Furniture assembly instructions

Download your assembly instructions with one click. We have compiled valuable tips and information on adjusting your furniture for you on this page too. We will also be happy to assist you on the phone with any questions you may have about assembling your new piece of furniture.

Download assembly instructions here

Shelving & Sideboards
Shelving & Sideboards

Download the assembly instructions for shelving, bookcases, and sideboards


Download the assembly instructions for wardrobes

Wall shelving
Wall shelving

Easy assembly of your wall shelving with the assembly instructions

Wall Shelves Drilling Template
Wall Shelves Drilling Template

For easier assembly of hanging furniture


For easier assembly of tables


Get an overview of all the components by spreading them out and sorting them at the beginning. To prevent scratches on the floor, we recommend using a large piece of cardboard or a carpet as a base. As a rule, small parts such as screws are available in sufficient quantity. However, if something is missing, we will be happy to send it to you.


Your piece of furniture is designed so that you can easily assemble it yourself. As the necessary holes are drilled and all small parts are included, you do not need any specialist knowledge for assembly. For easier assembly, we recommend using a cordless screwdriver, slotted screwdriver and, at best, a spirit level and a rubber mallet.

Fine adjustment (alignment)

For the door fittings, the drawer pull-outs and the push-to-open function for doors, we rely on the premium manufacturer Blum. They produce high-quality components that are very resilient and therefore also very durable. For doors with handles, we use the CLIP top Blumotion system. For doors without handle, we use the proven CLIP top system.

Door assembly

Side adjustment of the hinges

Depth adjustment of the hinges

CLIP Top BLUMOTION Deactivation

Frequently asked questions

1. In which order should I assemble my piece of furniture?

The packages in your order are numbered. Please assemble the furniture according to the numbering and start with the first package. Assemble from left to right.

2. Why are the compartments of my furniture not at the same height?

If the compartments are not at the same height, it is possible that the stringers have been twisted. Please check the gap dimensions as well as the arrangement of the compartments.

Any questions? Contact us.