Exquisite custom-made sideboards

Conveniently create the perfect piece of made-to-measure furniture in just a few minutes

Exquisite custom-made sideboards

Conveniently create the perfect piece of made-to-measure furniture in just a few minutes

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Customize your order!
Our made-to-measure furniture pieces adapt perfectly to your home. You can save valuable living space with our custom-made products.
Lifelong durability!
Our experienced carpenters use only the highest quality woods from sustainable forestry to manufacture your product.
Satisfaction guaranteed!
We provide expert advice with our free consultation service. Take advantage of our assembling service and we can also build your item for you.

Simple steps to your ideal sideboard

When it comes to creating your product, we make the process from planning to delivery as convenient as possible for you. This is why we offer you excellent customer service in addition to our practical design configurator. A personal consultant will be at your disposal to answer all your questions throughout the entire process, meaning you are in safe hands with Pickawood!


1. size and dimensions
Enter your measurements and select the material you require for your custom-made product.

2. compartments
The size and layout of your compartments can be modified to meet your individual needs. You can also select feet or a plinth for your item if you desire.  

3. fronts
Add doors, drawers, and handles to your storage unit. Create an exciting exterior for your furniture piece that will ensure it compliments your home. 

4. extras
Our diverse range of additional features offers you the opportunity to fully customize your product. 

Design incentives from our customer gallery

Our mission is to bring our customers quality custom-made furniture and we pride ourselves on producing the finest results! We enjoy the satisfaction that our customers experience from their unique furniture pieces and we are always excited when they share images of these creative collaborations. Our customer gallery is the perfect place to start when beginning to plan your furniture project. Here we share an array of intriguing designs to help assist and inspire you. We can't wait for you to begin your journey and at Pickwood, we will be there with you every step of the way!   

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Husmann Sideboard 980x653
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Blaues Sideboard 305x431
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Schallplattensideboard 980x653
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62678 TV Regalwand 980x653px
Sideboard Bachtrup 980x653
F  nschau Sideboard 980x653
Sideboard Birke Klarlack 980x653
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A helping hand with our preset models

Our service ensures that you are able to create the perfect sideboard, meaning that your product should serve your needs and adapt to your home. Colour, material, size - each of these design factors can be planned effectively with our online configurator, to give you the product that you want and need. To make things easier, you might want to select one of our preset furniture models and modify this design to meet your specification, or you can plan your product from scratch! Either way, our expert team of specialist furniture consultants is always on hand to provide expert advice whenever you need it. 

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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 230 cm | Height: 48 cm | Depth: 48 cm

Fs lowboard front seidengrau 9744 2 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 272 cm | Height: 48 cm | Depth: 40 cm




The sideboard configurator 

Customize our preset models or

 implement your own ideas freely.  



Fs sideboard grunblau side 9742 3 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 132 cm | Height: 94 cm | Depth: 60 cm

Fs sideboard eiche front 9741 2 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 195 cm | Height: 60 cm | Depth: 45 cm



special requests

Please feel free to contact us. 
We can find a solution for your wishes.

A small selection of special requests:

acoustic fabric
cable outlet
TV lift 


Fs kiefer mdf front 9742 2 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 182cm | Height: 80cm | Depth: 40cm

Fs highboard verkehrsweis side 9751 3 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 80 cm | Height: 94 cm | Depth: 45 cm

Fs highboard kernbuche side 9751 1 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 90 cm | Height: 92 cm | Depth: 50 cm

Fs lowboard eiche patchwork front 9751 2 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 284 cm | Height: 56 cm | Depth: 40 cm


Benefit from our exemplary service

Our service is designed to make your life easy. We are here to provide useful tips and expert advice. If you would prefer to speak individually with a member of our team, our specialist furniture consultants are on hand to provide answers to all your questions. 

Advise content

Take advantage of our free consultation service to individually plan your product.


Questions content

Get more information about our amazing products and services here!

More information

Staying grounded

Should you choose a fixed and stationary position for your sideboard, we offer a wide selection of furniture feet for your product. Our feet can be made from stainless steel, can be chrome-plated, or produced from solid wood. Alternatively, you can choose a simple base or plinth. Fitting your item with wheels means that your product can adapt and change locations within your living space. Our furniture wheels are installed with a rubber sheath and stoppers so that you can move the product easily and securely. Create your custom-made sideboard with Pickawood in our online configurator today!

A hands on approach

Our sideboard doors are equipped with a 'push-to-open' function as standard. However, if you wish to tailor your product further, you can choose from a wealth of different handle options and soft-close hinges for an individual and exclusive look. 

Prepare a design sketch

Although our online template allows you to design and create made-to-measure furniture simply and effectively, perhaps you would prefer to speak with a member of our team individually. Our specialist furniture consultants provide expert advice in planning your furniture project and a good starting point in the process is to provide us with a design sketch. This gives us a visual reference of your ideas and will help us to bring your vision to life!

Customer ratings

With more than 30,000 customers already opting to use our specialized made-to-measure furniture service, we must be doing something right! Along with our distinctive designs, we also offer our customers caring support to ensure that we pay great attention to their every need. Take a look at what our customers think of our service on the Trusted Shops website. We are confident that you will find that Pickawood is the right choice for you!  

Trust our premium standards

Through our extensive experience and exceptional support, you can trust us to deliver you with made-to-measure furniture of the highest quality. Whether using our unique design configurator or safely and simply ordering with our secure purchasing process, you can benefit greatly from our exclusive one source service. 

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Doors and drawers

To maximize the potential of your product and create extra practical storage space, you can add features such as drawers and doors to your furniture. Our simple 'push-to-open' technology is particularly popular with our customers.

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High quality

We produce each furniture piece by hand with love and care and from the finest materials. Our vast experience in carpentry and furniture construction ensures that we can provide you with an elegant sideboard that is built to stand the test of time. 

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Distinctive colours 

We offer a diverse range of possibilities to help make your furniture piece even more unique. Choose your favourite shade from over 200 RAL colours. We also offer different oiled finishes for solid wood and the possibility to combine different materials. Your creativity will know no boundaries!

A stylish lift option for your TV storage

With our unique design features, we are always seeking to create solutions that provide you comfort and save you space. Our TV lifts can be installed practically into your sideboard and offer both in equal measure. At the touch of a button, the TV will appear as quiet as a whisper. Our specialist furniture consultants will be happy to advise you to determine whether a lift can be integrated into your product and to plan a suitable furniture piece for you.

Find out more


Sideboards with special requests

We thrive at the challenge of planning made-to-measure furniture to fit even the most difficult and demanding spaces. Having already produced thousands of custom-made products for our customers, we are confident we will find a solution for your latest furniture piece. Contact us today and let us advise you on your plans for your exciting sideboard project!

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Do you still have questions regarding your sideboard? Please feel free to contact us.

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