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Made-to-measure kitchen shelves

Design your custom-made kitchen shelving easily online with Pickawood UK. Our innovative online configurator provides you with user-friendly design tools to help you create a kitchen shelf according to your own individual wishes.
In addition to made-to-measure shelves for your kitchen, you will also find shelves, sideboards, tables and much more in our eclectic furniture collection. Our specialist furniture consultants are experts in interior design and have planned many of our prefabricated products. Become inspired by our premium furniture items and start your exciting journey today.

Design your custom kitchen shelf

The 3 simple steps

Determine the dimensions

You can design your custom kitchen shelving with dimensions up to 3 metres high and 6 metres wide. 

Add compartments and doors

To protect your dishes and kitchen utensils from damage and dust, you can add fronts with various opening options to your shelving. 

Complete your order

When you are satisfied with your planning, simply add your unique kitchen shelf to the shopping cart and order with your preferred payment method. 

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Pickawood UK: Stylish made-to-measure kitchen shelves

With celebrity chefs and food programming becoming more popular than ever, it is no wonder that owning the most sophisticated kitchen equipment and hardware is also becoming more and more essential. The kitchen is considered a place of encounter, not just for cooking but also for eating, entertaining and socialising. In addition to high-quality electrical appliances such as stoves, ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers, the fitted kitchen with easy to reach shelving is also in high demand. In large kitchens there is infinite potentail for lavish designs and furnishings that are both elegant and practical. In smaller spaces, the need to optimise storage and keep things organized is at a premium.

Thankfully with Pickawood UK, whatever your space size, we can help to plan made-to-measure kitchen shelving that meets your needs and is individual to you!

Most modern kitchens are designed according to demanding and ergonomic requirements. They contain kitchen cabinets, wide work surfaces, kitchen islands and service counters, illuminated lighting, individual wine racks, large fridges, custom-made drawers and wall shelving. They convey a high standard of life and express good taste, especially when produced with premium, sustainable materials.
Kitchen storage and shelving can increase the comfort of the culinary zone and well-planned shelving can become the ideal storage saver. In smaller kitchens hanging shelves can be a blessing, in larger, open spaces they serve the overal design aesthetic and can combine well with other matching fitted fixtures

The kitchen shelf with open compartments allows for stylish decor, as well as function and purpose. Dishes, glasswear, fresh herbs and cooking utensils can all be accommodated and easily reached. Even smaller electrical appliances fit into the kitchen shelving compartments and are not hidden in the depths of drawers and cupboards, but stimulate creativty and recipe ideas.

The different types of kitchen shelving:

Custom-made kitchen shelving can be used in many ways and designed with many different features. Popular options include made-to-measure kitchen shelving units that are erected to stand freely against a wall. Bespoke wine shelves also provide optimal storage to showcase a fine collection and personlized hanging wall shelves can be designed in combination with other kitchen furniture to create an overal visual motif to impress your guests and visitors. 

Fitted and built-in shelving:

Made-to-measure built-in shelves are a practical solution for the kitchen because they can be custom-designed to fit perfectly into any given space. Sloping ceilings, corners, windows and existing kitchen furniture appliances do not represent an obstacle but can be integrated into the visual cofiguration of a individual fitted kitchen shelving system. The compartents of each fitted kitchen shelving unit can be planned with with either open fronts and a rear wall panel or with drawers or doors depending on your storage requirements. A varied design with compartments and drawers allows for easier sorting of crockery that is visible and kitchen utensils that can be hidden and stowed away.

Wine racks:

The wine rack is a decorative storage rack for wine bottles and looks equally at home in your kitchen room as it does in the living room or basement. Made to your specific spatial requirements, the compartments can be designed with rounded shelves for the bottles, and combines the classic and the modern in a elegant standing design feature. There is a trend towards wine racks with diamond-shaped compartments in which several bottles can be store vertically according to vintage and region. A personalised wine rack represents a neat, tidy storage solution, whilst also guaranting high stability and safety.

Hanging shelves:

In the modern kitchen, a custom hanging shelf represents both a decorative and practical storage item and is characterized by its space-saving qualities. Installed directly on the wall, the furniture piece opens on one side and can house several compartments that provide a wealth of storage space. A cookware set with pots and pans can be arranged underneath using additional hooks. Spatulas, ladles, whisks and other kitchen utensils can also be hung up here. The combination of individual hanging shelves with a spice rack also provides functionality to your kitchen layout. 

The best ideas for the kitchen shelf:

Cooking can be extremely rewarding, particularly in a well-planned and visually attractive kitchen. An open plan kitchen shelf can provide decoration and functionality in equal measures. Planning kitchen shelving that is open in design will ensure that your crockery and cooking utensils are organised but always within reach. Plates, glasses, cups and bowls look just as attractive in their designated space, as kitchen gadgets, bottles, cookbooks, herb pots, spice jars, as well as other ingredients and groceries. With everything at your fingertips, you will feel the surge of creativity that will enable you to cook up a storm! 

Made-to-measure kitchen shelves with Pickawood UK:

Bespoke kitchen shelving can be configured in a variety of ways by utilising our dynamic online configurator. Sustainable materials complement the geometry and construction and it is possible to create wide models with many compartments that cover an entire wall or to produce a narrow built-in shelf to optimise smaller spaces.
The size of the compartments is freel to determine, as are the colours and finishes. A sleek design in a white or gray finish allows the shelf's contents to catch the eye, while more colourful alternatives can be planned to match your existing kitchen decor.You can also determine the dimensions, the number of compartments and whether you want doors and drawers. With Pickawood UK, the kitchen shelf can be planned up to a height of 3 metres and a width of up to 6 metres. With our free one-to-one consultations out specialist furniture consultants can also offer design suggestions and limitless inspiration.

What is the purpose of high-quality kitchen shelving?

The wide-ranging design of a kitchen shelf allows versatile use and integration into the kitchen equipment. A kitchen shelf consists of several shelves and compartments, can be set up with or without doors and is used to store dishes, spices, food, cookbooks and kitchen utensils. Wall and standing shelves are popular. The latter can decorate an entire wall and complement the classic kitchen cabinets.

What materials are kitchen shelves made of?

Even a modern kitchen is characterized by furniture that creates cosiness and well-being. The kitchen shelf is one of them and works best with sustainable and resilient materials such as solid wood. Natural wood looks just as elegant as colored lacquered wood. Solid wood also allows the storage of heavy objects. It is particularly robust and stable.

How to attach a kitchen shelf to the wall?

Individual wall shelving systems can be installed in the kitchen by using securely fastened brackets and dowels. If the kitchen shelf is intended to bear a heavy load, mounting it directly on the wall beam is recommended. Check the alignment in advance with a spirit level, mark the positions for the screws and dowels with a pencil and drill the holes at the marked points. Chipboard and wood screws are excellent for a maximum load-bearing capacity.

At what height should the kitchen shelf be mounted on the wall?

Hanging shelves are practical, chic and space-saving. It is best to mount it at a height that allows easy access to dishes and cooking utensils. Kitchen shelves above the work surface are excellent, with a distance of about 50 cm being a good guideline height to be able to work and cook conveniently.

Why is a custom kitchen shelf the better choice?

Kitchens are seldom uniformly designed and equipped, meaning that made-to-measure kitchen shelving offers tailor-made practicality. The furniture can be designed for greater flexibility and can be tailored to your individual needs. Dimensions can be modified to adapt to your spatial demands and you can plan shelves and compartments to meet your specific storage needs.

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