Corner wardrobes made to order

Design your own individual corner closet for your clothes

Establish order!
A corner wardrobe made to measure adapts to your home - not the other way around. Save valuable space with a made-to-measure product.
Lifelong joy!
Our experienced carpenters use only the highest quality woods from sustainable forestry for their corner wardrobes.
Wishlessly happy!
We advise you free of charge and make every wish possible. If you wish, we can also build your corner wardrobe for you.

Configure and plan your corner wardrobe made to order conveniently in our configurator

And if you need help or have special requests, we are always there for you. We can manufacture your future corner cabinet in fine decor, real wood veneer or MDF.

Corner cabinet with swing and hinged doors

Eckschrank mit Dreh- und Flügeltüren nach Maß

If you need a closed corner wardrobe and have enough space, this model of the corner closet is just right for you. The revolving and hinged doors are designed in such a way that the corner fronts can be opened and closed easily.

Corner wardrobe with sliding doors

Eckschrank mit Schiebetüren nach Maß

In addition to plenty of storage space, the corner wardrobe with sliding doors also offers elegant sliding doors, which can be easily slid open and closed with a soft-close stop function. The sliding doors run on top of each other so that every gap is easily accessible.

Open corner wardrobe

Offener Eckschrank nach Maß

The open corner cabinet is not only suitable for a large room but also for a walk-in dressing room. Due to its openness, you can directly access your clothes and thus make optimum use of the corner wardrobe. All elements are visible at a glance.

Wardrobes that we have already made

In our gallery we present a selection of furniture made to measure for our customers. From solid wood to MDF to multiplex, we can manufacture furniture of all kinds exclusively. Take a look around!

How to plan your corner wardrobe 

With our online configurator you can easily design an individual corner closet according to your ideas. Our competent and experienced customer service is at your disposal for questions and special requests.

1. size and material
You need two cabinet parts for a corner wardrobe. To do this, specify the dimensions of the left and right legs. Then create two configurations and select your desired material in each configuration.
Observe our recommended mounting distances of 3 cm to the sides and to the ceiling.

2. compartment
In the second step you divide your corner wardrobe into compartments. Make the sizes dependent on the contents. Make sure that the gaps in the corner area are large enough so that you can easily reach the corner compartments.
For the perfect wardrobe you should not plan the compartments wider than 100 cm.

3. designing the interior
Choose between inside and outside drawers, trouser holders, clothes rails and lifts. Unfortunately, not every interior can be used in the corner area. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Please note the recommended dimensions for the interior fittings, which can be found in the corner cabinet details at the bottom of the page. 

4. fronts
Choose between drawers, swing, wing and sliding doors. Pay attention to the opening direction of the fronts. Alternatively, you can leave your corner cabinet open so that no fronts are required. 
Optionally, you can select a mirror to be mounted on any front. The dimensions of the mirror match the dimensions of the front.

We have everything for your wardrobe

At Pickawood you get everything from one source. From measuring service to assembly service, you can book everything with us and benefit from free advice.

Measure correctly

No matter whether you place your wardrobe in a niche or against a wall, with our template you will be able to carry out the correct measurement as if by yourself.

Correct measurement

Samples content

Order our free wood samples comfortably at home and convince yourself of our quality.

wood sample

Questions content

If you have any questions or special requests regarding your wardrobe, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, e-mail or in our showroom in Hamburg.

More information

High-quality interior for every taste

You can not only plan and configure the appearance individually, but of course also the interior. Do you want interior drawers? No problem, simply select them in our configurator. If you have any questions about your configuration, our specialist consultants will be happy to assist you.

Easy access to the high ground with our clothes lift

Especially in old buildings, the ceilings are unusually high, so it goes without saying that you want to use the high ceilings for your wardrobe. The only problem is that from a certain height the clothes become difficult to reach. For such cases you can add our Lift and Soft-Return System to your corner wardrobe. This way you can comfortably reach your higher cloakroom. 

Please note: 

For the comfortable clothes lift a column width of 55 - 120 cm is required and the shelf height should be at least 92 cm.

To the corner wardrobe configurator




Take a look at your mirror image

Many of our customers do not want a visible mirror, therefore we offer you the possibility to have an extendable mirror mounted behind the front of the corner wardrobe. The mirror is framed by a frame made of high-quality aluminium and lets you always appear in the best light.

Our tip:

Add a clothes rail to this compartment and make perfect use of the available space with this combination.

To the corner wardrobe configurator




Everything in the right place - internal drawers 

Wardrobes that run over the corner offer an enormous amount of space. It's easy to lose track of what's going on. So that you can organise your wardrobe better and create order, add individual drawers to your wardrobe. The drawers can be configured either open or hidden behind a front.

Our tip: 

We offer drawers from a shelf width of 35 cm. Narrow drawers can be used very well as organisation drawers.

To the corner wardrobe configurator




Wrinkle-free thanks to intelligent holder 

In order to keep suits and dresses as crease-free as possible, they must be stowed very carefully in the corner wardrobe. The trouser & skirt holder offers a relief, because it can be taken off comfortably and the clothes can be hung up thereby comfortably.

Our tip: 

If you want to use the holder, plan the relevant compartment with a depth of at least 50 cm and a width of 35 cm. Further information on the compartments can be obtained in our configurator or from your personal consultant.

To the corner wardrobe configurator



Individual corner wardrobes

Doors and drawers can be equipped with 8 different handles. If your corner closet has sliding doors, these are fitted with a handle strip.

Pictures say more than a thousand words

The first concrete ideas often emerge on paper. If you have already sketched out your own ideas, you are welcome to send them to your personal consultant. On request, he will also prepare a technical design drawing.


Your individual corner wardrobe in the proven Pickawood quality  

Since we started in 2012 with our idea to order furniture made to measure easily and conveniently online, we have gained a lot of experience. Our many years of experience have enabled us to constantly optimise our processes and improve our customer service. With new and innovative ideas we inspire our customers every day anew. Convince yourself personally of our quality by giving you an individual wood sample set! This contains up to 4 wood samples worth 12 EUR.

Detail-loving made-to-measure work that you can feel

Their corner closets are produced by experienced carpenters who are professionals in their field. Thanks to the experience of our carpenters, we are able to realize countless wishes and of course everything made to measure. Should you have any questions or special requests, our specialist consultants are there for you.

Rb sideboard eiche detail 10008 2 png


quality that speaks for itself

The carpenters manufacture your corner wardrobe individually and exactly according to your specifications. They pay attention to even the smallest detail. The forwarding agent then delivers the piece of furniture to your home.

Ral farben 1024x683 10008 3 11394 2 komprimiert png


variety of colours & materials

You can configure your wardrobe corner in a coating (décor), a lacquer finish or in a noble-looking real wood surface. Of course, you can also combine the materials and colours in our configurator.

Corner wardrobe with special requests

With our online configurator we can offer numerous solutions and realize wishes. However, there are always new wishes that we cannot meet with the configurator. But that is not a problem, because in these cases our experienced team of consultants will be happy to support you and consult with our wood engineers. Thus we could already convert numerous special requests professionally.

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You still have questions about your corner wardrobe? Please feel free to write to us.

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