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Discover our shelving designs or plan your own custom shelving in a few easy steps.


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"At Pickawood Europe, we produce each shelf to meet your individual design ideas and to serve your specific requirements. Be inspired by our design proposals or plan step-by-step according to your individual wishes."


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At Pickawood Europe, we invest a lot of time and energy into ensuring that we get our customer support and our production processes right. The result is high-quality furniture that has already convinced over 35,000 customers to take advantage of our services. Our success is reflected in our excellent ratings across various evaluation portals. Find out how our customers rate their furniture and their experience with us.

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Upload a sketch

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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

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Special requests
Special requests

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Measure+Fit warranty

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Design custom shelving

In just a few minutes, you can design your ideal customised shelving unit with the help of our innovative 3D shelving configurator.

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With secure payment methods, an encrypted website and our fit warranty from insurer Signal Iduna, we guarantee safety and protection for your shopping experience.

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Made-to-measure shelving

Simply design your unique shelving online with Pickawood Europe. In our 3D configurator, you can create made-to-measure shelving according to your individual wishes. In addition to custom-made shelving, we also offer custom-made sideboards, tables and wardrobes. We are also proud of our extensive range of prefabricated products, which provides invaluable inspiration. You can modify these furniture pieces to meet your specific needs and order them easily online.

Design your custom shelving

The 3 simple steps

Select the dimension and material

Plan the dimensions of your shelf up to a width of 6 metres and a height of 3 metres. Choose your ideal surfaces from 11 solid wood types and 6 other premium materials.

Design your shelving

Determine the number of columns and the sizes of your compartments. Provide your shelving with custom features, including different doors and drawers.

Add to the shopping cart

Add your shelving unit to the shopping cart to complete your order and arrange the delivery of your custom-made furniture to your home.

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Pickawood Europe shelving: made-to-measure storage to keep things organised

Pickawood Europe has been offering custom-made shelving since 2012. In collaboration with our partner companies, we have managed to combine high-quality carpentry with innovative technology to allow our customers to create custom-made furniture from the comfort of their own home with our simple online configurators. The result is a unique offer for everyone who is looking for exclusive, personalised shelving. Over 35,000 customers have already ordered shelving, sideboardswardrobes and tables from Pickawood Europe. Become inspired by our design proposals and our customer gallery. With our 3D configurator, you can plan your own custom-made shelving in just a few steps. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team of specialist furniture consultants.

We currently offer you 11 types of solid wood and 6 additional materials from which you can choose when planning. In addition, there are numerous oilings, coatings and colours to make your shelving even more personalised. Special shelving variants that we offer include, hanging shelvessolid wood shelves or room dividers.

We manufacture our shelves exclusively from sustainable materials and pay particular attention to the quality of the oils, varnishes and fixtures. First and foremost, we offer shelves made of diverse high-quality wood materials, such as solid wood or real wood veneer. These bring a touch of nature into your own four walls and always provide an eye-catching aesthetic. Our wood types are extremely robust and with the right care can last for a lifetime. We can produce a range of shelving solutions, including large libraries that we can produce for you in different ways. The same applies to our exciting room dividers, which are also made-to-measure. Our shelves are delivered for assembly by our trusted forwarding agents and can be effortlessly assembled with our easy to follow assembly guides.

Do I have to choose the given dimensions?

No, our suggested designs are for inspiration only. You can adapt each and every one of our prefabricated furniture pieces or design a new product completely from scratch. In our 3D configurator, you can plan shelves with a width of 30 - 600 cm and a height of 30 - 300 cm. The columns and compartments are then defined and divided as you progress with your configuration

What do I have to pay attention to when measuring?

If you want to plan built-in or fitted shelving or shelving that is ceiling-high, then pay attention to our assembly distances. Our shelving construction is planned in such a way that the assembly distance creates an elegant shadow gap. If you require blind strips, to give the impression of fitted wardrobe storage, please contact our specialist furniture consultants.

What materials are the shelves made of?

Only high-quality materials are used in the production of your individual shelving item. In addition to the 11 solid wood types we offer, we can also produce shelves in plywood, coated or varnished MDF, premium chipboard decors and real wood veneers mounted on MDF boards.

How long do Pickawood Europe shelves last?

Our shelving is built to last and if they are handled and treated properly, your product will last a lifetime. However, you should always follow the care instructions that we include with every order. We will also be happy to advise you on individual designs should you need more detailed information or insight regarding your product.

Can I combine different materials?

In our 3D configurator, you can select one material for the structure (shelving body) and one for the fronts (doors & drawers). If you have any other wishes and requests, please contact our specialist furniture consultants.

Can a skirting board cut-out be planned?

Yes, you can enter the dimensions of your skirting board in the last step of our 3D configurator and we will then manufacture your shelving unit with a skirting board cut-out.

Which doors and fronts are offered?

In our configurator, we offer you simple doors, flap doors, hinged doors and drawers. You can also choose mirrors and glass doors. Alternatively, you could plan a sliding-door wardrobe. If you would like a different door, please feel free to contact our specialist furniture consultants.

What is a mounting hole strip?

If you select the option "Mounting hole strips" in the final step of our configurator, a small row of holes will be drilled in the side panels of your shelving unit at a distance of every 32 mm. Here you can flexibly insert your shelves and rearrange them to meet your changing storage needs. This means that the selected shelving heights become invalid and can be divided up individually later. Above doors and drawers, we automatically plan a fixed construction shelving to ensure the necessary stability.

Can I also choose feet or other bases?

In our shelving configurator, you can only plan shelves with or without a base. If you would like a larger selection of feet, plinth variants or frame constructions, we recommend viewing our made-to-measure sideboards.

Which handles are offered for doors and drawers?

You will find our selection of handles in Step 7 in our configurator after you have planned a door or drawer for your shelving unit.

Can I also plan shelving with clothes rails?

If you would like a clothes rail or a clothes lift for your shelving unit, it is best to plan a customised wardrobe. If this is not suitable for you due to the choice of materials, please contact our specialist furniture consultants.

Which special requests can be realised?

With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we are very experienced in working with our customers to help them realise a range of complex design projects. Common specialist options that we can happily integrate include: Cable cut-outs, TV lifts, LED lighting, depth offsets (greater depth at the bottom than at the top), door superstructures, oversizes and corner constructions.

How long does production and delivery take?

We indicate the delivery time for each shelving in the configurator as well as in the shopping cart. This is typically extended by 2-4 weeks when a product includes an individual special request (different construction). The stated delivery times are based on our experience in manufacturing our past orders.

What payment options does Pickawood Europe offer?

You can pay Pickawood Europe in advance (incl. discount), as well as with Paypal, Amazon Pay, and Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard).

Any questions? Contact us.