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Uploading your design sketch

We can implement your furniture ideas based on your diagrams and drawings

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Customize your order!
Our made-to-measure furniture adapts perfectly to your home. Save valuable living space with our premium custom-made products.
Lifelong durability!
Our experienced carpenters use only the highest quality woods from sustainable forestry to manufacture your exclusive product.
Satisfaction guaranteed!
We offer free consultations and one-to-one advice to help you successfully plan your furniture item. 

Detailing your design ideas

When it comes to furniture it often best to describe your ambitions with visual cues and references rather than with words. Our specialist furniture consultants are extremely qualified and experienced in bringing even the most complex furniture designs to life. This process usually begins with an image and from here, we can use our dynamic online configurators to create your furniture piece for you to your exact measurements and specifications.



If you have an idea in mind for your furniture piece it is best to record it, even if you can only draw it in simple and basic terms. You can then send it to us and we convert your drawing into an exact configuration free of charge.



Have you discovered a piece of furniture somewhere that you like? You can also take a picture of it and send it to us! Our specialist furniture consultants will prepare a suitable design for you along with a non-binding quote.

Please provide us with the exact specifications

  • Width, height and depth in cm
  • Your desired material
  • The colour of the piece of furniture
  • Number of columns
  • Number of compartments per column
  • Possible special requests
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Uploading your drawing or photograph

When you feel you have come to a decision regarding your exclusive custom-made furniture piece and feel comfortable with your diagram or photographic references, you can send it directly to us along with the specific dimensions of your item. We look forward to receiving your design idea and we are excited to help you effectively plan your custom-made product. Please upload your drawing or photo via the following form field or use our template.

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