How to measure correctly

If you want to get precise measurement possible, you should take the measurement at different points. You can then use the smallest value for further planning. If the furniture is to be placed against a wall, please also remember to draw in sockets, light switches or a skirting board if necessary. If you have any questions about measuring or the measuring service, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Download template
Download template

With this sketch template you can easily record the planning

Assembly distances

In order to be able to place your new piece of furniture in the desired location, it is important to pay attention to the assembly distances. The distances differentiate between the piece of furniture and the thickness of the material. If you want to place your furniture in a niche and it is small enough to move, it is sufficient to plan a safety buffer of 1 cm to the sides.

Shelving & Sideboards

If you place your shelf or sideboard in a niche or plan it ceiling-high, please note the following assembly distances.

Continuous top and bottom panels
Material thickness 2 cm or 3cm: 4 cm to the ceiling; 3 cm on each side.

Divided top and bottom panels
Material thickness 2 cm or 3 cm: 2 cm to the ceiling; 3 cm on each side.


If you are also planning the made-to-measure wardrobe ceiling-high as a built-in wardrobe, the following assembly distances must be observed.
Material thickness 2 cm:
3 cm to the ceiling and 3 cm on each side

Wardrobes with sliding doors:
10 cm to the ceiling and 3 cm on each side

Sloped Roof Furniture

The following assembly distances apply to shelving units and cupboards that are to be assembled under a sloping roof.
Material thickness 2 cm:
4 cm to the ceiling and 4 cm to the sides

Frequently asked questions

1. Which tools do I need?

The classic method is, of course, a tape measure or folding rule. Alternatively, you can also take measurements with a standard laser measuring device. We also recommend using our sketch template. There you will find all the important measurements at a glance. You are welcome to send us this sketch and we will implement your planning.

2. Can I also plan built-in wardrobes in an old building?

Our custom-made built-in wardrobes can also be planned in an old building. However, you should measure particularly precisely and in different places. You can also check the floor and walls with a spirit level.

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