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Solid wood shelves made to measure fit exactly into your living space or office. With custom-made shelving, you save valuable space and still have enough room for everything. Add to this the high quality of the solid woods from Pickawood, such as maple, alder, beech, oak and other varieties. One thing is certain: with solid wood shelves from Pickawood, you will have a lifetime of pleasure!

You simply configure your solid wood shelving yourself. Pickawood can meet practically any size requirement. The configurator shows you the maximum sizes, which are based on the usual space available in homes and offices. Once you have determined the type of wood and the external dimensions of your shelving unit, choose the number of compartments. You can also equip the shelving unit with drawers and optionally even with doors, this item can be found under the additional options. For this, you choose the matching handles. Have you finished configuring your shelving unit? Decide on one of the possible payment options, sit back, relax and wait for your shelving unit! Would you like advice or an assembly service? Of course, Pickawood also offers this! It may be that you can't quite decide what your shelving unit should look like. Then click through Pickawood's shelving units that have already been configured and purchased by customers: satisfied customers always proudly provide Pickawood with pictures of their own solid wood shelving units. Here you will surely find one or the other inspiration, because there is really beautiful furniture made to measure.

Many people wish to have some extras or options for the individual design of the shelving unit. This is of course possible with Pickawood. For example, strip with mounting holes at a distance of 32 mm ensure flexible design, so that you can insert your shelves as you wish. You can also fix some shelves for the necessary stability. The Pickawood support team can advise you on this. Also choose the right skirting board cut-out so that you can slide the solid wood shelf exactly against your wall. You can configure this cut-out together with the skirting board. A skirting board (recommended) ensures the maximum stability of your shelving unit. This skirting is particularly recommended if the shelf is to take relatively heavy loads. This would already be the case with an ordinary bookcase. Of course, the skirting board enhances the appearance of every solid wood shelf. You can trust the quality of the solid wood shelves from Pickawood. Everyone knows: a shelving unit must be stable, offer the necessary storage space and, last but not least, look good. It should fit into the ambience of the room and not be an unnecessary space hog. That is why Pickawood offers solid wood shelves made to measure. You can also extend them. The shelving units are very easy to assemble and can be connected to neighbouring shelving units that you may order later. They are made to the millimetre by the carpenters at Pickawood. The high-quality surfaces last for what feels like an eternity thanks to the solid wood: you can even move house with this shelving unit without any problems!

What colours can the shelving units from Pickawood have?
You decide whether you want natural wood or a lacquered surface. Lacquered surfaces can be produced in several dozen colours of the RAL system. Many of our customers combine natural and lacquered surfaces, which creates unique pieces of furniture.

Can I also make special requests at Pickawood?
Absolutely: Pickawood's carpenters have already made many thousands of solid wood shelves by hand. Countless special requests have been realised. This is part of the Pickawood programme, because your custom-made shelving unit should be as unique as your room.

What are the standard dimensions of shelving units?
Many customers ask this question, so here are some examples of standard sizes (each WxHxD): DIN A4 folder: 29 x 32 × 8 cm, CD case: 14.2 x 12.5 x 1.0 cm, DVD case: 13.5 x 19.0 x 1.5 cm, Blu-Ray case: 13.5 x 17 x 1.4 cm. If fronts are inside, the usable depth becomes somewhat smaller (by ~2.0 cm). A rear wall also reduces the usable depth (by ~1.9 cm).

What types of shelving units can be custom ordered from Pickawood?
Practically every shelf shape you know can be custom ordered at Pickawood. It can be a book shelf, wall shelf, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray shelf or folder shelf, but also a wine shelf, bathroom shelf or built-in shelf. The variety of solid woods is great: choose your shelving unit made to measure from oak, beech, beech heartwood, walnut, ash, maple, alder, pine or other woods. The depths and widths can be any size, for example 20, 30, 60 or 120 cm, but any other size is also possible. Choose a shelving unit as a TV wall, as a hanging shelf or as a bookcase (high or low), as a shelving cube or high wall shelf, as a staircase shelf, room divider, household shelf, shoe rack or side shelf. The possibilities are endless with Pickawood.

What is particularly important in a shelving unit?
Some things are worth mentioning with shelving units. However, these are usually already taken into account automatically by Pickawood. For example, shelves must be sufficiently thick to ensure their adequate stability. Nothing would be worse than a shelf that bends. Pickawood's fittings are strong and secure. The wood must be of the best quality. Solid wood shelves from Pickawood completely fulfil these requirements.

What are the surfaces of the woods like?
You choose between treated natural wood or lacquered wood. If you choose a lacquered surface, only high-quality lacquers are used that are low-odour, colourfast and scratch-resistant. The emission values have been tested, nothing darkens out of the shelving unit. So you can be sure that it is harmless to your health.