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Customised CD shelves

Design your individual CD shelf with our simple online planner - at home or on the go.


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"Design your individual CD shelf online in our simple 3D configurator. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced carpenters."


Tim Ehling

CD shelves designed for you

Customised CD shelves

Do you want a shelf that can hold your entire CD collection? Thanks to our simple online-configurator, you can adapt the dimensions of your individual shelf to your needs. A CD case is 14.2 cm wide, 12.5 cm high and 1 cm deep. You should therefore design your shelf with a depth of at least 15 cm and the height of the compartments with a height of 14 cm. If you add a back panel to your shelf, you will lose approx. 2 cm in depth.

If you have any questions about your planning, our competent furnishing advice service will be happy to help. 

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Online-configurator for CD shelfs

Enter external dimensions

So that you can store your CDs well, CD shelfs can be planned up to 3 metres high and 6 metres wide.

Choose material

For your collection, we offer 11 different solid woods, as well as 6 other materials.

Choose fronts

The CDs can be stored behind doors. You can decide for yourself whether you want to use handles or the push-to-open function.

Customise selected designs

Pickawood UK: customised CD shelving

Gentle sounds after work, something rocky at the weekend and current chart toppers to accompany your housework. If your music collection is really well set up, then it should also be displayed really well. With a custom-made CD rack, you can put your CDs, DVDs or Blue-Rays in the limelight and even create a real eye-catcher in your home. In every home there are niches and corners that cannot be used sensibly because furniture cannot be placed there due to the layout of the rooms. A custom-made CD rack is a good solution in such cases. In contrast to standard furniture, you determine the width, height and depth of your shelf yourself. In this way, you can create your own personal CD rack in the online configurator, which allows you to make the best use of the available space. Or you can even create space where there was none before, for example in the form of a customised CD shelf with wall suspension above the window or above other furniture. With our customised CD racks, the design is entirely up to you. You not only determine the outer dimensions of the shelf, but also specify how high and wide the individual shelves are. This is practical if, for example, you want to store other items on the shelf in addition to CDs. In addition, this very individual cut enables you to make the best use of the space in the compartments because they can be designed to exactly match the standard height and depth of CDs. And if you ever want to rearrange something, the shelves can be equipped with a row of holes that can be used to change the height of the compartments at any time.
However you design your own personal CD rack, the high-quality workmanship, the oiling of the wood for long durability and the use of sustainable materials are always already included in the price. Keyword materials: You have a free hand in choosing whether your custom-made CD shelf should be made of solid wood, multiplex or MDF. You can choose from many different real woods from sustainable forestry and, for shelves made of MDF, the entire RAL colour palette. In this way, your CD rack will match your existing furnishings in every way and become your new favourite piece in your own four walls.
Your made-to-measure CD shelf is created very simply, first in our intuitive and easy-to-use configurator and then in the carpentry workshop. Special requests are no problem. Would you like a back panel for your CD rack, doors or drawers in part of the rack or do you need a lighting solution? We will build your shelf exactly the way you want it and in such a way that you will enjoy it for a long time.

What types of wood are available for the made-to-measure CD racks?

We use oak, beech, pine, birch, ash and cherry wood as well as European maple and American walnut. Each type of wood has its own unique structure, grain and colour and thus sets individual accents in your living space.

What dimensions can be realised for the CD shelf?

You have a completely free hand. The height can be between 30 cm and 300 cm, the width between 30 cm and 600 cm. The exact dimensions can be specified to the nearest centimetre, so that your shelf will definitely find its place.

How big should a compartment be if CDs are to be stored in it?

The standard commercial size for a CD is 12.4 cm high and 14.2 cm wide. The dimensions of double CDs or other special shapes may differ.

Do all the compartments in the CD rack have to have the same dimensions?

No, quite the opposite. You can specify individual dimensions for each compartment, for example, make one compartment wider than others in the same row. This gives your shelf a distinctive, individual look.

Can you combine space for CDs and for books in one shelf?

Absolutely! By being able to determine the dimensions of the compartments individually in each case, you can plan enough space for all the CDs in your collection and still accommodate books, folders or other things alongside them.

What can I do if other dimensions per shelf are needed?

If there is a possibility that you will want to transform your CD shelf at some point so that it can accommodate other things, you should order your shelf with a row of holes. In this case, the shelves of the compartments can also be moved later according to individual wishes, so that even larger items can find their place.

Is the CD rack also available as a wall shelf?

In the configurator, you have the option of ordering the wall bracket at the same time. It will then be integrated into your CD rack in the carpentry workshop so that the weight is optimally distributed. The load-bearing capacity of the wall and the material selected for the hanging shelf must be taken into account. As a general rule, shelves made of MDF are lighter than those made of solid wood.

Are there any other shelf variants available apart from those in the configurator?

We have specialised in producing individual furniture according to customer wishes and we mean it. Not all conceivable variants can be depicted in the online configurator, for example the planning of corner shelves or the combination of different types of material. However, we will also find a solution for everything that cannot be configured online. Please simply contact our friendly furnishing advice service.

Any questions? Contact us.