3D Closet, Cupboard & Wardrobe Configurator

Plan your custom wardrobe

Determining the external dimensions

In the first step "Dimensions" you can select the height (min. 40 cm and max. 275 cm), the width (min. 37 cm and max. 600 cm) and the depth (min. 20 cm and max. 110 cm) of your new wardrobe. Please note that you should keep a mounting distance of 3 cm to the side and to the ceiling. For wardrobes with a sloping roof, you need a distance of 4 cm to the ceiling and the sides. If you are planning a wardrobe with sliding doors, you need a distance of 10 cm to the ceiling and 3 to the sides.

Choosing your materials

Our premium decors are available in 14 different colours. The decors are light yet durable, which makes them ideal for large scale custom wardrobes. Our varnished MDF option offers you a choice of more than 200 colours. For an even greater sophistication and a natural effect, you can also plan your closet in our real wood veneers.

Adjusting the plinth

You can add a plinth base to your wardrobe with a height between 7 cm and 14 cm. To place your furniture piece flush against the wall, you can integrate a skirting board cut-out in the last step of the configurator.

Planning the columns

You can determine the basic structure of your closet by choosing your number of columns. Depending on the cabinet width, you can plan each column individually. You can set the column width using the input field that appears below the 3D model or by using the arrows.

Arranging the shelves

With a few clicks, you can position the desired number of shelves per column. In Step 5 of the wardrobe configurator, you can add interior fittings. The required minimum and maximum dimensions are shown by moving the mouse cursor over the selected column.

Adding interior fittings

There are a wealth of options to be added to ensure your wardrobe serves your individual needs. Choose to integrate clothes rails, garment lifts, LED lighting and much more. Simply select the desired compartment and add your chosen feature.

Integrating doors & drawers

In Step 7 of the configurator, you can add matching fronts to your wardrobe. A combination of wooden and mirrored doors is possible. As a special eye-catcher, you can also include visible external drawers.


Selecting additional features

We can install back wall panels and height adjusters for every closet free of charge. You can also create a fitted, built-in wardrobe with cover strips for an integrated look for wardrobes set in a niche. Other unique features include mounting strip holes for flexible shelving and baseboard cut-outs.

Wardrobes in detail


You can customise your wardrobe according to your individual needs. In Step 6 of the configurator, you can see all available options at a glance. If an interior option is not selectable, the required minimum dimensions will be displayed as soon as you hover over the option. Cabinets with LED lighting, trouser hangers or belt and tie racks can be combined with other interior options.


Our custom wardrobes can be fitted with a variety of handles and our range of designs are so varied that there is something for everyone. The colour of each handle can also be defined according to your own tastes and preferences.

Clothes rails & garment lifts

If you choose a clothes rail, it will be mounted 7 cm below the top shelf and centred according to the products depth. The garment lift allows you to maximise storage space in higher compartments. The lift can be loaded with up to 8 kg and requires a minimum depth of 54 cm and a column width of 75 cm to 109 cm.

Vertical divisions

With the help of a vertical partition, you can divide existing compartments. This can be useful for creating a compartment for housing ironing boarda, baskets or other household items.

Interior drawers

Our internal drawers are ideal for keeping your wardrobe orderly. They close efficiently and are concealed behind the wardrobe doors. For an internal drawer you need a minimum depth of 42 cm and a column width of 40 cm to 109 cm.

Additional interior options

Our personalised features give extra convenience to your wardrobe. Wireless LED lighting automatically activates when your closet is opened. In addition, you can combine elements such as our trouser hangers and belt or tie racks to ensure your wardrobe serves your specific needs.

Skirting board cut-outs

Most homes are installed with a skirting board making it difficult to place furniture directly against the wall. This is not an issue when selecting our skirting board cut-out in the final step of the configurator. This feature can be planned to the exact centimetre to ensure the perfect fit.

Height adjusters

Our invisible height adjusters are installed in each of our wardrobes free of charge. It allows you to compensate for any unevenness in your flooring up to 1.8 cm.


You can plan to integrate doors over several compartments by selecting the desired compartments with the left mouse button pressed. You can choose between single or double doors. We also offer mirrored doors for wardrobes.

Mounting hole strips

A mounting hole strip allows for flexible shelving should your storage needs change at a later date. If you have created specific shelf heights in the configurator, these are no longer applicable. However, some shelves are fixed to guarantee sufficient stability. 

Special requests

Although we currently do not offer the option to create corner wardrobes in the wardrobe configurator, we can make them for you on request. Send us a message with your desired dimensions and materials and we will respond with a quote. We can also implement other special design solutions for you and are always on hand to offer expert advice and insight.

Upload your sketch

If you have already put your first ideas down on paper then why not send us your sketch. We will advise you on your options and prepare a non-binding offer free of charge based on your unique ideas.

Working as an interior designer?

We offer your design as a 3D file (gITF) for all common planning programmes. Click on the button below to start the download.

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