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Built-in bookshelves

With our configurator you can plan the perfect built-in shelving solution for your home.


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"Configure your built-in shelving online using our easy online configurator. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced carpenters to your exact specifications."


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Built-in shelf made to measure

Create shelf

Create the floor plan of the furniture. In the process, you can plan built-in shelves up to 3 meters high.

Define inner life

Customize the layout and number of columns and compartments and provide your built-in shelf with different doors and drawers.

Place order

If you are satisfied with your design, you can complete the order with a few clicks. In addition, you can still deposit special requests.

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Customized built-in shelves for every need

Shelves give a room a cozy and unique atmosphere. The bigger they are, the more impressive a book collection looks. The choice of suitable shelves depends on the conditions of the ambience. Practical helpers for nested rooms, narrower niches, corners or very high walls are built-in shelves made to measure. Upon request, Pickawood UK will provide you with shelving systems that will fit perfectly into your interior or you can have them custom-made by us according to your own ideas. With the help of a shelf configurator you determine how your desired shelf should look like.

Pickawood UK built-in shelves made to measure for all premises

Customized built-in shelves serve both decorative and practical purposes. Whether for living room, study, bedroom or children's room, whether for bathroom or kitchen, the shelf can be made to measure to fit the room situation. With a built-in shelf succeeds not only the better look, also storage space and more space is created. Due to the individual production, corners, angles, roof slopes and niches can be taken into account or decorative effects can be created.
Customized solutions allow for a shelving system as desired, including with additional baseboard, with sawn sections for more accuracy of fit or with skirting for better stability. Pickawood UK takes into account all your special requests, since our built-in shelves are made by hand.

Possible uses of built-in shelves

Built-in shelves can be used in many ways. Made to measure, the high stability and the highest functionality is guaranteed. The shelf allows you to store books, magazines and various items, which can also be combined with books. Compared to a cabinet, the built-in shelf is open to the front and is characterized by inserts and shelves. These do not necessarily have to be designed horizontally, but can be made to measure with slopes or a vertical linkage. In addition, the width and height of the individual shelves and compartments can be planned.
The built-in shelf provides a wonderful presentation space, especially in the living room or bedroom. Popular are the shelves for decorations, picture frames, records or glasses and bottles. As a shelf in the kitchen, it can accommodate supplies, spices and cooking utensils. The shelf can be open or combined with opaque areas.

The different types of built-in shelf

Shelves beautify a wall and perfectly complement the ambience. This is possible both with smaller models and with shelves that take up the whole wall. The shelf serves as a storage option for various things. Classic among built-in shelves remains the bookshelf, where books, pictures, accessories, decorative items and similar things are stored. Alternatively, there are special built-in shelves for offices and study rooms, which are useful for storing office supplies, folders and other utensils.
Built-in shelving is available as wall-only shelving or as freestanding shelving for more flexibility. It can also be custom-made to fit into corners and angles or adapted to existing sloping ceilings. Popular is the 3D-measurement, which is best suited for such purposes, moreover, it is also useful for very large libraries. Compared to modular systems, the built-in shelving can be planned more flexibly, both in terms of material, color and shape and equipment.

Materials and colors for the dream shelf at home

Each material impresses with its individual properties and additionally underlines the chic design of a built-in shelf. The built-in shelf can be planned from wood, metal or glass. Warm materials and special types of wood, such as oak, beech, spruce, cherry, pine or alder are popular. Solid wood is a good choice for heavy-duty shelving, which has a higher load-bearing capacity.
Many types of wood support the indoor climate and promote well-being and comfort. Modern variants are built-in shelves made of different materials, so in the combination of wood, metal and glass. It makes sense not only in terms of elegant design, but also in models that have open and closed areas, so compartments, drawers and doors. At Pickawood UK, for example, you can have solid wood shelves manufactured and choose the type of handles, hooks and dowels.
In terms of color, Pickawood UK offers a wide choice. Colorful built-in shelves are popular, but also simple classic variants with black, white, wood or gray color. The choice refers to all surfaces that are provided with a paint finish. These can then be combined with the desired built-in shelves and get their uniqueness. Pickawood UK manufactures built-in shelves individually on customer:s request, but also provides beautiful design proposals for inspiration.

How to determine the correct dimensions for my built-in shelf?

At Pickawood UK you will find a configurator that allows you to accurately determine the correct dimensions. Necessary are the height, depth and width of the wall or the available shelf area. From these data, the dimensions for the shelf can be derived more accurately. The baseboards, the height of the compartments or how far the individual shelf should extend into the room should also be taken into account.

How can I plan and design my built-in shelf?

Each built-in shelf is manufactured by hand and individually according to your wishes. There are no limits to the imagination. Popular are modern built-in shelves for large wall surfaces, custom made corner shelves, colored shelving systems made to measure and models with additional lighting. Built-in shelves for sloping ceilings have a gradation of compartments and can be adjusted to the millimeter. You can choose not only the shape and size, but also the materials and colors individually. Upon request, we will cut your built-in shelf to fit exactly or provide it with fixation, drawers or doors.

Is there an assembly service for custom built-in shelving?

In addition to the configuration and ordering of your dream shelf, Pickawood UK also offers an assembly service that you can book. This is possible directly in the shopping cart. Although we provide assembly instructions for all built-in shelves, you can also leave the service to us. Our qualified personnel will assemble the shelving on site and place it where you want it. We take the packaging material back with us and dispose of it properly.

What makes a good built-in shelf?

Built-in shelving is the tailor-made solution for living areas and offices that are to be individually designed. A free design is worthwhile in terms of shape, color, size and material. Modern design is also in demand, including curved models or shelves with slopes and deformations. Bibliophiles often want the optimal fit of a large shelf into the premises, for which the built-in shelf is the best solution. A visually beautiful unit is formed shelves with steps or in corners and niches.

Are there built-in shelves in oversizes?

At Pickawood UK you have the possibility to plan the built-in shelf individually. This is possible even for very high ceilings or wide walls to accommodate a whole collection of books. Oversized built-in shelves are useful when books should not be stored in several rows, but should be well visible distributed over a wide area. Among the oversized models also fall very high shelves made to measure, which should have several levels up to the ceiling, without losing stability.

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