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Custom dining tables

Choose your favourite and design your individual dining table from Pickawood Europe in just a few steps.


11 solid woods and
5 other materials


29 Dining tables and
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"Our long-standing partner companies manufacture your dining table from high-quality wood with great attention to detail. Simply choose a table model and customise it according to your ideas, easily and step-by-step."


Tim Ehling

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Pickawood Europe works with selected partner companies that manufacture each piece of furniture individually and elaborately. More than 35,000 customers have already chosen Pickawood Europe for an individual piece of furniture. Read what our customers say about our tables.

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Frequently asked questions

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Measure+Fit warranty

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Dining tables made to measure

Find your favourite new dining table among our 29 table models. You can easily customise each dining table according to your ideas. You can choose the material, the oiling, the table edge and other details such as extension leaves or drawers. If you have any questions about our products or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact our furnishing consultants.

Dining tables made to measure

In just a few steps

Select table model

Choose from one of our 29 table and 19 coffee table models. Each table offers different options that can be customised.

Define measurements

Set your table dimensions, you can easily enter the length, width and table height and the price will be adjusted automatically.

Choose material

Decide in which material your dining table should be made. We currently offer 11 types of solid wood and 5 veneered versions.

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Wooden tables are perfect when it comes to furnishing kitchens, living and dining rooms. They are practical, beautiful and gain character over the years. Their design is determined by use and ambience. If a large, high room is to be furnished, a solid dining table of at least two metres in length fits wonderfully. If a solution is to be found for the conservatory, a more delicate table is required. A narrow kitchen gets an upgrade with a spatially adapted dining table and quickly becomes a favourite place. Round or square? Square or rectangular? Everything is possible and will be realised by Pickawood Europe according to your ideas. Take a look at the different types of wood and shapes and develop your own table. Be inspired by the dining tables presented online and discover what is possible.

The range extends from the round table to the rectangular specimen with an extension leaf. You can choose between space wonders with drawers and fancy design legs made of metal. Details such as the table edge are designed according to your ideas. Each table is built individually. You can also opt for a ready-made concept when you find "your table" online on the Pickawood Europe website. Simply take the measurements or adapt them according to your ideas.

There is something exclusive about custom-made furniture. They give you the chance to capture a room exactly in its proportions and colours. A dining table for a large, motley family with many friends looks different from a dining room table in a single household. The fantastic thing about wood as a material is its changeability. An oak table can look modern or antique. A walnut dining table becomes the centre of an attractively designed kitchen. A solid beech table top is given a light look with a stainless steel frame. The whole family gathers around a firmly joined, rustic table made of birch wood to eat, play and do handicrafts.

Some appreciate the generous design when they opt for a dining table in XXL. They use the table as a large table and for working. Others need an all-rounder for mini me, grandparents and lots of friends. The designs vary accordingly. Everything is possible, from pure nature with edges that have only been stripped of their bark and gently sanded to bevelled Swiss edges. Would you prefer multiplex or MDF instead of solid wood? Everything has its advantages. Your requirements are what count, the ideas for your dream table are implemented by the carpenters at Pickawood Europe. All this can be done online. The dream of your own custom-made table can come true so quickly.

With a dining room table made to measure, you gain in living comfort. Solid wood lasts a lifetime. So your table can become a loyal companion and living memento. High-end products made of MDF and multiplex are versatile, chic and robust. They harmonise with trendy chairs and quickly become a favourite place in the home and office community.

What dining table formats are there?

There are dining room tables in different shapes. At Pickawood Europe you can get them all! The classic is the rectangular table in various lengths and widths. Extended by an extension leaf, it becomes a stately table. The square dining table is an all-rounder in the kitchen. The round dining table is a miracle of space. Here, everyone can find their place and there is always room for another person without having to sit in the corner. Oval dining tables are rarer.

Which material is best suited for a dining table?

You can choose between different materials at Pickawood Europe: Solid wood has the advantages that it is extremely durable, robust and can be refurbished again and again. Table tops are made from hard-wearing patchwork solid wood panels if you want an exciting look. Or you can opt for continuous slats. Your table will then look like it was made from one piece, but it is a little more expensive.
MDF boards are made of finely grained, mostly bark-free wood from pine, spruce or beech. The durable boards are available with a grey or white coating or in a lacquered version.
Multiplex is dimensionally stable and resistant to tension. The boards consist of several layers of veneer glued together crosswise. The veneer plywood edge is only oiled, otherwise the tops are available lacquered or coated.

How big does a dining table need to be, what are the best dimensions?

The proportions of the perfect dining table depend on the space you have available, the intended use and the furniture you already have. With a made-to-measure dining table, you will also find the ideal solution for small or awkwardly cut rooms. The same applies to very large rooms that deviate from the normal dimensions. If your table is intended for a hall, you need more surface area just visually so that the dining table does not get lost.
As a rule, a height of between 75 and 80 centimetres is assumed. If chairs are already available, the measurement should also be based on them. The distance between the seat and the table surface is assumed to be about 30 centimetres.

Which dining table suits you?

The choice of a dining table depends on your lifestyle. When planning your table, use 3 criteria as a guide: Use, space in the room, ambience and overall impression. Do you rather need a durable utility table for the open kitchen or are you designing the noble centre of an elegant dining room? With Pickawood Europe, you can choose the material, design and size yourself in our 3D table configurator. This allows you to create an individual design that exactly matches your wishes.

How do I care for a dining room table?

The care of the table depends on the material used. Pickawood Europe uses high-quality materials that are all easy to care for.
Coated multiplex and MDF boards are simply wiped clean with a damp cloth. Care should be taken with lacquered surfaces. You can achieve a streak-free shine with special furniture polish. The easiest way to care for robust solid wood furniture is with an oiled surface. They are cleaned with a damp cloth. Wood soap can be used for stubborn dirt.

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