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Custom made wide cabinets

Plan your custom wide cabinet online with our easy 3D planner - from home or on the go.


Up to a width
of 6 meters


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"Wide cabinets from Pickawood UK fit your needs exactly. Easily configure your custom cabinet using our online configurator or get inspired by our designs."


Tim Ehling

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Design your wide cabinet with drawers and doors according to your wishes.

3D configurator for wide cabinets

Determine external dimensions and material

Design your wide cabinet up to a width of 6 meters and a height of 2.75 meters and choose your dream material among numerous premium decors, real wood veneers and lacquered MDF.

Select interior

Design the interior of your personal wardrobe according to your wishes. For example, you can choose from clothes rails, belt and tie pull-outs and interior drawers.

Select fronts

Design your wide cabinet with drawers and doors according to your wishes.

Choose and adjust width cabinet

Wide cabinets made to measure from Pickawood UK

Having a wide wardrobe is a luxury for many people. If you have the space for it, you should definitely treat yourself to this comfort. Wide cabinets have a particularly large volume and thus create more order. Since our carpenters work to the millimeter, it is possible to avoid niches and blind corners and let the cabinet run the entire length of the wall. It does not matter what kind of furniture it is. Wide cabinets are especially common in the living room and bedroom. In this context, there is often talk about a so-called living wall. This is composed of various compartments, drawers, closed and open fronts. With the help of the configurator, the individual interior layout can be created with just a few mouse clicks. This creates a unique design that perfectly suits the user and the respective room.

Wide cabinets in many desired colors and designs

If you're looking for a wide cabinet, you'll find plenty of inspiration in the Kund:innengalerie. A wealth of models in a wide variety of heights, widths and depths awaits you here. The wide variety of designs is striking. Thanks to a huge selection of colors, the cabinet is guaranteed to fit into any ambience. Made-to-measure cabinets with painted surfaces are available in 200 different RAL colors. The customer is free to choose whether to have his or her model made in a dignified beige, a delicate pastel shade, in black, white, bright pink or any other shade. Even multicolored variants can be realized without any problems. There is also a great variety of designs. Pickawood UK carries materials with different decors. Currently, for example, cabinets coated with real wood veneer are very trendy.

The classic: wide cabinet made of wood

Real wood is the classic material for the production of high-quality custom cabinets. That is why Pickawood UK offers a wide range of wood types. These differ, in part, significantly on the basis of their structure, color and consistency. Inexpensive are solid wood cabinets made of pine. Those who love light wood, choose a model made of maple. Of course, we also carry particularly noble variants. These are made of precious woods - oak or walnut. One of the most frequently ordered materials is beech as a traditional furniture wood. Especially heartwood beech gives the wide cabinet with its vivid grain a very special look. In contrast, alder wood has a very uniform structure. An elegant and robust material is ash. Those who love extravagance and are fond of slightly darker, reddish nuances, configure a wide cabinet made of cherry.

Wide cabinets made of innovative materials

In addition to solid wood cabinets, Pickawood UK also offers the possibility of configuring furniture from other materials. For example, MDF is popular. This is a very stable, medium-density fiberboard. Painted with one of 200 colors, it creates a wide cabinet that perfectly matches the rest of the home decor. A modern alternative is also multiplex. This material is composed of several layers of wood glued together. For example, birch, beech, spruce or maple are used. Inexpensive and lightweight are wide cabinets made of chipboard. The chipboard used by Pickawood UK carpenters complies with DIN EN 16516, which is a quality tested for harmful substances.

This makes the wide wardrobe unique

Not only the dimensions, the color and the material are configurable, but also numerous other details. The arrangement of the compartments and drawers, for example, is up to the customer. He or she also chooses the type of front design and, if desired, provides his or her wide cabinet with doors, mirror elements or glass. Those who love an atmospheric ambience or see a practical benefit in it, equip the wide cabinet with interior lighting. The design and arrangement of handles are also at the discretion of the customer. Clever extras, for example, clothes lifts, increase comfort and enhance the functionality of the piece of furniture.

Does the customer have to configure his or her own wide wardrobe?

No, if desired, the customer can choose a ready-made product from our gallery. These are wide wardrobes, which, according to our experience, offer high functional value and serve different tastes.

Where is Pickawood UK's carpentry workshop located?

Pickawood UK has its custom furniture made in Germany and Poland using time-honored craftsmanship. Carpenters who want to work for Pickawood UK go through a rigorous selection process. Wood engineers check the quality and also convince themselves on site of the craftsmanship of the carpenters in the partner companies.

Where does Pickawood UK get the wood for the wide cabinet?

The wood used to manufacture the wide cabinets is sustainably produced and comes from European forestry. As a member of the Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für umweltbewusstes Management, or B.A.U.M. e.V. for short, Pickawood UK attaches great importance to the nature-friendly extraction of its raw materials.

How does the assembly of the wide cabinet work?

Skilled customers often assemble their made-to-measure cabinets themselves. Assembly instructions are available for this purpose. All others book our assembly service. Pickawood UK's employees will then position the piece of furniture in the designated place.

Are the wide cabinets also suitable for uneven floors?

In many old buildings the floor is not always level. For this purpose, Pickawood UK equips the cabinets with special height adjusters. This allows unevenness of about seven to ten centimeters to be bridged.

Is there a warranty on the wide wardrobe?

As with all Pickawood UK made-to-measure furniture, the wide wardrobe comes with a two-year warranty.

What are the payment options?

The customer pays by credit card, Paypal or prepayment. From a value of goods of 1,500.00 euros, payment by direct debit, installments or invoice is possible.

Does the consultation cost anything?

No. Both the planning and consulting services are free of charge at Pickawood UK. You can reach the service team on working days from Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Please contact us by phone or use the contact form or send an email. We look forward to receiving sketches, ideas and suggestions.

Any questions? Contact us.