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"Our room divider bookcases are manufactured identically on both sides and they are a real eye-catcher from the front and the back."

Tim Ehling

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Design your room divider bookcase up to a height of 3 metres and a width of 6 metres and choose its material from 6 materials and 11 solid wood types.

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Custom room divider bookcases

Design your room divider bookcase easily in our 3D configurator. To do this, simply select the "Room divider" option in the last step of the configuration. The shelving is then automatically manufactured so that it can stand open in the room from both sides. Optional doors are mirrored so that the shelf can be used from both sides. In the case of drawers, a solid back panel is inserted on the opposite side, visually matching the drawer front. If you have previously decided on a socket, this will be fitted from both sides for the room divider bookcase. Please feel free to contact our customer advisors for planning.

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We produce bespoke pieces of furniture for our customers. Since every detail can be configured, we send out individually crafted furniture. Its quality inspires more than 35,000 customers.

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Have you been looking for a room divider bookcase for your living room for a while, but can't find one with the right dimensions? Thanks to our simple online configurator, you can configure your very own piece of furniture that looks great from both sides and at the same time divides a large room into two separate areas. From the external dimensions to the division of columns and compartments as well as doors, drawers and mirrors to extra wishes such as rows of holes or cable outlets, there are no limits to what you can do. The variety of made-to-measure furniture is the most extraordinary thing. So these shelving look great in the living room as well as in the bedroom and look great at the same time. This room divider bookcase offers you all the drawers and compartments in which you can comfortably store your clothes, as well as books or other utensils. For the production of the individual piece of furniture, we only use material from sustainable forestry. This applies to our natural solid woods as well as to our other materials such as the oils we use. Let yourself be inspired by our pre-constructed room dividers or by our customers' already made-to-measure furniture in our picture gallery and order your perfect room divider.

How does a room divider shelving differ from a normal shelving unit at Pickawood?
With our room divider bookcases, the front and back are produced with the same edges and the same base. If doors have been planned into a room divider, then these are mirrored on both sides so that the room divider can be used from both sides. If you have any special requests regarding the compartments, please let us know.

Does a room divider bookcase have a back panel if doors or drawers have been selected?
If you add doors to your room divider in our online configurator for shelving, they will be mirrored on the back. If you design your room divider with drawers, these compartments will have a rear panel.

Does a room divider bookcase need to be additionally stabilised?
Basically, no statement can be made here, as it depends on the depth, width and height of the piece of furniture. However, we recommend at least one additional fixing point on the wall, ceiling or floor.

Can a room divider with a rear wall be ordered from Pickawood?
Yes, you can order a room divider with a back panel from Pickawood. This can optionally be made of HDF (hardboard) or in the same material as the carcase. Note your wish in the special requests or contact our furnishing advice.

If handles are planned on a room divider bookcase, are they fitted on both sides?
Yes, all fronts are produced on both sides, this also applies to handles.

From what height and width does a room divider have to be divided?
The top and bottom panels as well as the side-panels are divided if the dimensions exceed 272 cm for MDF, chipboard and real wood veneer, 245 cm for multiplex and 300 cm for solid wood. The divisions are made on the basis of the maximum panel lengths available in the trade. The pitch is set automatically by our system. If you have a specific wish, please note it in the order process.

What do I have to pay attention to if the room divider bookcase is to be particularly resilient?
We recommend solid wood or multiplex for shelves in which many books or other heavy things are to be stored. Please also note that narrow shelves are much more stable than wide ones. If you want to place particularly heavy items on the shelf, our interior design consultants:inside will be happy to provide you with further information.

Can a room divider be made from different materials?
You can specify different materials for the carcase and for the fronts (doors & drawers) in our 3D configurator. For example, you can plan a custom-made solid wood shelf with white doors. 

How much does the assembly of the room divider bookcase cost?
The assembly price depends on the size and the estimated time required for assembly. The option can be selected directly in the shopping basket and the costs are displayed directly.

Is it possible to plan a free-standing room divider?
You can place your room divider bookcase freestanding in the room. However, you should then attach it to the ceiling or floor to secure the room divider against falling over.

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