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Custom staircase shelf

Configure bespoke stair shelving yourself in our easy 3D configurator or browse through existing designs.


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Plan with 6 materials
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"Get inspired by our designs for stair shelving or plan step-by-step according to your ideas. If you have any questions about your planning, we are happy to help."


Tim Ehling

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At Pickawood UK, we have been ensuring for many years that our customers can call their own customised furniture. Through innovative technologies and excellent customer service, we aim to produce the best custom-made furniture. Our quality is already trusted by more than 35,000 satisfied customers who enjoy their custom-made furniture every day.

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Special requests

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Assembly options

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Frequently asked questions

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Order wood samples

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Made-to-measure stair shelving

With a staircase or stair shelving unit from Pickawood UK, you can make effective use of the space under sloping ceilings and stairs. With our online configurator, you can adjust the height of each individual shelf column to suit your needs. Also take a look at our individual sloping roof shelves or be inspired by our design suggestions. Our interior design consultants will be happy to assist you in planning your stair shelving.

Plan you custom stair shelving

It's really so easy

Choose dimensions and material

Design your stair shelving up to a height of 3 metres and a width of 6 metres and choose your material from 6 materials and 11 solid wood types.

Design your stair shelving

Customise the number and division of the columns and compartments and add doors and drawers.

Order your stair shelving online

Add your made-to-measure stair shelving unit in the shopping cart and order your individual furniture online.

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Made-to-measure stair shelving - the special shelf for your needs

With our simple 3D configurator, you can effortlessly create your own customised staircase or stair shelving unit. Simply enter the maximum height and width of the entire shelving and then change the height of each shelving column step by step. Our made-to-measure shelving systems are ideal for staircase substructures or sloping roofs. Of course, you can also plan compartments with doors and drawers for stair shelving, determine skirting board cut-outs and specify the plinth height. If you need help with your planning or have any other special requests, please contact our furnishing advice service.

Our partner companies make every shelving to measure and use only sustainable materials and high-quality fittings. Since 2012, we have been working with our partners to create a process that combines high-quality joinery with the benefits of an online configurator.

Flexible compartment division with a row of holes
If you select the option "row of holes" in the last step of your configuration, the selected compartment heights are no longer applicable. This is because with a row of holes, a hole is pre-drilled every 32 mm. This allows you to determine the shelving height yourself afterwards. To ensure that your stair shelving unit retains its stability, we recommend fixing some shelves. 

Perfect on the wall thanks to skirting board cut-outs
As a further optional extra, we offer a skirting board cut-out. This allows you to slide your staircase shelving directly under the stairs. This means that the shelving does not protrude and has no air at the back. This way you can use every centimetre of your space. 

Particularly stable thanks to base
If you want to store exceptionally heavy objects in your staircase shelving, we recommend ordering the shelving with a plinth. The plinth is 7 cm high and does not affect the height of the staircase shelving. However, it increases the stability and load-bearing capacity. It also gives your shelving a special and elegant look. 

How is the staircase shelving assembled?

You can either assemble the shelving yourself or book our assembly service. You will find the costs for the assembly service directly in the shopping cart. The assembly instructions are in the box, on which there is a green sticker.

Can a stair shelving also be used as a staircase?

If you would like to use your stair or staircase shelving as a staircase, please be sure to contact our interior design consultants. The statics and load-bearing capacity must be calculated completely differently for a staircase than for a shelving.

What is the difference between a stepped shelving and a sloping roof shelving?

Step shelving consists exclusively of horizontal and vertical boards and usually has a different height per shelving column. In contrast, a sloping roof shelving has a sloping board on one side and therefore fits even more precisely under a sloping roof. At Pickawood UK we offer both products and leave the decision up to you.

Is it possible to plan a stair shelving with doors?

You can plan doors into any shelving unit at Pickawood UK. We offer single doors, hinged doors, double doors as well as glass and mirror doors. The doors can also be planned over several compartments.

Which colours are particularly popular for stair shelving?

One of the most frequently ordered colours at Pickawood UK is white. That is why we offer our shelves with various white coatings and lacquers. Recently, more and more black shelves have been ordered.

Can a stair shelving be used as a room divider?

In principle, every shelving at Pickawood UK can be ordered as a room divider. All you have to do is select the "room divider" option in the last step of our 3D configurator.

Can I order a stair shelving made of wood?

We currently offer 11 solid wood types such as oak, beech or pine. We also offer various real wood veneers that are glued to an MDF boar

Any questions? Contact us.