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Made-to-measure tables

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"Each table design can be individually adapted to suit your unique style and taste. Plan a unique product to include your specific dimensions, your favourite wood type, as well as a host of additional fittings and features."


Tim Ehling

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Since 2012, over 35,000 customers have chosen a piece of furniture from Pickawood Europe. We work with small partner companies and can therefore offer you a perfect mix of online planning and carpentry quality.

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Upload a sketch

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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

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Special requests

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Measure+Fit warranty

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Choose your table model and customise the measurements, material, table edge and many other details according to your ideas.

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Table made to measure

Choose your favourite from our 29 table models and customise it to your liking. We offer each model in numerous materials, with extension leaves, drawers and different table edges. You can conveniently specify the dimensions yourself and the price always adjusts automatically.

Coffee tables made to measure

Our 19 coffee table models fit perfectly into any living room. Simply adjust the dimensions to the space in front of your sofa, and you can create additional storage space with drawers or a shelf.

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Choose your favourite from our 29 table and 19 coffee table models.

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Enter the dimensions you require, whether you need a small square or a long dining table.

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Choose your favourite material from our 11 solid wood or 5 veneered options.

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Pickawood Europe tables: made-to-measure products for your home or office space

A high-quality and individually made solid wood table is a very special highlight in the whole house. At Pickawood Europe, we work with selected partner companies that lovingly handcraft our customised solid wood tables, taking into account all of our customers' wishes. Pickawood Europe has specialised in the procurement of individual furniture via the internet since 2012 and is now one of the leading providers in Europe. Pickawood Europe is the brand and operator of the online shop of the same name. In cooperation with selected carpentry businesses, the tables, shelving and wardrobes are then custom-made to fit.
Whether you are looking for a custom-made table or need 100 pieces at once, our furnishing consultants will be happy to support you with your project. Do you already have a table frame but not yet a matching table top? We will be happy to advise you personally on the planning. In the past, we have already produced numerous customised tables. We can find a solution for almost every wish!
Our made-to-measure tables are handcrafted by experienced carpenters. We put our heart and soul into the development of every single table model to be able to offer you a unique variety of models and options.

Construction miracle: Our table models were developed by experienced carpenters and wood engineers. The table models testify to high quality and safe stability. Each table has its own individual construction, which has been checked several times.

Solid wood quality: We only use premium wood from sustainable forestry for our solid wood tables. The tables are handmade from continuous slats and can be ordered with either 3 cm or 4 cm thick table tops.

Metal legs and frames: The metal frames and metal legs of our tables are made exclusively of stainless steel and, of course, are also made for you to the centimetre. The material combination of stainless steel and solid wood looks noble, stable and of high quality.

Impressive details: Our table models are not only unique, but at the same time also a real craftsmanship. Each of our table models awaits you with special details that have been crafted with attention to detail. Let the quality convince you!

What types of wood does Pickawood Europe offer?

You can currently order our table models in eleven different types of solid wood as well as five real wood veneers. We offer the solid woods in different oil finishes or especially resistant with clear varnish.

Which table models are available at Pickawood Europe?

We currently offer 29 dining tables and desks as well as 19 custom-made coffee tables.

What table legs are available at Pickawood Europe?

You can choose between solid wooden legs in various thicknesses (straight or tapered), metal legs, pedestal legs, runners, X-legs and tops.

Which table legs interfere the least?

The table legs are least disturbing if they are not in the seating area and you can push the chairs under the table without them hitting the table legs. Therefore, either table legs that are directly at the corners of the table or table legs that are further indented are suitable. It is best to plan the table size so that your chairs fit between the table legs.

What is the normal table height?

For a dining table, a table height of 76 cm is recommended for a normal height (172 - 186 cm). Note that some tables have a table frame, which means that space is lost between the top edge of the table top and the bottom edge of the table frame for legroom. In these cases, it may be advisable to increase the table height by a few centimetres to allow sufficient space for the legs.
For coffee tables, a height of 50 cm is often chosen; for optical reasons, it is usually advisable to adjust the height to the height of the sofa seat. If you also use the coffee table for eating, it may be even higher.
A height of 72 cm is recommended for desks.

Which table size is suitable for how many people?

Calculate about 60 cm per person in length (table length) and about 45 cm per person in width (table width). This results in a table length of about 120 cm for 4 people, 180 cm for 6 people and 240 cm for 8 people. If you plan the table to be slightly wider (table width), then you can add another seat in front of the head, i.e. on the transverse side.

Which table edges does Pickawood Europe offer?

Pickawood Europe currently offers four different table edges for some of the table models. These include square, round, wide and natural table edges.

Which payment methods can be used to pay for tables at Pickawood Europe?

You can pay in advance by Bacs, Paypal, Amazon Pay or credit card.

How long is the delivery time?

Our delivery time is based on the table model and the material you choose. The delivery time is displayed during planning and in the shopping cart.

Any questions? Contact us.