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Custom living room cabinets

Discover our exclusive living room cabinet designs or easily configure your dream furniture piece with our 3D configurator.


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"Conveniently design your own custom living room cabinet with our 3D configurator or become inspired by our prefabricated design models."


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Consistent, high-quality with Pickawood Europe

Our unique, made-to-measure furniture is regularly awarded top marks by our customers, which is a fact that makes us very proud. At Pickawood Europe, we rely on full transparence through a number of retail rating platforms to ensure our customers peace of mind. We welcome you to read our reviews and to see why so many have chosen our tailor-made service to help bring their furniture visions to life! 

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Made-to-measure living room storage

Each of our individual household cupboards are custom-made by our experienced carpenters with loving care and according to your personal specifications. In addition to multi-purpose cupboards, you can also order custom shelving , tables and sideboards from us. Become inspired by our pre-designed wardrobe designs and adapt our custom cabinets to meet your own tastes, or create your furniture piece completely from scratch. We are always on hand to offer our expert advice with free individual consultations to help my your dream furniture product a reality. 

Create your custom living room cabinet

The 3 simple steps

Define the wardrobe size

Take advantage of the wardrobe configurator to specify the precise height, width and depth of your unique custom cabinet. 

Add your custom features

From clothes rails and trouser racks, to doors and drawers. You can choose from numerous added options to personalise your product.

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Our popular living room furniture

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Exclusive living room cabinets: the made-to measure storage for your household

Living room cabinets are essential for serving the everyday needs of your home. Choosing a made-to-measure cabinet from Pickawood Europe will ensure that your new furniture piece adapts to the existing decor of your home, whilst also providing practical benefits. For the production of made-to-measure living room furniture, we use only high-quality wood that comes from sustainable forestry to manufacture your exclusive product.

This advantages of custom-made living room cabinets from Pickawood Europe

Custom-made living room cabinets from Pickawood Europe offer you great individual freedom when planning and furnishing your living room, because here you determine all the details yourself. It doesn't matter whether your new furniture piece requires open shelving or a chest of drawers with closed cupboard doors, our expert carpenters will make all your furniture to measure so that it corresponds precisely to your plan. We use premium materials so that your product is built to last and will remain in your family for generations.

Customise your living room cabinets in just a few steps

Choosing Pickawood Europe means that you are only 3 steps away from your exclusive living room cabinets with our dynamic online configurator. The first step, is to determine how big your living room furniture should be. To do this, measure the appropriate space in your home where you will place your household storage and be as precise as possible. Then enter your measurements into the configurator. You can design living room cupboards up to a width of 6 m and a height of 3 m. This means that planning both large and small furniture pieces are possible with Pickawood Europe. The second step, is to select the desired material for your the living room cupboard. We offer 11 types of solid wood, as well as 6 other additional materials. In addition to adapting the dimensions of your custom-made furniture piece, you can also adjust the materials to ensure you design a furniture product that is entirely unique to your tastes. You can also then determine the fronts of your living room cabinets. Here you can enter how many drawers or doors your new piece of furniture should have. We also offer you numerous options and possibilities, so that you can make optimal use of the storage space in the living room cupboard. In the final step, we then offer you various payment options so that you can choose the payment method that is most convenient for you. Your furniture product can then be manufactured expertly by our trusted team of carpenters and delivered directly to your door.

What are the advantages of made-to-measure living room cabinets?

Made-to-measure living room cabinets primarily offer a practical advantage that your items are always stored close by. Yo can adjust the dimensions and the visual aspects of the cabinets so that the product individually tailored to your personal needs and the demands of your living space. Storage can often been an issue in houses and apartment and especially in living rooms. Our cupboards products, easily store your everyday objects so that your space can be wonderfully sorted and clearly arranged. Whether you prefer drawers or shelves is up to you. In addition, you can design your living room cabinets at Pickawood Europe so that they also match your existing decor. This will ensure eye-catching results, which makes custom-made products worthwhile. After all, the living room is usually the "heart" of every home, which is why it is worth investing in individual furnishings that compliment your motif.

What should I consider when designing my Pickawood Europe living room cabinets?

When designing, it is important to measure the space in your living room correctly so that you do not make any mistakes when entering your dimensions. Your furniture piece is made by hand according to your order, which is why you should spend enough time planning your living room before submitting your order. However, don't just measure the space in your living room, but also consider which items you would like to store in your living room cupboard. If you mainly want to store small objects, then it is best to opt for drawers or smaller shelves with a front. Do you already have enough storage space in your home and would you rather use your living room cupboards decoratively? If this is the case, an open shelf could also be an option. Last but not least, when designing, keep in mind that the entire furnishing of your living room should be harmonious, so choosing materials and colours to match your decor is essential.

What goes well with Pickawood Europe living room cabinets?

So that your living room cupboards fit together as well as possible, you should choose the same color for all pieces of furniture if possible. Also make sure that other pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, also match the style of your living room cabinets. However, there are no limits to your own creativity. It is up to you whether you prefer to have your living room made with ultra-modern furniture in white or in a rustic country house style with living room furniture made of oak or another type of premium wood.

How can I stylishly decorate my living room cupboards?

The beauty of Pickawood Europe's self-designed living room cabinets is that they not only give you maximum freedom in how you use the space, but in how your products looks. Since you can choose the size, the colour, the material and even the interior design yourself, you can adjust these to your preferred visual preferences in advance. If your living room cupboard is a slightly deeper chest of drawers, you can use the surface wonderfully to display candles, vases or framed photographs. Open shelves are also suitable for such decorative purposes. Just make sure that the decorative items you choose harmonious with the other decorative elements in your room. In addition, the colours should coordinated and combine effectively.

Where can I get inspiration if I don't know how to design my living room cabinets?

In order to assist you in planning, we showcase our pre-planned living room cabinets designs for you. You can choose to select these furniture items or use them as a reference to expand and modify to meet your indivisual preferences. Be inspired by our suggested measurements and materials and then customise your desired product as you wish. You can also take a look at our customer gallery for even more inspiration. Here we have put collated the most beautiful pictures of unique furniture pieces that we have already created for our customers, ranging from self-designed wall of shelves to classic made-to-measure wall unit.

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