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High lowboards made to measure

Design your custom tall lowboard in our easy configurator or get inspired by our pre-made designs.


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"Conveniently design your custom tall lowboard with our online configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


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High lowboards made to measure by Pickawood

At Pickawood, you can get customised high lowboards. They fall into the category of sideboards, but are distinguished by their special custom made dimensions and intended use, for example as a piece of furniture for the TV including accessories.

Customised high lowboards from Pickwood: great variety

Since we at Pickawood manufacture the high lowboards according to your wishes, you can choose the dimensions yourself. However, you can also use the ready-made lowboards as a guide, for which we list a few examples here, each with W x H x D:

  • plain lowboard 230 x 48 x 48 cm
  • very high lowboard 272 x 48 x 40 cm
  • green lowboard 158 x 50 x 36 cm
  • colourful lowboard 180 x 45 x 35 cm
  • modern lowboard 190 x 48 x 32 cm
  • high lowboard 200 x 49 x 32 cm
  • very high lowboard 230 x 48 x 48 cm
  • wide lowboard 48 x 272 x 40 cm

You really can plan your individual lowboards at any height at Pickawood. It only takes a few minutes: Then you have your dream lowboard and create order with it! It should adapt to your wishes - not the other way round. With Pickawood's made-to-measure work, you save valuable space.

Lifelong pleasure with the high lowboard from Pickawood

You can rely on the material and workmanship quality at Pickawood. Our experienced carpenters use only the highest quality woods for high lowboards, which come entirely from sustainable forestry. After your configuration, you will be perfectly happy with your individual piece of furniture, for which we will advise you free of charge. There are no limits to the design, Pickawood fulfils every wish. Would you like us to assemble your high lowboard? No problem: book our assembly service! If you still need some inspiration, take a look at the high lowboards already designed by Pickawood in our picture gallery. These have found buyers who are very happy with them. You can choose between Pickawood's suggestions or configure your own high lowboard. A lowboard should last a very long time, in the best case a lifetime. Thanks to the first-class woods, we can promise you this with our high lowboards. In this way, we follow the tradition of traditional chests of drawers and sideboards, which have always been built to last. The modern lowboard is also in this line, with a design that follows today's taste in furnishing. The lowboard is characterised by very specific functionalities from which its proportions and custom made are derived. In addition to its use, its special construction and placement are also criteria for how it should be designed. After all, it should fit seamlessly into your furniture landscape. Choose and configure high lowboards at Pickawood according to your living needs and space capacities!

What do we mean by high lowboards from Pickawood?

Lowboards are lower sideboards, but they are now also required as high lowboards. In some cases, they are intended to fill a certain room height in order to make the best use of the space. As lowboards, however, they typically remain flatter than the custom made sideboards.

What is the main purpose of high lowboards?

The classic use is as a TV wall. In the past, we simply put the TV on a small table in front of the wall, but now it includes the receiver, usually a DVD player, often a games console and several remote controls. Then there is the switching device for the individual units (from receiver to DVD player or console) and of course the media, for example the growing DVD collection. All these things are best stored at handle height in a high lowboard. In the compartments under the TV, the technical devices find their permanent place.

How did the Pickawood high lowboards come about?

We noticed that there is a great demand for this furniture, but that our customers want to configure it themselves, because every living room has its own custom made dimensions. Sideboards and chests of drawers have had their place in the furnishing style for a long time. They eventually evolved into modern sideboards and lowboards. The chest of drawers was discovered and developed in the early 18th century for interior design, where they spiced up aristocratic and bourgeois salons. It has always been a place of storage, fitted with drawers, but even then it also had open spaces, which sideboards and lowboards dominate today.

What is the difference between a sideboard and a lowboard?

The sideboard, which evolved from the classic sideboard (also: buffet cabinet or credenza), is actually a chest of drawers without a top and is wider rather than taller. That's where it got its name. We call these pieces of furniture sideboards if they are at least 120 cm wide. They do not become very high. The sideboard is contrasted with the highboard and the lowboard. In keeping with their name, highboards are very high, while lowboards are actually very low and, above all, flat. We do not want to exaggerate the categorisation and therefore also offer you high lowboards, which in turn fulfil exactly the described purposes with their width and depth.

Does a lowboard have a special structure?

Yes, this is possible: If you want to use the high lowboard from Pickawood as a TV wall, as we have already described, we recommend a concept without a rear wall: This serves the cable management of the many devices. You will find that in this way, with a tiny shift of the lowboard away from the wall, you can easily manage all the cabling at the backs of the appliances. This is becoming increasingly important because new devices are often added - among other things because junior wants a new Playstation for Christmas.

How can the high lowboard be designed visually?

There are no limits here: just look at the examples at Pickawood! You can design your high lowboard as colourful or classic as you wish with our simple online configurator.

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