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Custom-made corner cabinets

Design your bespoke corner cabinet online from your home or on the go with our easy to use 3D configurator.


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"Design a personalised corner cabinet according to your individual wishes using our dynamic online configurator. If you have any questions about your planning, our specialist furniture consultants can provide expert advice and support for you."


Tim Ehling

Made-to-measure corner cabinets

At Pickawood Europe, we also offer you the opportunity to plan a custom-made corner cabinet. Currently, these corner constructions cannot be implemented in our online configurator. However, you have the option of either contacting our team of specialist furniture consultants who can guide you through the design process or you can use our online configurator to design 2 sideboards and note the desire for a corner furniture piece in the special requests section. Do you already have a concrete idea for ​​your corner cabinet? Then why not send us a sketchPlease note: It is important that your 2 pieces of furniture can be connected to form a corner cabinet and
that the shelves are at the same height to meet in the corner.

Connect our sideboard and living room cabinets to form your corner furniture

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Here at Pickawood Europe, we are experts in manufacturing customised furniture and excel in producing made-to-measure sideboards, buffets and display cabinets in all manner of shapes and sizes. Since our formation in 2012, we have created personalised furniture pieces for over 35,000 loyal customers. Our inventive design processes enable us to exceed our customer's high expectations, which is characterized by the feedback we receive where we score highly for our quality and services.

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Upload a sketch
Upload a sketch

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Frequently asked questions

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Special requests

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Measure+Fit warranty

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Plan your custom corner cabinet

The 3 effortless steps

Plan the left-side cabinet

Choose the dimensions, materials and layout for the left side of your corner cabinet and save this configuration.

Plan the right-side cabinet

Choose the dimensions, materials and layout for the right side of your corner cabinet and save this configuration.

Send your special request

Send us an inquiry with the information and planning of your corner cabinet and we will send you a non-binding quotation for your product.

Create your corner furniture by combining our most popular sideboards

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Pickawood Europe: Unique corner cabinet designs

With Pickawood Europe you can now design an individual living room cupboard that adapts to you and thus create a feel-good centre in your own home. Make use of the best materials and a huge range of options to create a piece of furniture that is second to none. With our online configurator, you can transform one of our design suggestions into something of your own. Now combine two individual sideboards to form a corner wall unit.

From the design proposal to the individually produced piece of furniture

If you are looking for a made-to-measure corner cabinet that fits perfectly into your living environment, start with one of our design suggestions. First of all, you will encounter sideboards. However, by designing two matching pieces of furniture and letting us know in a special request that you want a corner construction, you will have the right living room wall with that certain something in no time at all.
Our design suggestions reflect the diversity of the most popular furnishing styles. You will therefore find simple models as well as unusual specimens that you can now adapt to your own ideas. You will quickly find that our configurator can do much more than just determine the height and width. With Pickawood Europe you create a unique piece that is made for eternity and designed exactly for your living environment.

From fibreboard to solid wood

The configuration of any piece of furniture always begins with the choice of material. It is important to Pickawood Europe that all tastes and budgets are catered for. We therefore, offer coated and varnished MDF boards, for example. These are perfect for adding some colour to your living room and are affordable too. But you will also find robust solid wood in the range. In no time at all, you can create a corner cabinet that will last a lifetime.
In addition, you also determine the material thickness, the number and dimensions of the columns and compartments and the appearance of doors and drawers. Do you want plinths and feet or should the cabinet lay directly on the ground? Do you need a back wall? Is the baseboard recess still missing? With our configurator and our quality control, we ensure that you receive the perfect piece of furniture.

From healthy wood to individual corner cupboards

Our wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. It's not just our part in a greener future. It also promotes the quality of our materials. Our aim is that you will enjoy your individual Pickawood Europe piece of furniture for decades to come. This can only be achieved if you are 100% convinced of your made-to-measure corner cabinet before you place your order.
We are also open to special requests at any time. Feel free to contact our furnishing advice to plan your unique corner cabinet. You are welcome to draw up a sketch in advance that makes your wishes clear. With the help of Pickawood Europe, you can make your dream home come true.

How do I create corner furniture at Pickawood Europe?

While Pickawood Europe doesn't list corner cabinets among their design suggestions, you can still create them. Simply configure two matching sideboards and note in the special requests that the two pieces of furniture should be connected by a corner construction. Since each piece of furniture is produced individually, the implementation is not a problem for our team. Alternatively, you can contact our interior design consultant, who will write down your wishes directly. You are also welcome to have a suitable sketch ready for this.

How do I make sure that the furniture fits together?

Since you can determine all dimensions with centimetre precision, you will be able to design the right sideboard in no time at all. Make sure that the shelves are at the same height. Our experts and quality control take care of everything else. Since there is a huge variety of materials in a wide variety of colours available for each piece of furniture, you can also easily ensure that your Pickawood Europe furniture is visually coordinated - even with existing furnishings.

What are the advantages compared to conventional furniture?

Pickawood Europe furniture adapts to your needs - and not the other way around. The big advantage is the individuality of the dimensions, the equipment and the extras of each piece of furniture. This way you don't have to cross off a large part of the furniture from your wish list in advance because they just don't fit into your home. Instead, thanks to the configurator, you ensure that your corner cabinets find a place everywhere. You can choose from a range of materials to suit every budget. From coloured panels to durable solid wood, everything is included.

Can I customize more than the height and width of the furniture?

Our design suggestions only provide an indication of what your piece of furniture could look like later. In addition to the height and width, you also determine the material and colour and, in the case of a sideboard, whether feet or plinths should be attached and the number of columns and rows of the living room cabinet. You can also influence extras such as doors and drawers with a large number of configuration options in detail.

What materials are offered for custom corner cabinets?

There are many different materials available for corner cabinets. These are, for example, coated or lacquered MDF panels in a variety of colours, real wood veneer, multiplex panels and durable solid wood. In the area of ​​wood, you will find materials such as alder, beech heartwood, pine, cherry, maple or oak.

What is the best solid wood for a corner cabinet?

All our woods meet high quality and environmental standards. It is therefore not least a question of taste which you choose. Nevertheless, the woods each have their own advantages. Beech and oak are considered to be particularly robust and are therefore characterized by their longevity. Maple, on the other hand, combines stability with a very unique look. Walnut and cherry wood are popular because of their elegant appearance, which is not only appreciated by piano builders.

Are Pickawood Europe products also sustainable?

Pickawood Europe has high standards when it comes to sustainability. Our wood therefore, comes only from forests that are committed to preserving biodiversity and the ability of forests to regenerate. But sustainability is also a valuable asset in our own company. We have therefore geared our production towards avoiding waste and using electricity sparingly.

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