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Our custom-made products combine effortlessly with your existing interior to provide tailor-made furniture solutions that benefit both you and your customers.


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"We have established long-lasting partnerships with our business clients, who trust Pickawood Europe with the planning of bespoke furniture projects that are perfectly tailored to individual needs and unique spaces."


Tim Ehling

Interior designers, contractors, restaurateurs, retailers: become one of our partners


They all trust Pickawood Europe when it comes to bringing made-to-measure furniture projects to life. We utilise design flair and industry know-how in furniture production to find the correct solution for you and your premises. We offer you high-quality furniture that is accurate to the centimetre and unrivalled service that is tailored to your specific needs. Our experience, skill and support accompany you throughout the duration of the planning and production of your project. Enjoy free furniture advice and personal estimates, business-rate discounts, VAT-free net prices, assembly guidance ... and much more.

Implementing your design ideas

One of the many advantages of choosing Pickawood Europe is that we can manufacture your furniture precisely to the nearest centimetre. This means you can be sure that you will receive the exact furniture solution you are looking for. Send us a simple design sketch of your project including all the important measurements and information and we will respond with a quotation as soon as possible. We would also be happy to create a technical drawing for you to help you envision your project.

Our team is at your disposal

From the initial design configuration to the final assembly of your product at your premises, our talented team accompanies you every step of the way in realising your exclusive project. Our specialist furniture consultants can offer in-depth advice and are available via email, telephone or video consultation to answer your questions and help to discuss your options, all with the advantage of providing you with the best furniture solutions for your business.

Your custom furniture - according to your precise wishes

Thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge and expert carpentry capabilities, we can deliver the custom-made furniture products you truly desire and find simple solutions to even the most complex design questions. Whether you require furniture that fits into corners, door or window conversions or varnished or coloured products (over 200 RAL colours available) that march your existing interiors, we aim to exceed your expectations and make any wish possible. Embark on your unique journey with Pickawood Europe today and benefit from our years of experience!

The perfect solutions for all of your furniture needs:

  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Corner constructions 
  • Furniture for niches
  • Furniture for roof slopes
  • Furniture for bars and restaurants
  • Furniture for stores and retail spaces
  • Custom-made benches to match tables and desks
  • Depth offsets
  • Round or oval table tops
  • Sliding doors for your furniture
  • TV/media recesses and TV lifts
  • Material combinations
  • LED lighting
  • Solid back wall panels
Your custom furniture project

At Pickawood Europe, your individual needs are the focus. Whether based on a sketch, a 3D drawing, a photo or a written request, we will support you through our production process and bring your vision to life.

Payment options

Upon request, we offer payment options tailored to your individual business needs, all with the possibility of free non-binding cost estimates.

Delivery and assembly

Delivery is scheduled to the UK absolutely free and can be received safely and securely at your chosen assembly point. Our user-friendly assembly instructions make the construction of our premium products simple and intuitive in order to enjoy your individual furniture piece in no time.

Customer furniture projects brought to life

Your questions answered

1. I need a specific piece of furniture for my workspace. What are your solutions?

Our expertise in producing custom furniture designs is renowned across many industries and we pride ourselves on finding simple solutions to even the most complex design questions. You can create your individual furniture piece precisely to the nearest cm (to the nearest mm on request). We also offer an extensive range of sustainable materials that our unrivalled among our competitors (solid wood, varnished MDF, etc.). We have tailor-made solutions for your every need. Send us your design idea in the form of a sketch or a photo and one of our specialist furniture consultants will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project.

2. I am interested in your furniture. What payment methods do you offer?

We offer secure payment options to suit your business. During your discussions with your specialist furniture consultant, you can discuss the suitable payment option for your order. Whether it is by Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer, we can adapt to your needs.

3. I have a successful design proposal that I need to present to the purchasing manager. Can I get a price estimate?

We invite you to contact our team of specialist furniture consultants who can provide you with a free, non-binding estimate for your custom furniture project. Our team  of experts will check your project proposal thoroughly and can provide you with expert advice and support if necessary. 

4. I can't find a place to create my business account. Is this normal?

Yes, that's normal. With Pickawood Europe, you don't need to create a professional business account to enjoy our B2B benefits. All you have to do is indicate that you are a business customer when you contact our team. Alternatively, you can select the "Is this a business order?" option in Step 2 at checkout when inputting your data. With your intra-community VAT number, your order will automatically be VAT exempt.

5. Do you offer discounts for your business customers?

We offer high-quality furniture solutions at the most reasonable prices and provide the best possible value for your personal project. Please contact your specialist furniture consultant to discover our B2B offers.

Our custom furniture for your workplace

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