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The sideboard: a great alternative to classic storage such as chests of drawers, wardrobes or shelving units. They are considered practical storage options and the successor to chests of drawers: sideboards. The models are usually equipped with several open shelves or with chests of drawers and accommodate a whole range of different utensils. Utensils can be clothes and linen, books and magazines, crockery and glasses or toys. The list of different furnishings and utensils also offers a variety of possible uses. Individual sideboards are suitable for the bedroom or living room, for the dining room or study and also for the children's room. Today, a sideboard can even serve well in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. In addition to the diverse storage options, modern sideboards also impress with their perfect workmanship. The models from Pickawood Europe are generally made of high-quality materials and equipped with elegant hinges made of the best metal. This allows, for example, a wonderfully easy and smooth opening and closing of the doors and drawers. The fronts are resistant to various stresses and strains and are very easy to clean. Speaking of which: sideboards from Pickawood Europe are available in a wide variety of colours, styles and versions. This means that the furniture can be perfectly customized to your own preferred interior design style. Perhaps you prefer a modern or Nordic style of living, or perhaps you prefer a classic style such as the Mediterranean or a style close to nature? With the configurator stored on the sideboard, the style and colour, width and height of the new sideboard can be individually selected according to your own wishes and requirements. An important aspect so that the new sideboard can fit perfectly into the living or working area is the decoration of the piece of furniture. Anything that serves to further visually embellish the sideboard itself or the entire room is permitted. Vases and bowls, green plants and candles or other objects can be used as suitable and appropriate deodorants. There are no limits to your imagination and the space available on the sideboard can be decorated and furnished according to your mood. Here are a few tips on how to care for your new sideboard from Pickawood Europe. We recommend gently wiping the surfaces and fronts with a soft cloth. This is the quickest way to remove dust and other dirt. If the traces can only be removed with water, then to be on the safe side, you should first check on an invisible spot whether wiping the affected area with a damp cloth is really suitable. Only then can coarser traces on the sideboard also be easily removed with water and a damp cloth. Afterwards, the damp spots can be rubbed dry with another cloth.

For which style of living are sideboards suitable?
In general, custom-made furniture can be used for every conceivable style of living. Due to their simple form, sideboards are primarily suitable for modern styles such as Nordic or natural furnishing styles, as well as for industrial styles. However, the furniture is just as suitable for classic interiors. By the way, it looks particularly skilful when the new sideboard from Pickawood Europe is placed as a soloist and eye-catcher in a room that is furnished with furniture in the baroque style.

What is the difference between a sideboard and a shelving unit?
Storage units are very popular with young and old. The reason is that they are practical for storing all the utensils that are needed in everyday life or during leisure time. Shelving units are therefore used particularly frequently in addition to sideboards. In contrast to a Pickawood Europe sideboard, custom-made shelving units usually consist exclusively of open elements. If you would like to store your books and the dishes, documents or toys of your offspring in a somewhat invisible and tidy way, you cannot avoid a mostly closed form of storage. Sideboards are therefore the perfect alternative to shelving units or other open storage units.

What should I look for in a sideboard?
For the care of the sideboards offered by Pickawood Europe, only a minimum of work and time is required. A soft, lint-free cloth should be used to gently wipe the surfaces and fronts. If there is more dirt on the materials, clear water is the best alternative. To be on the safe side, check on an invisible part of the sideboard whether damp cleaning and care is possible. The Pickawood Europe lowboards, which are made of the best materials, can then be wiped clean with a damp cloth without any further problems. It is best to wipe the surfaces dry with another cloth directly after cleaning and everything will shine again in its most beautiful splendour.

Can sideboards actually be used in other rooms instead of in the living area?
Most consumers think that sideboards are designed exclusively for use in living areas. Far from it: a sideboard can be integrated into practically any room in the home. The models can be used in the bedroom, in the children's room, in the hallway as well as in the bathroom and kitchen. In the last two rooms, attention should be paid to the humidity. By the way, sideboards are also the ideal piece of furniture for the home office or the office.

What should prospective buyers look out for when buying a new sideboard?
Anyone who decides to buy a sideboard should pay attention to various criteria. The most important aspect is, of course, the right width, depth and height of the model. To ensure that the sideboard fits exactly, it is a good idea to measure the available wall space before ordering. Especially with Pickawood Europe, customers have the opportunity to determine the exact layout of the new sideboard themselves. In detail, this would be the number and size of the open or closed compartments as well as the colour of the new sideboard. The shape and colour of the feet should also be considered during the ordering process.

What colours or colour combinations can a sideboard have?
At Pickawood Europe, each customer can decide for himself or herself which colours the new sideboard should have. Theoretically and practically, a sideboard can have any colour or even be designed in several colours. The colours black, anthracite and white are currently particularly popular. Those who prefer a more natural style of living usually opt for a brown wood tone. For children's rooms, on the other hand, colours such as pink, light blue, yellow or turquoise are more suitable. In any case, the new sideboard made-to-measure should match the existing living room colours.

What does a sideboard actual ly cost?
The amount of money customers spend on a new sideboard depends not only on what they want to buy but also on the amount of money they currently have available. Inexpensive sideboards are available in shops for just a few hundred euros. On the other hand, the scale is open upwards. Customers may have to spend several thousand euros on their new sideboard for fine woods and custom-made furniture. The models from Pickawood Europe are available for an amount that lies in the middle of the possible prices for the furniture. In this context, please remember that furniture from Pickawood Europe has a long service life and is therefore a real investment in the future.

Are sideboards easy to assemble?
The special thing about Pickawood Europe models is that they are not only of high quality but are also easy to assemble. By the way, even simple knowledge is sufficient for this, as is usual for laymen. In addition, the delivery always includes richly illustrated assembly instructions. Incidentally, it is advisable to ask another person, for example a friend or neighbour, to help you assemble your new highboard. While one person holds the individual elements, the other can take care of assembling the individual parts using screws and nuts.

What features do sideboards have?
In addition to a high-quality and, above all, robust material, the sideboards from Pickawood Europe are also characterised by excellent features. These include elegant hinges on the doors and drawers as well as sturdy feet that ensure the new sideboard stands securely. The back panel of each model at Pickawood Europe is made of solid material. The shelves are also firmly and securely anchored. They rest on small metal discs that are placed in the side walls.