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In many cases, the wardrobe does not fit exactly into the intended gap on the wall or slope under the roof. On the other hand, there is the situation that when a wardrobe is set up, a lot of wall space is wasted on both sides that could actually be used as storage space. The same applies to the interior of many wardrobes. Shelves and clothes rails are often not available where you want them. Of course, you have the option of looking in furniture stores for wardrobes that roughly match your ideas. But finding exactly the right dimensions is seldom possible. If a wardrobe in the right size is then available in the furniture store, the question arises as to whether the colour tone is right and the interior fittings meet your wishes. With the custom-made wardrobes from Pickawood Europe, you get pieces of furniture that correspond exactly to your ideas in terms of dimensions, material, colour and decor. In addition, you can freely select columns, compartments, clothes rods and drawers and finally specify the format of the cupboard doors.

We manufacture wardrobes for the entire living area exactly according to your wishes and ideas. This includes wardrobes, corner wardrobes and fitted wardrobes for the bedroom. Even a walk-in wardrobe for the dressing room is no problem for our master carpenters. Our range also includes living room wardrobes, corner wardrobes and complete wardrobes for the living area. For the kitchen we build household cupboards according to your ideas. We equip the entrance area of your home with wardrobes and hallway cupboards. PC cabinets, filing wardrobes and complete wardrobe systems for storing files are practical for the office. According to your ideas, we manufacture step cupboards, sloping roof cupboards and stair cupboards to fit the desired location. In addition to the standard dimensions that you can find in any furniture store, you can also have wide wardrobes, tall wardrobes and shallow wardrobes made to measure. There are hardly any limits to your ideas. This also applies to the choice of the right material and the right decor and colour.

You know exactly the dimensions in your home. Nevertheless, the perfect solution only develops after looking at possible alternatives and suggestions. For this purpose, our craftsmen have designed sample wardrobes and put them together for you in a selection. In addition, you will find examples of wardrobes that we have already realised for our customers in the gallery on our site. This gives you the opportunity to discover possible alternatives and at the same time convince yourself of the quality of our work in real existing customer solutions.

Alternatively, you can use our wardrobe configurator to determine every detail of your wardrobe yourself. The configurator is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge of craftsmanship. In the first step, you enter the external dimensions of your wardrobe. Then you determine the surface and material from which your wardrobe is to be made. Decor, pattern, colour and entering the material thickness are the next steps. Now specify the number of columns and compartments for your wardrobe and whether a plinth is desired. With the next input, you define the interior of the wardrobe. Here, for example, you can make entries for clothes rails, drawers or compartments. The final step in the configurator is to select the doors and handles for your wardrobe. Once you have made all your entries, you can order your wardrobe directly from us.

Individual compartments are often difficult to reach or only accessible with the help of a small ladder. The clothes lift in our wardrobes is easy to operate and can effortlessly hold loads of up to eight kilograms on the bar. Thanks to the specially developed lift and soft return system, your clothes are well protected and easy to reach. When planning, make sure that the column width for the system is 75 to 115 centimetres. At least 105 centimetres for the shelf height and between 54 and 120 centimetres for the shelf depth are sufficient for the installation of the clothes lift.

The drawers that you can integrate in the interior of the compartments are advantageous. This gives you additional storage space for small parts, which are thus neatly stored. The interior drawers are located in the compartments provided. They are therefore no longer visible from the outside when the wardrobe is closed. Of course, drawers that are on the outside and therefore more easily accessible are also possible on request. With vertically divided compartments, you create more structure in your new wardrobe. At the same time, this gives the wardrobe greater stability and allows it to be filled with items that are somewhat heavier. Vertically divided compartments are well suited for storing shoes or bags, which are then immediately within reach.

Individual sloping roof cupboards and stair cupboards are no problem for our carpenters and are therefore standard. At your request, your wardrobe can be made of different materials. In many areas of the home, consumer electronics equipment is integrated into a wardrobe or cupboard. We manufacture cable cut-outs, TV/media cut-outs and the perfect interior lighting entirely according to your wishes. This means that your wardrobe is tailored to your needs and you don't have to watch your TV set fit into the wardrobe from the furniture store.

When choosing the doors, you can decide where the wardrobe should have sliding doors, glass doors or hinged doors. If you wish, there is even a mirror on the outer door of the wardrobe. Height-adjustable feet, skirting board cut-outs and the choice of castors or wooden or metal feet round off the range of special requests.

For which areas in the home can you get wardrobes made to measure?
We manufacture wardrobes exactly to your specifications for every living area in your home. We also have the right range for the kitchen and the entrance area with hallway and cloakroom. Of course, we also have customised wardrobe solutions for your office.

What different types of wardrobes do we have on offer for you?
The normal wardrobe as in the furniture store is the basic model for us. With us, however, you can specify the dimensions to the centimetre. Corner wardrobes, fitted wardrobes and complete wardrobe systems right up to wall units are available exactly to your specifications. Even a walk-in wardrobe made to measure for your dressing room is possible with us. We also offer custom-made products such as sloping roof wardrobes, staircase wardrobes and custom-made products outside the norm in terms of height, width and depth.

Do you need any prior knowledge of craftsmanship to be able to use our wardrobe configurator?
No! Our wardrobe configurator is a guided programme in which you are guided step by step through all the necessary details. At the end, you will see the result of the entries and can then order your wardrobe directly.

Is there additional help when configuring the wardrobes?
Yes! Additional support is provided for example by the live chat on our website. It is also possible to get in touch with our employees by telephone. Our Pickawood Europe experts will be happy to advise you and assist you with your entries.

How do I use the Pickawood Europe wardrobe configurator correctly?
First, you specify the outer dimensions of your wardrobe. The second step includes information on the material, surface, decor, pattern and colour of your new custom-made piece of furniture. In the third step, you specify how many columns the wardrobe should have and whether a plinth is desired. Within the columns, you specify the compartments and their equipment with drawers or clothes rails. When you have finally selected the door and handles, the configuration can be completed with the order.

Are there any suggestions for wardrobe design or sample templates?
If you do not yet have any ideas about how your new wardrobe should look, you are welcome to take a look at the sample designs constructed by our carpenters. In addition, you will find a gallery on our website in which we show wardrobes that we have made for our customers. This will give you a first impression of the quality of our work and you may find an idea that you like for your own wardrobe.

Are custom-made wardrobes sustainable products?
Quality and environmental protection are particularly close to our hearts. For this reason, we only manufacture wardrobes from the highest quality woods from sustainable forests. The forests for our production are located in Europe and are all sustainability certified. Our company is a member of B.A.U.M. e.V., the German working group for environmentally conscious management. Another quality feature is the oils used by our carpenters to protect the wood of your wardrobe. We use high-quality oils from BIOFA, which are free of solvents and colourless.

Is it difficult to assemble the wardrobe I ordered from Pickawood Europe?
It is quite easy to assemble the supplied individual parts yourself. No specialist knowledge is required for assembly. With a little skill, a cordless screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, rubber mallet and a spirit level, the prefabricated parts can be assembled in a short time.