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Pickawood UK: hall closets made to measure

The hallway is the calling card of our home. When we receive guests, it is the first impression that our visitors get of our rooms - and the first impression counts and remains in the memory. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to the hallway. A made-to-measure hallway cupboard from Pickawood UK offers an ideal opportunity to let the reception area of our home speak for itself.
A tidy and friendly atmosphere when entering the flat or house is not only something we want for visitors, it is also an important aspect for ourselves when coming home. Order in the hallway, clarity and structure in the room as well as the feeling of having a beautiful home create a pleasant feeling after a long day at work, a strenuous appointment, an energy-sapping sporting activity or even a nice walk or a wonderful outing. No matter how we feel before opening the flat or house door, a particularly beautiful hallway gives us pleasure every time we open the door and gaze into the room.
The central element of the hallway is the hall cupboard. It can be an eye-catcher with a striking presence or it can blend discreetly into the room. Depending on your wishes, the wardrobe can be a conspicuous eye-catcher ready to hold jackets, coats, shoes and many other things, or it can be unobtrusively at your service to keep the hallway tidy.
Pickawood UK offers you a wide range of individual wardrobes for the hallway. You decide whether you want to design your own cupboard or order a pre-designed hallway cupboard. Let us inspire you to find the perfect solution for your home.
To make it easy to keep your hallway tidy, start by thinking about what you want to store in your hallway cupboard and how much space the hallway offers for a cupboard. The clearer you are about whether the wardrobe should be open or closed, whether you prefer to store gloves, hats and other smaller items in drawers or on shelves, how much space you need to hang jackets and coats or where bags, bicycle helmets and shoes can be quickly and easily tidied away, the easier it will be for you to plan the wardrobe optimally.
The online configurator allows you to design your hall cupboard conveniently and easily from home. You are guided through all the steps necessary for a perfect result and choose all the components so that your new hall cupboard adapts to your wishes, needs and spatial conditions. You can find more information about the process and the choices in the questions and answers below.

What choices do I have when planning my hallway wardrobe?

Pickawood UK offers you a wide range of options to adapt the design of the wardrobe to the usable space and structural conditions in your hallway and, moreover, to your style. Whether you want to use niches through wall projections to your advantage, sloping roofs have to be taken into account or a standard size is out of the question for other reasons, you don't have to resort to a second-best solution or even do without a hallway cupboard altogether because of this. Choose the following for your wardrobe: the shape (height, width, depth, any slopes), the material (MDF lacquered in many colours, premium decors, real wood veneer), the plinth height, the number and width of the vertical partitions in the wardrobe (columns), the number of horizontal partitions or shelves in the wardrobe (per individual column). The number and width of the vertical partitions in the wardrobe (columns), the number of horizontal partitions or shelves in the wardrobe (individually selectable per column), the interior fittings (clothes rail, clothes lift, interior drawers, vertical compartment division, lighting, belt and tie pull-out, trouser hanger), doors and drawers (selectable for the entire wardrobe or per compartment) as well as handles, additional options such as skirting board recess, rows of holes for variably adjustable shelves, cover strips for custom made built-in wardrobes.

How does the hall cupboard configurator work?

To start the configurator, click on the button provided. From now on, the configurator will guide you step by step through the planning process. You can try out different designs - immediately after entering an option, the configurator shows you an image of the wardrobe with all the features selected up to that point. You have the option of taking a 180° view of the hall cupboard at any time. Likewise, you can save your planning draft and continue designing the new piece of custom made furniture at a later time.

I am unsure about taking measurements, what should I do?

On our website you will find tips and tricks on how to measure correctly. In addition to general information, there is also specific advice on taking measurements for wardrobes. If you wish, you can make use of the "3D measurement" service for which a charge is made. Your room will be measured with millimetre precision using the latest laser technology. Any unevenness in the floor, sloping walls and elements such as sockets or light switches are taken into account when taking measurements.

Does Pickawood UK also offer advice or can I speak to someone personally?

Yes! Experienced advisors are available to help you plan your floorboard wardrobe. You can send us an e-mail, contact us by phone, book an appointment for a video consultation or visit us in person in our showroom in Hamburg. As a basis for the consultation, you have the option of sending us a drawing or sketch of your planned wardrobe.

How long does it take for my hall cupboard to be delivered?

All furniture is made individually and to order for you. When planning your hall cupboard in the furniture configurator, you will receive information about the approximate delivery time. As soon as we have received your binding order, you will receive an order confirmation and information on when the delivery of your wardrobe is expected to take place after the order has been checked. You can check the status of your order online at any time.

How does the assembly of my hall cupboard work?

You can choose whether you want to assemble your new wardrobe yourself or whether you would prefer to have it assembled by professionals for a fee. If you would like to assemble the wardrobe yourself, step-by-step instructions are available. As additional assistance, we offer concrete tips for assembly on our website and answers to frequently asked questions. You will also find information and videos on adjusting and setting door hinges and drawer runners.

Any questions? Contact us.