Furniture care

You should treat your custom-made furniture with the right care products and products from the very beginning. Regular care of your custom-made furniture ensures a long life for the surface. With these tips, your furniture will shine as long as the first day.


It is best to clean the solid wood with a dry duster. For coarse soiling, you can also use a damp cloth. However, you should not use any aggressive cleaning agents, as these could attack the wood. Please also make sure that no water stagnation develops.


Please make sure that you ventilate the room regularly. Otherwise, individual elements could warp if the humidity is too high or too low.

Solid wood: Oiled surfaces

To maintain the surface gloss and protection for a long time, you should oil the piece of furniture regularly. You can use any oils available in specialised shops. However, inexpensive baby oils are also suitable. If a water stain cannot be removed, you can remove the stain with fine sandpaper and oil the area afterwards.

Solid wood: Lacquered surfaces

With lacquered solid wood, you do not need to re-treat the surface. The protection of the lacquer remains intact and does not need to be refreshed every now and then, as is the case with an oiled surface.

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