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This site is operated by:
Pickawood GmbH

We are registered in Hamburg / Germany
Registered Company Number: HRB 121670 Rödingsmarkt 20 
Registered Company Address: Rödingsmarkt 20, 20459 Hamburg, Germany

This is also our main trading address.

You can contact us at the above mentioned address and through the following means:
Phone number: +49 (0) 330 808 4870
Email address: [email protected]

Phone number Austria (AT): 07208 81537
Phone number Switzerland (CH): 04350 80965
Phone number Germany (GE): +49 (0) 405 247 7770
Phone number France (FR): +49 (0) 405 247 7770

Our German VAT Number is 281775181
Our UK VAT Number is 375467068

Online dispute resolution according to Art. 14 (1) Regulation on consumer ODR: The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolutions (ODR) which can be accessed under consumers / odr / 

Bank details:
Pickawood GmbH
Account number: 1227125604
Sort code (Bank code): 20050550
Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE48200505501227125604

Henry Fleischer and Tim Ehling

Responsible for the content of Pickawood GmbH under section §55 German Interstate Broadcasting Treaty ( RStV):

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