Product details & special requests

Pickawood offers the possibility to create high-quality custom-made furniture that is unique to you. Here you can discover more about our special requests, as well as our range of product details and options, available in our online configurators, which allow you to design truly personalised products.  

Sloping roof solutions

Sloping roof solutions

In our wardrobe configurator, you can plan a furniture piece with an accurate sloping roof. A single-sided roof slope (left or right) is possible. Please note that a minimum distance of 30 mm must be maintained on each side of the product and to the ceiling to guarantee a precise installation. (Currently not available in the UK).



In our online configurator, you will find a large selection of surface-mounted and interior doors. You can choose between standard doors, hinged doors and mirrored doors. A surface-mounted door adds an approximate depth of 2 cm to your furniture piece, while an internal door reduces the depth of your piece of furniture by approx. 2 cm.

Skirting board cut-outs

Skirting board cut-outs

To ensure that your furniture piece can stand flat against the wall, you have the option of selecting a skirting board cut-out, in Step 8 of our online configurator. If you have a very high skirting board, you may have to raise the plinth height in order to align the high skirting board cut-out.



In Step 7 of the configurator, you have the option of fitting the doors, fronts and flaps of your furniture piece width 5 different handles of varying materials and colours. We also offer our push-to-open technology as standard.

Height adjusters

Height adjusters

Each cabinet is equipped with height adjusters making it easy to compensate for any unevenness in your floor surface up to a height of 2.5 cm. The plinth panel is fitted at the front so that the height adjusters are not visible from the outside.

Inside drawers

Inside drawers

You can store socks, underwear, belts or ties in the interior drawers. Please note that if you have planned a wardrobe with a door, the inside drawer will be offset by a depth of 85 mm from the front edge of the structure. If you design an open wardrobe or a wardrobe with a sliding-door wardrobe, the usable interior space of the compartment is reduced by a depth of approx. 91 mm. If you have designed your wardrobe with a single door, the usable interior space is reduced by a depth of approx. 176 mm. If you have configured your cabinet with two doors, the usable interior space is reduced by a depth of approx. 176 mm.



In Step 3 of the wardrobe configurator, you can plan a plinth for your wardrobe with a height between 7 and 14 cm.

Clothes rails

Clothes rails

In Step 6 of our configurator, you can select clothes rails as interior fittings for your wardrobe. Our clothes rails have a thickness of approx. 40 mm. The fixture will be positioned 50 mm from the shelf above and the width of the rail will be adapted to the width of the column.



You can choose from a variety of real wood veneers, coated MDF and premium decors when planning your custom-made furniture piece.

Back wall panels

Back wall panels

All wardrobes are manufactured with a back wall panel. If you plan your wardrobe in a premium décor, a 0.8 cm thick back wall panel will be fitted. This will reduce the overall depth of the wardrobe by 1.9 cm. With premium decors, your back wall panel will have the same colour as your wardrobe structure. If your wardrobe is made of varnished MDF or real wood veneer, we will produce your wardrobe with a 0.3 cm thick, white-coated back wall panel.

Strip with mounting holes

Strip with mounting holes

With a mounting hole strip, your shelving and compartment layout can remain flexible and can be changed at any time. The distance between each individual hole is 32 mm. When you select a row of holes, the compartment heights adjust to the new mounting arrangement. The size and position of doors, flaps and drawers correspond to this new feature.



In our online configurator, you can design your customised wardrobe with internal and overlaying drawers. As an opening mechanism, we offer our standard push-to-open technology, as well as various handles in different materials or colours. Please note that with selected interior drawers, the interior space of the compartment is reduced by approx. 7 cm in depth, approx. 5 cm in width and approx. 6 cm in height. With a surface-mounted drawer, the interior space is reduced by approx. 5 cm in depth, approx. 5 cm in width and approx. 6 cm in height. The maximum internal height of the drawer is 32.4 cm.


Product details for wardrobes and closets

Special requests and common projects

  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Corner constructions (corner shelves, corner cabinets, etc.)
  • Cable and siphon cut-outs
  • Piano and door conversions
  • LED lighting
  • Solid back wall panels
  • Matte or coloured glass doors
  • Different material combinations
  • Differentmaterial thicknesses
  • TV/multi-media recesses
  • Oversizes or special dimensions

Special request: door conversions

Door conversions are frequently requested by our loyal customers. This special feature not only provides a unique look for your furniture product but also enables previously unused storage space to be used more efficiently. Our specialist furniture consultants will be happy to work with you to help you plan your own personalised door conversion.


Special request: depth offset

With a depth offset, your larger furniture pieces needn't take up your entire room. It is an extremely popular option for living room shelving. In addition, a difference in depths for your furniture offers the eprfecr space for displaying decorations and personal keepsakes. 


Special request: colours and materials

Our specialist furniture consultants will be happy to help you choose the right materials and colours for your new custom-made furniture piece to ensure that your product catches the eye, whilst also combining perfectly with you existing decor.


Special request: corner constructions

We regularly implement corner constructions for our customers and our online configurators can be utilised to help you with your initial planning. With some minor adjustments and the assistance of our specialist furniture consultants, we can offer most of our prefabricated products as a corner solution.

Special request: realising your design sketch

You are welcome to send us a photograph or sketch of your personalised design project and our team of highly talented carpenters and interior designers will create non-binding quotation for you completely free of charge.


Special request: hallway seating

A chest of drawers is the ideal furniture for your entrance area or hallway. We can convert any sideboard or cabinet into a practical storage option that also offers you essential seating.

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