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Narrow shelves made to measure

Design your custom narrow shelf from the comfort of your home in our easy online configurator or get inspired by our pre-made designs.


Configure narrow shelf with
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Solid wood from sustainable

"Design your custom narrow shelf online using our online configurator. If you need help with your planning, our interior design consultants will be happy to assist you."


Tim Ehling

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Configure your customized narrow shelf

3D configurator for narrow shelves

Determine dimensions

You can design your custom narrow shelf up to a height of 3 meters and a depth of 60 centimeters.

Choose material

Choose your desired material for the narrow shelf from 11 types of solid wood and 6 materials.

Design fronts

Provide your narrow shelf with various fronts according to your wishes.

Discover popular narrow shelves

Pickawood: narrow shelves made to measure

Especially in very small rooms, you want to make the most of every niche. With us, you can create a customised shelf to suit your individual needs. Of course, this can also be a very narrow shelf. We offer shelves from a width of 30 cm. You get maximum storage space even in the smallest of spaces. And you have the option of using the entire height of your room. Take a look at the pictures of our customers and our design examples on our website and let yourself be inspired. We also have a large selection of pre-constructed narrow shelves on our site. Here you can choose any product and modify it according to your wishes in the online configurator. To do this, simply click on the product and select "Configure individually". Now you have the option of specifying the dimensions of the shelf. To do this, you should measure exactly where the narrow shelf is to be placed later. If you are unsure about measuring, we offer an additional measurement service that can be booked. With the help of the latest laser measuring technology, an external service provider will take care of the measuring for you. Now click through the further steps of the configurator, where you can select the desired material, the number and height of the compartments, doors and drawers as well as other options. Especially for very narrow and high shelves, we recommend selecting a back panel for the shelf in the last step to ensure optimum stability. In addition to the configurator, we are also happy to advise you personally. Simply contact our expert advisors free of charge. You can reach them by phone, chat or video. We will be happy to carry out the configuration for you, implement your individual special requests or answer any questions you may have.
We place great emphasis on service. This includes free professional advice. In addition, we give you a two-year guarantee on every piece of furniture. Delivery within Germany is free of charge. We will be happy to send you free wood samples in advance to help you choose the right material. For assembly, we enclose simple step-by-step instructions with each piece of furniture. If you do not wish to carry out the assembly yourself, we offer you our assembly service. This can be booked additionally. Our unique pieces of furniture are made by experienced carpenters. The wood comes from European forests that are sustainably managed.

My desired shelf will be very narrow and high. Won't it tip over?

We include the matching wall fixing with every delivery. These are brackets that are attached to the shelf and to the wall. The size of the required brackets is always automatically adapted to your individual piece of furniture. You will find the wall bracket in your delivery and do not have to order it separately. In addition, it is advisable to choose a plinth and a back panel for extra stability.

My space is very limited. What is the width of the narrowest shelf I can choose?

Of course, you can also have very narrow shelves made to measure. The narrowest shelves start at a width of 30 cm. If you have any special requests, please contact our specialist advisors free of charge.

Can I also configure drawers in a very narrow shelf?

Drawers can also be integrated into very narrow shelves. Drawers are possible for all shelves that have the following dimensions: Width: 26 - 75 cm, Height 15 - 45 cm, Depth 32 - 60 cm.

Can the heights of the individual compartments be changed later or are the shelves firmly glued?

Normally, the individual shelves are glued together. However, if you select the option "rows of holes" in the last step of the online configuration, they can be changed. Holes are drilled at a distance of 32 mm. Within these rows of holes, you can adjust the individual shelves individually at any time and flexibly adapt them to your needs.

Can I integrate a mirror in the shelf?

That is no problem. Select a mirror door in the online configurator under the "Doors and drawers" tab. You can assign these to individual or several compartments. To do this, first click on the desired compartment and then on the desired mirrored door.

Is it possible to place the narrow shelf flush with the wall despite the skirting board?

We will be happy to provide your shelf with a skirting board recess. If you would like this, select the item "Baseboard recess" in the last step of the configurator "Additional options". Enter the dimensions of your skirting board. The recess is then precisely adapted to your skirting board and the shelf can be placed flush against the wall.

I have drawn a narrow shelf according to my wishes. Is it possible to have it made according to this drawing?

We would be happy to manufacture a personal shelf individually according to your drawing. Simply use our design template. Please also state all special requests and dimensions as precisely as possible. You can either send us this template by e-mail or upload it to our homepage. Our technical advisors will then create an online configuration based on your drawing and send it to you.

Can a door also go over several compartments?

Doors can be configured for single or multiple compartments. To do this, go to the "Add doors and drawers" tab in the online configurator. Click on the compartment where you want the door to start. Hold down the mouse and drag it to the compartment where you want the door to end. Then click on your desired door type on the right. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our expert advisors free of charge.

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