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The books that we keep in our bookshelves say a lot about us. They give an impression of our interests, our inclinations and indeed about our way of life as a whole. A bookshelf can therefore have several functions. It can sometimes be wholly practical, then at times it can be a place of safekeeping and often is also a means of sorting. There are also times when a bookshelf serves as a representative. Someone that has spent many years and devoted passion, time and money to building a book collection, is likely to want to have that collection presented in his or her home to give a sense of wellbeing and perhaps also to make that passion visible to other people. So a bookshelf in real wood is much more than just a piece of furniture.

Brought Together for You

Choose from our great shelving designs and adapt them to your exact needs by varying the dimensions and type of wood. Or configure your own piece by yourself using our shelving configurator.

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Start with a shelf in your own nice design, configuration and measurements.

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Bookshelf Kiefer massiv, 35x130x30cm (HxWxD), Pice: 228 EUR

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Boockshelf white lackiert, 220x200x20cm (HxWxD), Price: 1.253 EUR

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Wall shelf, MDF lackiert 3cm thickness, dimensions 200x250x30 cm (HxWxD). 8 drawers. Price: 3.104 EUR

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Nice compact bookshelf, fumed oak solid wood, 3cm thickness, dimensions 200x150x30 cm (HxWxD). Price: 1.503 EUR

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Wall shelf aus lackiertem MDF in greyaluminium, 2cm thickness. Dimensions 177x37x33 cm (HxWxD). Price: 386 EUR

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Bookshelf MDF coatedweiß matt, dimensions 200x100x28 cm (HxWxD). Price: 496 EUR

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Bookshelf maple soldi, 2cm thickness, dimensions 185x220x28 cm (HxWxD), Price: 1.909 EUR

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Bookshelf alder solid 3cm, dimensions 220x70x30 cm (HxWxD), Price: 620 EUR

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Heartwood beech bookshelf, Corpus 3cm, rest 2cm. dimensions 230x200x25 cm (HxWxD), Price: 1.736 EUR

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MDF white painted, 3cm thickness, doors Oak, oiled, natural. dimensions 248x271x30 cm (HxWxD), Pice: 2.953 EUR

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Walnut bookshelf, All plates 3cm thickness, boards 2cm, dimensions 200x100x20 cm (HxWxD), Price: 1.234 EUR

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Plan your bookshelves yourself - it’s easy

Use our online configurator to design your own bookshelf. It’s easy to use and takes you through the process step by step. Choose from over 10 types of solid wood or MDF, change any dimension to suit your own requirements and add options such as doors and drawers as you wish. Want to try us out? Then simply order up to 4 wood samples from us - we’ll send them to your home entirely free of charge - and let the wood inspire you.

  • Entirely customisable configuration
  • Over 10 solid wood species
  • Various colours
  • Cut-out for skirting board
  • Other useful options
  • Planning service

Who does Pickawood work?

With the Pickawood principle you save a lot of money. How it works, we will explain it here.


Custom furniture directly in our manufactury

No intermediary trade - your advantage 

Safe delivery

Trust Pickawood quality

Tailor-made items of furniture such as bookshelves are a matter of trust. With Pickawood you can rely completely on our experience in woodworking. From our secure purchasing process and our excellent free advice to the high quality of our custom-made bookshelves, with us you get everything from a single source.


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We have decades of experience in furniture-making and use only the best of materials. The result for you is furniture of the highest quality and strength.


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Our standard plinth is 7 cm high and gives extra stability and a very fine look to our shelving units. We can also make higher plinths on request. The plinth is manufactured from a single plank.

Skirting Board

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To allow your shelving to stand flush against the wall, we can create a cut-out to accommodate your skirting board. You can enter the dimensions of this cut-out in the last step of the configurator in terms of height x depth.

Doors and Drawers

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Why not select some extras such as doors and drawers? Our doors sit flush with the front of the shelving. The push-to-open system is particularly popular - just push the door to open it or to close it. Other handles are also available on the configurator.


Qualitaet lochleiste 800x800 48 2

By opting for a hole strip, you retain flexibility to alter the heights of your shelves. In this option we drill a hole every 32 mm, and the shelves are supplied with metal pins that can be inserted into the holes. To ensure that the shelving unit remains stable, however, a few of the shelves are still fixed on taller units.

All Colours

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Choose your favourite colour from up to 200 RAL colours, or have the main unit in one colour and the doors in another. We also offer variety of colours for solid woods by the application of oils.

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We build bookshelves for special requests

Are you looking to create a particularly appealing bookshelf? We are ready for any challenge. With our stepped shelving concept, for example, you can create a bookshelf to go under a sloping roof. If you are simply unsure of what you need, just send us an e-mail at [email protected].

Special requests include:

  • Stepped shelving
  • Recesses for a TV
  • Corner shelving
  • Varying depths
  • Multiple materials or colours
  • Additional options
  • Individual plinths

"I´d like to plan your furniture project together with you. Please contact me."
Vivian Müller, Interior Designerin

The dream of the perfect bookshelf is often broken by the real conditions prevailing in your home. After all, ready-made, mass-produced bookshelves don’t fit in every living room. And not everyone feels drawn to furniture that can be found in countless other living rooms. So, there has to be another way. An ideal approach are the bookshelves made to measure by Pickawood. Here the many benefits of custom building are clear to see, while our low prices speak for themselves. You can have your wishes and ideas brought wholly to life, with no limit to your creativity. Why not profit therefore from the pride and joy that results from designing your own bookshelf and putting together an individual piece of furniture?


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