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Planning your fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes from Pickawood Europe customize the home. They are particularly useful in alcoves, but they also cut a fine figure under sloping ceilings. The available space can be cleverly and comfortably utilised in any room. What you store in them is up to you - there is certainly no lack of storage space. With our configurator, you can design solid wood wardrobes that are precisely tailored to your needs. Nothing stands in the way of structured order in the living area with Pickawood Europe. Our range is primarily aimed at private individuals, but fitted wardrobes from Pickawood Europe are even in demand in the commercial sector. The high standards of quality and workmanship have become particularly popular in the hotel and catering industry. We are able to equip many guest rooms with homely and durable furniture.

In addition, our wardrobes are perfect for implementing barrier-free living concepts. With ordinary furniture, the areas above are sometimes difficult to reach. Senior citizens and sick people in particular find it difficult to get clothes out of the compartments. This is often only possible with a stool or stairs, and the risk of accidents increases. A clothes lift, which can be added in the configurator, provides a remedy. Fitted wardrobes are quite uncomplicated to assemble. The tools required include a drill, screwdriver, folding rule and pencil. There is no difference between installing kitchen cabinets and our furniture.

High quality can only be achieved through the careful selection of materials. As far as the woods are concerned, we are very selective. We only use those that meet our requirements, and they must also come from sustainable forestry. Added to this are high processing standards. The result is fitted wardrobes that cannot be topped in terms of individuality, functionality and durability. Each piece leaves our workshop only after thorough inspection. In your interest, we attach great importance to the quality of our advice. This starts with contacting us and does not stop with open questions. We are there for you even years after you have bought your furniture. This may be the case, for example, if you want to upgrade your custom-made wardrobe. If you need additional shelves, handles or feet, it is usually not necessary to order a new one. Simply contact our responsive support team.

Pickawood Europe manufactures each piece of furniture individually according to the customer's wishes. You get fitted wardrobes that fit you and your living space exactly. If planning is not your thing, then take a look around our online shop for ready-made sample pieces. Every piece can be ordered online with just a few clicks - around the clock, 365 days a year. You can also send us your ideas in the form of a sketch. To do so, please contact our support team.

With our intuitively operated configurator, the conception will work in no time at all. Keep things tidy with internal and external drawers. Height-adjustable feet that cleverly conceal skirting boards ensure the wardrobe stands securely on any surface. You can also determine details such as the handle design. Here's how it works: 1. You know best where the piece of furniture will fit. Measure the space. To configure it, you only need the height, width and depth. If the wardrobe is to be placed under a sloping roof, you do not need to calculate the angle. 2. Call up the configurator on the Internet. 3. Select the desired variant. 4. you will be taken to schematic drawings in front and side view, enter all the required dimensions there. In the next step, you have the option of determining the layout. For example, a large storage compartment can be framed by many smaller compartments. 6. If the result meets your expectations, choose the material and the colour in the next step. 7. then you have the opportunity to equip the interior with any number and size of compartments. You can also add useful features such as clothes rails, drawers and partitions.

I have special requests, can these be implemented with the configurator?
As a rule, yes. It occasionally happens that the requirements for the fitted wardrobe are too specific. If this is the case, simply contact the support team. We are guaranteed to find a customised solution.

What is the difference to discount furniture?
In the quality. Solid wood and MDF is more durable than chipboard. With ready-made furniture, you have to live with the dimensions that the manufacturer specifies. With our products it is different, because they are made to measure.

For which rooms are fitted wardrobes ideal?
For every room. In the hallway, for example, there is room for jackets and coats, in the bathroom towels and cosmetics can be stored, in the kitchen a fitted wardrobe is perfect for storing provisions.

Can fitted wardrobes be installed underneath sloping ceilings?
Of course, our configurator also takes such circumstances into account.

Is it complicated to assemble on my own?
No, even laymen can manage the assembly. All boards and accessories are delivered to you. The packages contain step-by-step instructions, so you are guaranteed not to do anything wrong. However, it makes sense to assemble the furniture with the help of another person, as the side panels, base and top panels in particular are bulky.