How to take Correct Measurements

To avoid doubt when taking measurements, we have provided a manual on measurement-taking. This then puts you in a position to accurately measure the new location of your custom furniture item, and there can no longer be errors. Should you nevertheless have questions, feel free to contact our customer advisors.

Calculating the maximum shelving unit height

A frequently asked question is about the maximum height of a shelving unit. Since the unit is assembled on its side and must then be rotated up into position, a degree of space must be left between the top of the shelf and the ceiling. The following formula lets you calculate the maximum cabinet height simply.


Your maximum shelving height is:   cm

Please deduct another approx. 1 cm from this to prevent possible tilting if the walls are not perfectly straight.

Determining the Dimensions

Take your time and give extra care when measuring up for your chosen shelving unit. In older buildings in particular, it may be that the walls are not entirely upright and no exact 90-degree angles are available. You should take this into account when measuring for your shelving. If it is the case that the shelving unit will occupy the entire wall area, you should measure the width both at the floor level and at ceiling level. Once you have measured the height, width and depth you can go ahead and order your chosen shelving using our configurator.
If the walls are not upright, use the smallest measurements obtained - otherwise the shelving unit will not fit.

Planning a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit?
If so, please tell us before ordering. We will design the unit slightly differently, so that you can assemble it in the upright position. We are happy to supply you with extra cover panels to hide any gaps that may occur.

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Use the sizes in this diagram to help you determine the height and width of your compartments for particular items. Note that where internal doors are fitted, the depth of the unit as entered into the configurator is reduced by about 2 cm.

Tools required

To make correct measurements you require the following:

  • Measuring tape or folding rule
  • Pencil or other writing implement
  • Printout of our measurement template


Measuring your Furniture Dimensions Accurately

1. Measure the space required for your furniture item in several places and always use the smallest measurement obtained.

2. Allow for a clearance of at least 3 cm above the unit and a space of 3 cm to either side to allow the unit to be raised into upright position. You can use our calculator to determine the space above the shelving unit. If you have a continuous socle, top-and baseplate you'll need 5 cm above the unit and a space of 5 cm to either side.

3. If you wish, make a drawing of the unit to help you decide the heights and widths of compartments you require. You are welcome to send us a drawing.

How to send your measurements

You can use our measurement template to send us your measurements - then you just select the wood type and colour. You are also welcome to let us know your choice of colour at this stage.

Now you can either enter your data straight into our simple configurator or upload your drawing here or send it to us by e-mail to [email protected].


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