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Solid wood shelving units

Be inspired by our prefabricated designs or plan your custom-made solid wood storage unit in our 3D configurator.


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Solid wood shelving from
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"Discover our exclusive custom-made furniture. We use only wood from sustainable forestry for our solid wood shelving."


Tim Ehling

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Measure+Fit warranty

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Made-to-measure wooden shelving

Design your personalised solid wood shelving online at Pickawood Europe. In our easy to use online configurator, you can design a shelving unit made from our premium solid wood types, including, oak, beech, pine, alder or walnut, and entirely according to your individual wishes. If you have any questions regarding your planning our competent specialist furniture consultants are always on hand with expert advice. In addition to various custom-made shelving units, we also manufacture custom-made sideboardswardrobes and tables for you. We also have a wide range of pre-designed products to inspire you. You can either customise these beautiful products further or buy them directly online.

Design your solid wood shelving

The 3 easy steps

Select the measurements

You can configure your solid wood shelving unit up to a height of 3 metres and width of 6 metres.

Choose your solid wood type

Choose your desired material from 11 solid wood types.

Design the fronts and the compartments

Design your solid wood storage unit easily and include doors and drawers to your order simply online.

Our popular solid wood storage units

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Custom-made solid wood shelving: your dream furniture with our premium materials

Bring nature into your home with solid wood shelving from Pickawood Europe. Solid wood furniture creates a sense of harmony in any interior. This is just as true for country-style homes as it is for modern settings in urban environments. Our custom-made furniture complements the existing interior in the living room, bedroom and study in an advantageous way. Solid wood shelves from Pickawood Europe not only look homely, they also express individuality and a high sense of quality. While discount, mass-produced furniture sometimes reaches its limits when it comes to bearing a heavy load, this is not the case with our custom-made products. They can even withstand heavy collections of books and records and the boards do not bend or break even after a long time. The solid wood construction contributes significantly to the high stability.

We manufacture each wooden storage unit individually according to your wishes. Become inspired by our furniture collection and enjoy our premim products. If a wooden shelving unit is what you desire, then let us help you to bring your vision to life. All your design ideas can be implemented with ease by taking advantage if our dynamic online configurator. Our custom-made shelving offers valuable storage solution. The numerous compartments, the number and size of which you can determine, can be used to store all of your belongings. Whether files, DVDs, decorative figurines or potted plants: everything can be stored safely and securely without effort. Our open solid wood shelving can be used as a room divider, so that all your items are within easy reach from both sides. There are many additional options to choose from. For example, provide your solid wood shelving with cut-outs to override a skirting board so that your shelving sits flush against a wall. Equip the custom-made shelving unit with a back panel, drawers, doors, as well as other extras. You can even influence details such as the design of handles.

We offer our solid shelves in 11 types of wood and various oil finishes. We achieve this wide selection by partnering with expert carpenters and joineries. All the wood processed by Pickawood Europe and its partner companies comes from Europe and complies with relevant sustainability regulations. Configure a custom-made shelving made of solid wood now. From the outer dimensions to the handles, there are no limits in your possibility to customise. Our shelving configurator guides you step-by-step through our planning process. If for any reason you are unable to find your desired solution, our team of specialist furniture consultants will be happy to assist you with your planning.

Does solid wood furniture improve the indoor climate?

Since wood adapts to the humidity in the environment, it absorbs water in damp rooms and releases moisture in dry rooms. Thus, wood has a regulating effect on the humidity in the room and creates a pleasant room climate.

Which wood oils do you use?

We treat our solid woods exclusively with the certified oil from the company Biofa. The oil gives the wood a particularly deep colour and at the same time protects it against scratches and damage.

What do I have to pay attention to with doors made of solid wood?

If you order shelving fitted with doors made of solid wood, then small strips with a depth of about 2 cm are inserted into the doors. These strips ensure that the doors do not warp. This is not necessary with patchwork-glued doors.

What types of solid wood are available for furniture planning?

At Pickawood Europe you can choose from 11 different types of solid wood during your made-to-measure furniture planning, including:

  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Beech Heartwood
  • Pine
  • Alder
  • Ash
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Maple

Can a solid back wall panel for shelving be made from solid wood?

By default, you can select a 3 mm thick hardboard (HDF) in Step 8 of our configurator. However, we can of course also make a solid back panel for your furniture piece to match your solid wood shelving. For information on the costs, please contact our team of specialist furniture consultants.

Can a door be planned over several compartments?

In Step 7 of our online configurator, you have the option of planning a door across several compartments. To do this, click on the first compartment in which the door is to start, then hold down the left side of the mouse until you reach the compartment where the door is to end. On the right-hand side of the configurator, you will now be shown all the options for fronts such as hinged doors, folding doors and normal doors. Our specialist furniture consultancy team will be happy to help you if you have any problems.

Are cable cut-outs possible with Pickawood Europe?

Yes, we can make cable cut-outs for you in your solid wood shelving, both with and without a cover. For this we need a simple sketch with advice of the exact position of the cut-out and the exact dimensions. Please feel free to send us this via email.

When does a custom shelving unit need to be fixed to the wall?

We recommend that you always fix your solid wood shelving to the wall. We enclose the matching brackets with your order.

Can I also use my solid wood shelving as a room divider?

Yes, you can select the room divider option in the last step of the configurator. Then both sides of the shelving will match and the shelving can be used perfectly as a room divider.

Any questions? Contact us.