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Designing a room attractively, dividing it into different areas and creating storage space at the same time - this is possible with room divider shelving. We make your room divider tailor-made and completely according to your wishes. With our configurator, you can easily become a furniture designer yourself and create the perfect solution for your living situation. Room divider shelves offer practical and versatile solutions for every living situation. They are perfect for visually dividing rooms without structural interventions. In a one-room flat, for example, a cosy sleeping area can be partitioned off. In a large living room, a separate home office can be created quickly and easily. And in a house with an open-plan design, the division into individual areas creates structure and a homely atmosphere. If a room divider with an open shelving structure is used, the width of the room is retained and the room does not look smaller. Another plus point: room dividers create versatile storage space and room for creative decorative ideas.

At Pickawood, you can choose and design your very own room divider made-to measure. You might like our pre-constructed room divider solutions. Here we offer you ideas created by us with different dimensions and materials. Would you prefer to create your own individual solution? Then use our online configurator. There you can customize your desired product as you wish and then order it from us. If you need help, our furnishing advisors will be happy to support you and plan your dream piece of furniture together with you.

You can also be inspired by the customer examples in our gallery. You have the choice between different high-quality materials such as solid wood, MDF or multiplex. Room dividers can be open or fitted with doors or drawers as desired. Matching skirting boards or other special requests are also no problem.

You can also easily create room dividers with our shelving unit configurator. In just a few simple steps, you can create your dream room divider from the comfort of your own home: start the configurator and enter the desired width, height and depth. The usual depth for a room divider shelf is 30 cm. Double bookcases should have a depth of 40 to 50 cm. Select the material and colour. You can choose high-quality solid woods such as oak, pine, beech, walnut or alder. If you prefer lacquered MDF, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to colour design, because here you can choose individually from 200 different RAL colours. Define columns and compartments according to your wishes. If your shelving unit is fitted with rows of holes, you can also customize the compartments later. Add extras such as drawers, doors or skirting boards. In the last configuration step, select the "Room divider" option. The construction is then automatically customised accordingly. Skirting boards and any doors are fitted on both sides. Drawer compartments are fitted with a matching back panel.

We would like to enable you to realise the ideal solution for your home. If you do not succeed with our configurator, we will be happy to help you personally. Contact us and together we will develop the perfect model for you.

Can I assemble my room divider myself at home?
Your room divider is delivered disassembled, but it is designed in such a way that it can be assembled without any technical knowledge. You will receive appropriate assembly instructions and all the necessary small parts from us. In addition, you will need household tools and, in the case of larger pieces of furniture, possibly helping hands to support you.

How stable is a room divider bookcase from Pickawood in the room?
Stably constructed furniture is important to us. However, the stability of an individual room divider also depends on the respective dimensions. We therefore recommend that at least high upright shelving units and shelving units made to measure with a shallow depth should be additionally stabilised. Room dividers up to 40 cm deep should be fixed to a wall with brackets. Room-high shelving units are given additional stability by bracing them to the ceiling.

Can I also get the room divider bookcases from Pickawood with a rear wall?
Our room dividers are "mirrored" as standard. This means that they look identical from the front and back and therefore have no rear wall. However, if you would like a rear wall, that is no problem for us. Simply let us know your wish and we will provide your room divider with the matching rear wall.

Can I combine different materials for my room divider?
We offer a wide range of different types of wood and materials. If it is technically possible, you can also combine them. For example, if you would like to equip your room divider made of solid wood with MDF doors, this is certainly possible. Everything that you can combine in our configurator, we can actually implement for you. If you have any further questions about materials and their possible combinations, please do not hesitate to contact our team of advisors.

Are room dividers from Pickawood suitable for moving house?
We have many years of experience in furniture construction and attach great importance to high-quality materials and good workmanship. We want you to enjoy our products for a long time. Our pieces of furniture are therefore sturdily constructed and can easily withstand a move.