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Custom made wall chests

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"When you order a wall-mounted chest of drawers from us, an invisible bracket with a load-bearing capacity of up to 60 kg per panel is embedded in each vertical panel."


Tim Ehling

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Online configurator for wall chests

Determine external dimensions and material

Design your wall chest of drawers up to a depth of 60 centimetres and a width of 6 metres and choose your dream material from 6 materials and 11 types of solid wood.

Design wall chest of drawers

Adjust the layout and number of compartments and columns and equip your wall chest with different doors and drawers. In the 8th step of the configurator, select the additional option 'Wall bracket'.

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Pickawood UK: Custom made wall chests

Why wall chests of drawers are indispensable

Wall chests of drawers keep things tidy and are visual eye-catchers in any room. They are convincingly minimalist in an urban environment and contribute to cosiness when they are made in Scandinavian style. Of course, the functions of wall-mounted chests of drawers also play a significant role: drawers, doors and shelves offer many possibilities to store everything from folders to CDs to scarves or crockery and to have it quickly at hand when needed. At Pickawood UK, you can order your personal piece of furniture of choice now. It's easy in four steps, simply using our online configurator and with the help of experienced advisors. Let us inspire you!

Individual wall chests: tailored to your needs

Personal preferences for design determine which style you choose for your chest of drawers. The first thing to consider is what colour and material a chest of drawers should be made of for the living room, dining room or bedroom. But wall-mounted chests of drawers also have their place in more inconspicuous places, such as the bathroom or cellar. They can provide sufficient storage space under the stairs or skilfully complement a work area. These preliminary considerations are important in determining the material. Custom-made furniture from our online joinery has the advantage that it can be fitted in anywhere, both visually and in terms of height and width. That's why the next steps on the way to a custom-made chest of drawers are the measurements and the desired material.

Determining compartments and doors

Depending on what you want to use the individual chest of drawers for, it is important to determine the number of compartments. Records and art books or files need a different height than CDs, tablecloths or scarves. Should your chest of drawers stand on feet or a plinth? Feet look more airy, a pedestal creates grounding and a possible connection to other furniture in your room. The arrangement of the compartments is therefore strongly linked to the question of where and for what your new chest of drawers will be used.
Now it's time to think about doors and drawers. Drawers can be useful to ensure even better order and easy access. Doors create clarity from a design point of view and are also visual accents. This is especially true if your individual hanging chest of drawers is made in two or more colours.

Selecting handles and little extras

Finally, use the Pickawood UK configurator to select handles. These should complement the design of your dream chest of drawers and be easy for you to use. Finally, you are free to add any personal extra wishes.
If you are unsure about the material or custom made, we will be happy to advise you. We offer you MDF in various finishes and different colours. You can also request wood samples. Wood has different colours due to oil or varnish as well as due to its pattern. You can also borrow a colour fan: With a RAL colour fan, you have the whole variety of beautiful colour variations at your fingertips and can see how colours fit into your home.

How quickly can my chest of drawers be made?

You should allow six to nine weeks for a made-to-measure chest of drawers. After you have placed your order, we will check your entries again. Then your chest of drawers will be made in one of our partner companies. Before delivery, we carry out a quality check to ensure that everything fits.

Where is my chest of drawers made and is it sustainable?

We have our chests of drawers made in Poland and Germany. We designate companies that meet our strict requirements for high quality manufacturing as partner companies. Yes, our wooden products are sustainable. We use European wood and our oils are free of chemicals.

What colour choice do I have?

For custom made hanging sideboards made of MDF, there is a choice of various white, grey and natural shades as coating or lacquer. Black, anthracite and burgundy are also available for the premium decors.
In the wood segment, the natural tone and look depend on the grain and type of wood. Here we offer alder, pine, beech, beech heartwood, birch, ash, oak, walnut and maple. Depending on the oil or lacquer tone, your wood will look different. You also have the option of choosing a real wood veneer or selecting colours from the RAL colour chart.

How do I determine the custom made dimensions and other components of my wall chest of drawers?

Pickawood UK guides you step by step to the finished shape of your dream chest of drawers with the help of our easy-to-understand configurator.

Can I get advice and what does it cost?

Of course we will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have. This service is free of charge for our customers. Please contact us by telephone, using our form or by e-mail!

Can I order colour samples and for what price?

Yes, we will be happy to send you wood samples. Four wood samples are free of charge, for the others we charge 3,00 Euro each. We also lend out our RAL colour fan for 15.00 euros so that you can get an exact picture and consider the colours of doors, compartments and shelves at your leisure.

What materials are available for my custom made chest of drawers?

We make our custom made wall cabinets from various woods. These can be light like alder in oiled white or dark like walnut with clear varnish.
You can also order a wall chest of drawers from Pickawood UK made of MDF. This is coated, lacquered or processed as premium decor.

Which feet or plinths can I have my chest of drawers placed on?

Pickawood UK offers you feet made of chrome and stainless steel in three different designs from two to ten centimetres. Wooden feet are available in two versions from two to four centimetres.
You also have the option of having your chest of drawers placed on a plinth. There are numerous variants to choose from here. However, the chest of drawers can also stand directly on the floor without a base: Your preferences and spatial conditions will decide.

Will my chest of drawers be delivered and what does it cost?

Within Germany, we will deliver the chest of drawers of your choice free of charge.

Any questions? Contact us.