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Customised 20 cm deep sideboards

Design your own custom 20 cm deep sideboard in our simple online configurator or gather inspiration from our pre-made designs.


Design with centimeter


Materials from
sustainable forestry

"Conveniently design your individual 20 cm deep sideboard with our simple 3D configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


Tim Ehling

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These 20 cm deep sideboards are very popular with our customers.

Your custom made 20 cm deep sideboard

Online planner for 20 cm deep sideboards

Select dimensions

You can freely choose the height and width of your 20 cm deep custom sideboard.

Customize feet

Provide your individual sideboard with a depth of 20 cm with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Design 20 cm deep sideboard

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns of your 20 cm deep sideboard and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

20 cm deep sideboard choose and customize

20 cm deep sideboards from Pickawood

20 cm deep sideboards from Pickawood set modern living trends. We use them as storage space, at the same time they are variable. Many of our customers now prefer them to the classic wall unit. At Pickawood you can find half-height cabinets in various designs, each of which has its own advantages.

How does Pickawood make 20 cm deep sideboards?

Pickawood manufactures each sideboard to the centimeter and thus highly individual, as you need it for your interior. The production takes place in Pickawood-certified joineries that use only sustainably produced wood. In this way, your 20 cm deep sideboard, which can also be a TV sideboard or a hanging sideboard, becomes an absolutely unique piece. You can now choose from our design proposals or configure your custom sideboard 20 cm yourself. Use our online configurator, which is very easy to use!

How do you go about configuring your sideboard 20 cm deep?

First you enter your dimensions, then you select the desired material. Now decide on the division of compartments and columns, as well as the type of feet and base. Then decide on a particular front, to which you add doors, handles and drawers. Of course, you can also choose some extras: Our online configurator allows for plenty of additional options. Done! Now you can order your 20 cm deep sideboard from Pickawood.

What are the possible dimensions of Pickawood 20 cm deep sideboards?

You determine the dimensions individually in each case, which is necessary. After all, in every living space arise very unique requirements. But if you look at our preconfigured sideboards with a depth of 20 cm, you can see some examples (each W x H):

  • stylish sideboard 119 x 48 cm
  • solid wood sideboard 125 x 60 cm
  • sideboard 80 x 75 cm
  • MDF decor sideboard 122 x 98 cm
  • Highboard 70 x 111 cm
  • Chest of drawers 126 x 78 cm

Choose furniture feet within our diverse selection for your sideboard 20 cm deep. They can be stainless steel, moreover chrome-plated and also solid wood. But also the simple base is possible, which is well suited for some interior design ideas. You can choose the wooden feet made of solid wood in two designs, which look especially good with a body made of oak or beech. The height of the feet could be, for example, 2.0 or 4.0 cm. Stainless steel feet are available in 2.0 and 10.0 cm. Handles 350 x 350 mm they choose from eight different variants, but you can also do without them: The sideboard made to measure then opens with light pressure. Of course, our experienced interior consultants will also help you. In addition, you can send us a sketch.

What exactly is a sideboard?

A sideboard is a half-height cabinet with drawers and doors, which evolved from the historical buffet. The name designation with the English words "side" and "board" means that it is a piece of furniture built of boards with side surfaces. The surface of the light sideboard can be used as a sideboard.

What are sideboards primarily used for?

They belong to the furniture of the living room or combined living and dining room. Since they can be designed inside according to needs with the help of shelves, they usually accommodate the things that we keep in the living room: the good dishes, tablecloths, glasses, fine cutlery for holidays, and on the shelves pictures, vases and accessories.

When did sideboards enter our living rooms?

From the 1950s, buffets, sideboards and chests of drawers evolved into the more modern sideboards, which finally became an integral part of every home from the 1970s onwards. Their forms changed from the initially rather staid appearance to bold and progressive designs. There was also a certain lull in sideboards once in the early 2000s, they were suddenly considered less chic. Then, a few years ago, they were revisited: Today they are experiencing an unexpected renaissance.

What are the interior design advantages of a sideboard?

Its multiple uses are the greatest advantage of any sideboard. In detail, the advantages can be described thus:

It serves as a storage space and shelf in equal measure. However, in the depth of 20 cm, Pickawood sideboards do not visually reduce the size of the room.
There is hardly a nicer place in the living room for pictures, vases and accessories.
On festive occasions, the sideboard can also be a sideboard, buffet or gift table.
Some homeowners place their home bar in the sideboard.
It is also suitable for a narrow hallway in an elongated form.
In a very modern furnished apartment, the sideboard is a typical style element in front of the otherwise sparsely equipped wall.
Sideboards can be made into TV cabinets.

What are the designs of sideboards?

Pickawood offers them in a wide variety of designs, colors and materials. The doors can be sliding or hinged and made of glass, wood or metal. The surfaces can shine in high gloss or be matt designed. Different colors provide individuality and variety. In addition, various lighting options can be accommodated within a sideboard. Light spots and light strips with LED bulbs are currently favored.

How to make a sideboard an eye-catcher?

It should match the couch set and any other living room cabinet. At the same time, it may well set a stylistic counterpoint, because in contrast to earlier furnishing ideas, which relied on the completely uniform living room, today we create highlights with individual pieces. Such a highlight can also be the individual chest of drawers 20 cm deep from Pickawood: it becomes a modern eye-catcher in the room. If this should be furnished rustic overall, choose the sideboard from Pickawood made of spruce, beech, beech heartwood, oak or maple. Depending on the surface design, the sideboard looks fine to noble and attracts all eyes.

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