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High-quality and stylish interior design creates a beautiful ambience in which both you and your guests feel comfortable and in good hands. That's why it's especially important to furnish your living space with matching furniture that exactly fulfils your own needs and wishes. This also applies to TV furniture, which can be found in most living rooms and also in many bedrooms. Prefabricated off-the-shelf furniture, however, has the disadvantage of being as generic as possible in order to somehow fit into many different rooms. However, if you want your TV furniture to fit not just somehow, but very well into your premises, then Pickawood is the right address for you: At Pickawood, you have the great opportunity to order TV furniture made to measure and in this way receive unique furniture that fits both your premises and your wishes perfectly.

At Pickawood, every piece of furniture is made individually. This means that you will always receive a unique piece that is exactly the way you wanted your furniture to be. Our TV furniture is not only adapted to your ideas in terms of its dimensions, but also in terms of its materials and appearance. You can choose from numerous different types of wood and, if you wish, have them lacquered in your favourite colour. Our solid wood always comes exclusively from sustainable forestry and impresses with both its excellent workmanship and its durability. When manufacturing our TV furniture, we assume that you would like to have these beautiful pieces in your living rooms for many years - and we also pay attention to the correspondingly excellent workmanship and appearance.

With our practical configurator, you can create your perfect sideboard or your ideal TV cabinet and thus show us what you have in mind. However, you can also submit a drawing with dimensions so that we can create the configuration for you. We will implement your wishes to the millimetre so that your new piece of furniture actually fits exactly where you want it. The interior layout as well as the type and nature of the fronts of your custom-made furniture is entirely up to you: Whether drawers or doors, different compartments or special handles - almost anything you can imagine can be realised at Pickawood. Neither sloping ceilings nor corners, special rows of holes, cable openings or TV recesses are a challenge for us. We are also happy to implement special requests and build practical interior lighting into the furniture, produce individual skirting boards or build in a TV lift.

You want custom-made buffets, but don't know exactly what they should look like and what is possible? That's no problem either: you will find numerous different design suggestions in our shop from which you can draw inspiration. In this way, you will quickly find out what you like best and what additional individual adjustments you would like us to make. Don't hesitate to let us know your personal wishes and let us make the custom-made TV furniture that best suits your ideas.

Is custom-made TV furniture of a higher quality than prefabricated furniture?
Pickawood's custom-made TV furniture is of a higher quality than most off-the-shelf TV furniture. We only use high-quality materials to make our furniture. We also work exclusively with carefully selected carpenters, so that the TV furniture we produce always meets our high-quality standards. Due to the consistently high quality, our TV furniture is on average significantly more durable than prefabricated furniture and therefore represents a real investment in your home.

What customisations are possible?
You can design your TV furniture at Pickawood exactly the way you want it. Not only do you have the option of specifying the external dimensions of the TV furniture yourself, but you can also determine which column and compartment layout the furniture should have. You can also select feet or plinths and add doors, drawers and handles according to your wishes. In addition, you specify the wood and colour in which you would like us to make your customised TV furniture. Furthermore, we are happy to implement special requests such as a TV lift, interior lighting or cable cut-outs. As a result, you will receive a thoroughly individualised piece of furniture that suits you exactly.

Is TV furniture for room corners also possible?
With us, you really can determine all the dimensions yourself, so that even corner TV furniture is no problem for us. Simply specify all the dimensions you want for your TV furniture and we will make sure that it fits into the corner of your room to the millimetre.

In which colours can custom-made TV furniture be ordered?
At your instruction, we will paint your TV furniture in any colour you could wish for. The wooden surfaces can be lacquered in more than 200 standardised RAL colours.

What kind of wood can the furniture be made of?
At Pickawood, the name says it all, which is why you have the choice between numerous different types of wood. Whether alder, pine, beech, beech heartwood, birch, oak, ash, walnut or maple - we only use high-quality wood from sustainable forestry. So you get TV furniture from us that is not only individually tailored to your space and needs but is also sustainable.

How can you create exactly the design you want?
The easiest way to order made-to-measure TV furniture from us is to use our configurator online. This allows you to create exactly the TV furniture you want with just a few clicks. Alternatively, you can draw us your desired TV furniture and specify all the dimensions on paper. You then send this drawing to us and we will create the right configuration for you. In addition, you always have the option of contacting us by phone or email so that we can help you in the best possible way, especially when it comes to implementing special requests.