whether your room divider should have a rear wall or not.

What if I need help configuring?
Basically, our online configurator is set up in such a way that it is child's play to use and requires no prior knowledge of craftsmanship. You simply follow the instructions step by step and select the desired options. If you have any difficulties or are unsure of how best to enter your design into our configurator, we will of course be happy to assist you. If you wish, our furnishing advisors will take the time to help you. They are also always available for special requests or specific ideas. So you can be sure that your new shelving unit will look 100 percent as you want it to! So if you have any questions, just give them a call. In this context, we would also like to recommend our personal video consultation. Simply select your preferred appointment and benefit from our experience as well as live tips that are optimally tailored to your needs!

How can I pay for my shelving unit and what are the shipping costs?
We want to make the realisation of your living dreams as simple and uncomplicated as possible. That's why you can choose from several convenient payment options at Pickawood Europe. Whether prepayment by bank transfer, payment by credit card or PayPal or a particularly convenient instalment purchase, we also offer you maximum flexibility in payment. For a value of goods of up to 1500 euros, purchase on account is of course also possible within Germany. It really couldn't be simpler! Likewise, we do not charge you any shipping costs within Great Britain: this gives you full planning security over your budget when configuring!

What if I lack the right ideas for my individual shelving unit?
At Pickawood Europe you will find a variety of already pre-constructed shelving units in many different sizes and finishes. Consider our models as suggestions and inspirations. You can choose one of our ready-made designs and take it on as it is, but of course you also have the option to modify and customize it entirely according to your needs. Our designs make it easier for you to start your own furniture design and serve as a creative guide. Extra tip: Be sure to take a look at the customer photos in our gallery! Here you can also get lots of great design ideas.

How do I assemble my new shelving unit?
If you would like to assemble your shelving unit yourself, you can easily download general assembly instructions from us. You will also find print instructions with your delivery. You do not need any specialist knowledge for the assembly, but you should have some equipment and tools at hand, such as a cordless screwdriver, a spirit level and a flat-blade screwdriver. Depending on the size of the shelf, one or two people are required for assembly.

Which woods are used for my custom-made shelving unit?
We always use sustainable wood that comes from European forests. With those materials of high quality, we can offer sustainable furniture.