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Customised 20 cm deep chests of drawers

Design your custom 20 cm deep dresser online with our easy 3D configurator - from home or on the go.


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"Conveniently design your individual 20 cm deep dresser with our simple 3D configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


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Chests of drawers designed for you, 20 cm deep

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20 cm deep chests of drawers from our gallery

Customize your 20 cm deep chest of drawers

In 3 steps to your 20 cm deep chest of drawers

Select dimensions

You can freely choose the height and width of your 20 cm deep custom chest of drawers.

Customize feet

Provide your individual chest of drawers with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

20 cm deep dresser design

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns of your 20 cm deep chest of drawers and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

Discover our chests of drawers 20 cm deep

Pickawood: Chests of drawers 20 cm deep made to measure

They are practical storage, which can be used for a variety of utensils. Chests of drawers are ideal for storing clothes and linen, books and stationery, crockery and glasses, and toys. The flat cabinets with doors or drawers were already used centuries ago in castles and manor houses and are currently back in full swing. In contrast to earlier decades, chests of drawers are now available in many different variations. In addition to straight and simply shaped models, opulently designed specimens or those made of solid wood are currently enjoying increasing popularity. Pickawood is of course in no way inferior to this and has a huge product range of chests of drawers ready for interested parties. These are available in several depths.

Especially for smaller rooms and apartments is a chest of drawers with a depth of just 20 cm. Thanks to the small depth of the cabinet, the models ensure that there is enough space for walking. Nevertheless, the interior design of Pickawood 20 cm deep sideboards is decidedly generous. On the shelves and in the compartments can be placed or put a variety of equipment and utensils. At the same time, the drawers are designed so that they can be opened to the stop. In addition to the spacious equipment in the interior of the chests of drawers, they wait with high-quality hinges and handles on drawers and doors. Thanks to the slightly noise-dampening effect, doors and drawers open and close wonderfully quietly. Of course, the chests of drawers can be used for the most diverse styles of living. Due to the already briefly outlined simple or opulent shapes, the storage units are suitable for all modern interior styles such as the modern living style or the industrial style, as well as likewise for classic living styles such as the Mediterranean or the nature-oriented interior style. In order for the flat cabinets to perfectly fit into the already furnished room, they should be equipped with a few accessories such as a noble bowl, a candlestick or a decorative green plant. For the care of the high-quality chests of drawers from Pickawood, all that is needed is a soft cloth and a little water. The damp areas should then be gently rubbed dry with another cloth.

In what colors are Pickawood chests of drawers with depth of 20 cm available?

Depending on your taste and preferences, the chests of drawers with a depth of 20 cm can be ordered in all trendy colors or color combinations. Those who prefer light colors, perhaps choose a white, cream or light yellow. For lovers of darker shades, colors such as anthracite or black are a good choice. On the other hand, those who focus on closeness to nature will certainly choose a great shade of wood. Feet and handles of the custom chests of drawers can of course be ordered in a different color.

Can the chests of drawers be designed according to your own wishes?

Thanks to the online configurator on the site of Pickawood, it is possible, among other things, to choose the width and height, as well as the depth itself. Also selectable are the colors of the fronts and the door handles and feet of the model. Thus, the new chests of drawers can be designed and assembled entirely according to your own taste.

What are the dimensions of Pickawood models?

What width and height, as well as depth of the new chest of drawers from Pickawood should have, decide the customers themselves. Of course, the dimensions are primarily determined by the existing spatial conditions. That is exactly why the models in the depth of 20 cm are wonderfully suitable for providing narrow rooms or hallways with practical storage.

In what price range are the chests of drawers from Pickawood available?

Pickawood relies on its chests of drawers in the depth of 20 cm as well as all other products on a first-class quality. This is reflected, among other things, in the fact that with proper care, the products look like new for many years. It is no wonder that the prices for Pickawood furniture and furnishings are not in the single digits, but instead in the middle segment. Nevertheless, Pickawood can justifiably say that the chests of drawers and other products of the supplier know how to convince with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Do the chests of drawers fit in all rooms of the apartment or house?

It does not matter where in the apartment or house the new chest of drawers from Pickawood is placed. The furniture will fit in the living room, bedroom, children's room or study, hallway or corridor, as well as in the bathroom and kitchen.

What about the assembly of the new chest of drawers?

So that the assembly of the new piece of furniture goes quickly from the hand, a detailed assembly instruction is enclosed to the packaging with the delivery. These are designed so that even inexperienced customers can assemble the chest of drawers. Pickawood recommends assembling the chest of drawers together with another person. For example, while one person holds the side panels, the other can fasten bolts and nuts to the individual elements.

To which interior styles do Pickawood chests of drawers with the depth of 20 cm fit?

Chests of drawers with a depth of 20 cm can be combined with all styles of living. Of course, the simple variants fit first and foremost to all contemporary styles such as the Nordic or the modern style of living, industrial style or shabby chic. As a soloist, Pickawood chests of drawers also look perfect with fancy interior styles such as baroque style, retro or boho style.

How to clean Pickawood chests of drawers and is there anything in particular that needs to be taken care of?

Thanks to the high-quality finish of the fronts and surfaces, Pickawood chests of drawers can be easily cleaned and maintained with a soft cloth and fresh water. If you like, you can then carefully wipe the surfaces dry with another cloth. Immediately, the noble cabinet fronts shine again in a fine gloss.

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