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A sideboard is a popular piece of furniture in the living room as well as in the bedroom and hallway. It offers sufficient storage space, but does not take up as much room as a large display cabinet or wardrobe. A special form of the normal sideboard is the hanging sideboard: its advantage is that it is attached to the wall and does not stand firmly on the floor. This makes your living space appear much tidier. Another practical advantage: cleaning your home is much easier with a hanging sideboard. We at Pickawood offer you numerous such hanging sideboards in a huge selection. The special feature: You can not only take our diverse products as inspiration, but also configure your own sideboard entirely according to your individual wishes. Convince yourself of our customised work and get exactly the piece of furniture that fits perfectly into your four walls.

But what can you look forward to when you order a custom-made hanging sideboard from Pickawood? We only use high-quality wood from sustainable forestry, which you will be able to enjoy for decades. You are not yet sure which of the hanging sideboards is right for you? The Pickawood staff will be happy to advise you without obligation. We can offer you the following hanging versions for your living room or bedroom: Hanging sideboard, hanging showcase, lowboard with wall bracket, hanging chest of drawers, telephone cabinet with wall bracket.

It doesn't matter whether you prefer the trendy country house style or the rather cool Nordic style. At Pickawood, you can design your hanging sideboard the way you like it. Do you have limited space in your room due to a sloping roof or do you need a particularly large sideboard made to measure for your book collection? No problem, because Pickawood makes almost everything possible. In the first step of the configuration, first select the number and size of the individual compartments of your sideboard. You have the option of viewing your piece of furniture in 180-degree view at any time. In the next step, you can select the number of doors or drawers. You have the option of selecting doors over two or even more compartments. Also remember to specify possible cable ducts and cut-outs. We will gladly fulfil your wish for a strip with mounting holes. Thanks to this, you do not have to decide immediately on a fixed position for your shelving unit, but can change it as you wish afterwards.

How does the configuration of a hanging sideboard work?
The configuration of a hanging sideboard at Pickawood is very simple and can be done online in just four steps. First you determine the external dimensions, then select the number and dimensions of the compartments before choosing the fronts. Here, too, you have various configuration options at your disposal. Among other things, you can design the handles, doors and drawers according to your own requirements. In the last step, we offer you various additional options that you are welcome to make use of. A little tip: let yourself be inspired by the pictures of satisfied customers!

What materials are used for the hanging sideboards?
Pickawood only uses wood from sustainable forestry. In addition, quality oils are used for most pieces of furniture. These are free of solvents, colourless and protect the wood at the same time. The wood's own structure is further enhanced by the oils. At the same time, the oils protect our hanging sideboards from stains.

What payment options are available?
All common payment options are offered at Pickawood. You can choose to pay for your order by credit card, PayPal or Amazon Pay. If you decide to pay in advance, you will even receive a discount.

How long is the delivery time?
How long you have to wait for your product depends on various factors. Among other things, the type of product, but also your destination country determine the duration of the delivery. The more special requests you have, the longer the delivery time. How long you have to wait for your product is already displayed in the configurator. All products are delivered free of shipping costs within Great Britain. The 2-person team from Pickawood will deliver your furniture to the desired installation location.

How long is the Pickawood guarantee?
Pickawood grants you a two-year guarantee on all furniture purchased in the online shop.

What other products can I order from Pickawood?
In addition to the hanging sideboards, Pickawood offers numerous other configurable furniture. These include wardrobes, shelving units and room dividers of all kinds as well as tables in every conceivable variation.

What types of wood are used?
At Pickawood, you determine the price of your sideboard yourself: You want it to be exclusive and are prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket? Then the solid wood models are the right choice. If you want a somewhat cheaper sideboard, simply choose multiplex or chipboard as the material type. Compared to real wood, this material has the advantage of being much lighter. Furthermore, choose the optimal colour for your hanging sideboard from more than 200 RAL colours.

Which special requests are fulfilled?
You are not really satisfied with the sideboard configurator? At Pickawood, you can register various special requests to make your sideboard unique. Popular special requests are, for example, a depth offset, a solid wood back panel, a TV cut-out, individual lighting or doors with the popular soft-close function.