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Custom-made nightstand

Discover our prefabricated bedside tables or easily configure your personalised nightstand with our 3D planner.


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"Design your custom nightstand with our user-friendly online configurator. All Pickawood UK furniture is produced from high-quality, sustainable materials that are built to last."


Tim Ehling

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Since 2012, we have manufactured bespoke furniture, including made-to-measure cabinets and custom-made sideboards for over 35,000 customers. Thanks to our focus on innovative design processes and first-class customer service, we bring satisfaction with each and every furniture piece we produce. Our customers recognise our effort and this is reflected in our top reviews.

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Special requests

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Assembly options

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Upload a sketch

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Frequently asked questions

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Order wood samples

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Custom-made sideboards

Our made-to-measure sideboards can be easily modified to create the perfect bedside table that is unique and individual to you. Our additional features, such as handles, bases and feet allow you to customise further to compliment your existing bedroom interior. 

Adapt our existing prefabricated nightstand designs or create your bespoke bedside cabinet from scratch by taking advantage of our user-friendly online configurator. Our specialist furniture consultants are always happy to assist you with your design and can help you with our order process.

Design your custom nightstand

The 3 clear steps

Select the dimensions and materials

Determine the dimensions of your bedside table and choose your favourite material from 11 solid wood types and 5 additional materials.

Select a base

Add a base or furniture feet to your bedside cabinet. In our configurator you can choose from 9 different stylish feet options.

Customise the design

Adjust the column division and decide on the number of compartments. Add drawers and different doors to your furniture piece.

Customise our prefabricated bedside table designs

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Pickawood UK: Luxurious custom bedside cabinets

The bedside table next to the bed offers space for books and glasses, a glass of water and the essential lamp. It is often designed as a console with a spacious drawer and plenty of storage space. Pickawood UK offers bedside tables in different designs and materials. Models with a high-gloss finish complement the modern bedroom, while solid wood furniture pleasantly improves the room climate.

Configure your individual bedside table at Pickawood UK

If you want a completely individual bedside table made of plywood, solid wood, with a high-gloss lacquered surface or other materials. So you can design it yourself at Pickawood UK. You will also find models that have already been designed, which you can use in the online configurator from Pickawood UK. This can be operated intuitively and guides you step by step to your unique bedside table. This successful combination of functionality and design regularly triggers enthusiasm among Pickawood UK customers: Actually, everyone wants bedside tables made to measure. As an online carpenter, Pickawood UK commissions qualified specialist workshops that work with the highest quality material. There are no design limits for you: You simply determine the external dimensions, the colors and materials, the drawers and doors as well as the compartments and columns. Add your special requests like rows of holes. Use it to create a convertible bedside table that will make a sensational impression in your bedroom! They store everything that belongs in a bedside table, out of sight.

Safe ordering at Pickawood UK

Pickawood UK offers you an encrypted website and secure means of payment. Added to this is the pass guarantee from Pickawood UK and Signal Iduna. Nothing can go wrong! Would you like an assembly service? You can also book this. It doesn't cost the earth, while delivery to your home is even free. If you like, you can assemble the bedside table you designed yourself, because that's not difficult.

Your individual bedside table from Pickawood UK as a practical shelf

Next to the bed, we all need a practical storage surface on which we only put the smartphone or tablet or the classic book before falling asleep. Then we turn off the lamp on the bedside table and sink into the realm of dreams. The alarm clock on our custom-made Pickawood UK bedside table doesn't let us oversleep, the glass of water is ready. In the drawers, there are all sorts of important things like the glasses case, the batteries for the alarm clock, maybe some medication and the charging cable for the smartphone. If you design your Pickawood UK bedside table a little larger and with a little more storage space because of the space in your bedroom, you might be able to fit some laundry in there as well. It's amazing what's in such a chest of drawers fits next to the bed. Why are bedside tables so popular?

Bedside table: a piece of furniture in the retreat area

The bedroom is our personal retreat. If it has to be somewhere as cozy as can be imagined, it's here. The culmination of cosiness is the bedside table next to our bed, in which we keep our most personal things. Is it any wonder that Pickawood UK customers want to personalise this piece of furniture? We think: create a maximum of rest and peaceful stay with your individual design where you need it most - next to your bed!

How wide should a bedside table be?

Most people choose bedside tables with a width between 30 and 85 cm. That depends directly on the space available next to the bed. Since they can be individually designed at Pickawood UK, you can have the bedside table made to the centimeter for the available space and even place it in a small niche.

How high are bedside tables usually?

The height of bedside tables is between 32 and 82 cm in almost every bedroom. These two limit values ​​are no coincidence: the height of the bedside table must match the bed relatively exactly (see next point), and beds are offered with such heights.

Should the bedside table be lower or higher than the bed?

A rule of thumb is: The top shelf of the bedside table should be relatively level with the bed frame. In this way, you can, among other things, reach for your glass of water very comfortably without spilling the content, and also give the cheeky alarm clock a sleepy tap in the morning so that it calms you down. Everything can be easily picked up and put down at this height, and you can also turn off the light very easily. You could even hit your head on a bedside table that's too high, and if the height isn't right - whether it's too high or too low - you won't be able to get to things properly. Measure your bed before designing your custom bedside table at Pickawood UK.

Which bedside table model goes with the box spring bed?

Box spring beds usually have a lying height of 60 cm or more. Therefore, the bedside table must have the appropriate height. This is the only way for you to be able to place all objects comfortably on your bedside table when lying down without having to bend down.

What can be stored in the bedside table?

This depends on the design that you decide at Pickawood UK yourself. Make sure there is enough space for the lamp, the alarm clock and the book or tablet you have put down. If you design your bedside table with drawers and cupboard doors, you can store books, medicines, handkerchiefs, socks or underwear in them, depending on the size.

How do bedside tables create storage space in the bedroom?

The bedside tables from Pickawood UK can be designed either as a compact bedside table with several drawers or as a somewhat more spacious bedside table for the desired storage space. It usually has a drawer below the shelf, followed by either a cupboard door or open compartments. Both variants create more or less storage space in the bedroom and also convince with the exceptionally beautiful designs from Pickawood UK.

Which materials are suitable for the bedside table?

Wood, wood decors and some glass are the most popular materials. Solid wood is durable and robust, inexpensive wood decors are particularly easy to clean.

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