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At Pickawood you can have your library made to measure. Make this dream come true with high-quality materials and first-class manufacturing. In the online configurator, you have the opportunity to plan your own library completely individually. Choose for yourself what you want your new library to be made of: You can choose a high-quality solid wood, such as beech, oak or alder, but you can also opt for durable MDF decor with a wide range of design options. In the configurator, you determine the material, the division of the compartments and the dimensions yourself. The Pickawood advisors will be happy to support you in your planning: this service is free of charge!

Particularly in high flats in old buildings, the furnishing of a library is a good idea. The wall full of books, interspersed with a few personal accessories, will be the eye-catcher par excellence in your living space. Of course, you also want to read the books, including those you have placed at the top. For this purpose, order a library ladder from Pickawood. Plan the details exactly according to your wishes and, above all, according to the dimensions of your room. Of course, you can measure your room yourself. Feel free to check our tips & tricks for the perfect measurement. Then choose the layout of the compartments and determine the height of the compartments according to the height of your books. An additional option for your library could be a skirting board cut-out, for example. We are always available for other special requests such as a corner library. Once you have created your own design in the configurator, we will check it and then send it to our carpenters.

If you need inspiration for your own library, you will find it in our customer gallery. Some of the models we have designed ourselves, you are welcome to use them. Other pictures come from our happy customers who thank us for our custom work. We are very proud to be able to present such references. In many of the libraries presented, special requests have been incorporated, which we were happy to realise. Once you have planned your library shelves, you can always add additional elements. It is possible at Pickawood to add drawer elements and/or glass doors to library furniture. This modern form of a home library is becoming more and more popular. You can design your custom-made library for maximum flexibility even after you have installed your furniture piece. You never know when you might purchase a large coffee table book or volume of written works and with fixed home library wall units, this causes storage issues. Selecting a shelving strip with mounting holes will allow you to adapt the height of your individual shelves whenever you feel the need for a change. A skirting board cut-out provides the bottom finish so that the library is flush with the wall is also possible to add. We recommend a reinforced skirting board because a library carries a lot of weight. Our carpenters will be happy to adapt the plinth to the height of the skirting board in your home. Please note that the skirting board has no influence on the height of the library.

How do I configure my own library at Pickawood?
Nothing could be easier: with just a few clicks, you can create your private library in the Pickawood configurator. It guides you step by step to the finished result. Here's how to proceed: 1. enter the relevant external dimensions of height, width and depth. 2. select the type of wood and the depth. Select the type of wood and the colour. 3. now define the columns. 4. Then define the compartments of your library. 5. Add doors and drawers if you like. 6. order your custom-made library from Pickawood!

What do Pickawood customers say about the customised library?
Thanks to our many years of experience in providing made-to-measure furniture, we have managed to hone our customer support services at the same time as developing our manufacturing processes. We serve the needs of many and provide each individual with the care and attention they truly deserve.

Do you offer special requests?
Our team of specialist furniture consultants consists of experienced architects, carpenters, and interior designers, who will assist you and find solutions to even the most complex design questions. If you have special requirements for your library wall units and bookcases, we will be happy to help you find a solution. To make ordering as easy as possible our additional services and useful tips can help and our team is always on hand to provide an expert one-to-one consultation should you need it.  

For whom is the made-to-measure library particularly suitable?
Many people have two things at once: space in their home and lots of books. In this case, a custom library is the solution of choice when a conventional smaller bookshelf is no longer enough. Larger and especially high walls simply look much better as a library wall. If there aren't quite so many books, that doesn't matter: individual areas can certainly be filled with pictures and accessories.

Which material is best suited for the home library?
While offices and basement archives are quite likely to have metal shelves, solid wood is the material of choice for the home library. MDF can also be excellent, it has the look of wood and is indistinguishable from it at first glance. Good books made of paper and leather form a wonderful, homely and educational symbiosis with the wood. Don't forego this stylistic device for your high-quality ambience!

What should be considered when weighing the library?
Remember that a library wall is very heavy. The floor underneath must be sufficiently resilient.