Made-to-measure TV sideboards

Plan the perfect custom TV furniture for your living room or lounge

TV Sideboard 400x320
TV Sideboard1 400x320
Customize your order!
Our custom-made TV sideboards adapt perfectly to your home. Maximize your living space with our custom-made products.
Lifelong durability!
Our experienced carpenters use only the highest quality woods from sustainable forestry when building your TV furniture.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We advise you free of charge when planning and make every wish possible. Order our assembly service and we can also build your TV furniture for you.

The advantages of our service

TV furniture can come in all manner of shapes and sizes. The possibilities are near endless! With Pickawood you can plan the furniture piece you truly desire without the limitations found in mass-produced products. Our dynamic online configurator allows you to design your custom-made sideboard down to the nearest mm and to meet your individual needs. We can also implement a vast range of distinctive special requests for you, including a TV lift or cable recesses. Start your journey today and benefit from our unique and exclusive service!

Our preset TV furniture models

With our online configurator you can easily plan an individual TV sideboard in the colour, material and size of your choice. Our variety of base, door and wall brackets options allow for your TV sideboard to become even more personal and one of a kind. To provide you with a helping hand we have designed a range of present sideboard options for you. Be inspired by our creations or simply adapt them further to make them your own.

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Customizable according to your wishes
width: 230 cm | height: 48 cm | depth: 48 cm

Fs lowboard front seidengrau 9744 2 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
width: 272 cm | height: 48 cm | depth: 40 cm




Configurator for
TV sideboards

You can further customize the products

according to your wishes and

implement your own ideas freely.



Fs highboard kernbuche side 9751 1 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
width: 90 cm | height: 60 cm | depth: 45 cm

Fs sideboard eiche front 9741 2 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
width: 195 cm | height: 60 cm | depth: 45 cm



Do you have a special request?

 We are experts in specialist furniture design

and will find a solution for your design question.

Our most popular special requests

Solid cover plates
cable outlets
TV lifts


Fs kiefer mdf front 9742 2 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
width: 182 cm | height: 80 cm | depth: 40 cm

Fs sideboard grunblau side 9742 3 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
width: 132 cm | height: 94 cm | depth: 60 cm

Fs highboard verkehrsweis side 9751 3 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
width: 80 cm | height: 94 cm | depth: 45 cm

Fs lowboard eiche patchwork front 9751 2 komprimiert 1


Customizable according to your wishes
width: 284 cm | height: 56 cm | depth: 40 cm


Cast your eyes on our our exhilarating TV furniture

We've helped our loyal customers in the planning of an array of thrilling TV cabinets and sideboards, some of which are showcased in our intriguing customer gallery. In viewing the images our customers share, we hope you will gain insight into the endless possibilities that are available to you as well as the inspiration to embark on the journey to plan your own exciting furniture project! 

TV M  bel 980x490
TV M  bel 400x400
TV M  bel2 375x500
TV M  bel3 375x500
TV M  bel1 375x500

Your TV sideboard in no time at all

Our manufacturing processes ensure that we produce exclusive custom-made furniture pieces with expert care. This all begins in the planning stages, where you can design your personalized furniture piece effortlessly by using our innovative online configurator. Plan your TV sideboard today with our simple steps! 


1. external dimensions
Enter your measurements and select the material you require.

2. compartments
Specify the column and compartment layout to meet your needs.

3. fronts
Add your choice of doors, drawers and handles.

4. custom features
Select additional options and
complete your furniture order.

Space saving TV lifts for a minimalist look

If you wish to keep your TV and entertainment system hidden when not in use then we have the perfect answer! The lift function is extremely quiet and operates perfectly, meaning your TV is only visible when needed. Before the lift is installed it is tested thoroughly and due to our 3-year warranty, the lift is a sound long-term investment. We can check on request whether a TV lift can be integrated into your planning. Our specialist furniture consultants will also be happy to design a custom-made TV lift furniture piece exclusively for you.

Find out more

Helping you to plan effectively

There is a lot to consider when planning custom-made furniture. Luckily, here at Pickawood we have the answers to all your questions! Our customer service processes are designed to ensure we are with you every step of the ways to offer expert advice that is both clear and concise. Feel free to contact our specialist furniture consultants today! 

Advise content

You can benefit immensely from our free individual consultation and expert advice one-to-one advice to assist you in planning.  



Samples content

Order free wood samples to determine what our products will look like in your home and convince yourself of our quality. 


wood samples

Questions content

Get more information about our products here!

More information

Send us your drawing today

Sending us a design sketch of your desired furniture piece is extremely beneficial and can help our specialist furniture consultants to advise you better in planning your custom-made TV sideboard. Submitting your design sketch is easy and with the specific information, we can provide you with a quotation for your exclusive product. 

Customer feedback

Our highest goal is to satisfy our customers. We achieve this not just with our premium furniture products but also with our trusted customer-care processes.  Our focus is always on improving and investing in our support and in providing you with the attention you expect and deserve. We are here to answer all your questions, from consulting to production to delivery. 

To the customer reviews

Furniture with revere and value

We carry out rigorous selection processes and assurance checks to maintain high levels of quality. In this way, we produce premium furniture pieces to each and every customer. Our materials are acquired from sustainable and trusted sources and we partner with skilled craftspeople who are experts in their field. We guarantee that you will see the difference in a Pickawood product!   

Beschlaege details


Premium materials

Our combination of sustainably sourced wood paired with artisan carpentry gives a valuable outcome. We purchase screws and fittings from esteemed brand manufacturers for endurance and reliability.

Farben details


Vivid Colours

You can finish your TV cabinet in any colour imaginable. Furniture surfaces can be lacquered in more than 200 standardised RAL colours, individually matched to your preference, taste and, style.


TV furniture with special requests

When it comes to designing furniture to house your TV and entertainment devices we understand that each storage system is totally different. With our experience and expertise, we can implement countless personal requests to bring individuality to your TV furniture piece. Whether you would like to integrate cable cut-outs, interior lighting, or a TV lift, we will be happy to welcome your request. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you find a solution.

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  • corner shelves
  • interior lighting
  • hole line
Entwurfszeichnung Becherer
  • door conversion
  • TV lift
  • outsizes
Entwurfszeichnung K  hnold
  • Individual skirting board
  • cable outlet
  • TV cutouts

Do you have any further questions about your TV furniture? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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