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Whether it's elegant shelves, stylish sideboards, functional wardrobes, or unique tables. Pickawood Europe furniture combines high quality with affordable prices. Until June 30th, you can also enjoy up to 20% off on all furniture(+2% cash discount for prepayment).

Your benefits at a glance with code "CHAMPION":

  • Until 30.06.2024, enjoy up to 20% discount (+ extra 2% cash discount for prepayment)
  • Expert advice for customized solutions tailored to your needs and style
  • Handcrafted furniture that combines durability and elegance
  • Fast and free delivery

We have already activated the discount code "CHAMPION" for you in the shopping cart. Please note – the discount is only valid until June 16th. The discount is tiered as follows*:

  • 4 % discount for furniture from 500 €
  • 6 % discount for furniture from 1.500 € 
  • 8 % discount for furniture from 3.000 €
  • 10 % discount for furniture from 5.000 €
  • 12 % discount for furniture from 7.500 € 
  • 14 % discount for furniture from 10.000 €
  • 17 % discount for furniture from 12.500 €
  • 20 % discount for furniture from 15.000 €

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Pre-planned furniture | our bestsellers

Custom-made furniture according to your ideas

Since 2012, the name Pickawood Europe is synonymous with premium products and reliable design features. Our configurators are designed that you can create your custom-made furniture by yourself. In the event you would need further options not available on the configurator, our expert team of interior designers will be happy to help you with planning or implement special requests for you. 

Special request: door conversions

Door conversions are frequently requested by our loyal customers. This special feature not only provides a unique look for your furniture product but also enables previously unused storage space to be used more efficiently. Our specialist furniture consultants will be happy to work with you to help you plan your own personalised door conversion.

Special request: depth offset

With a depth offset, your larger furniture pieces needn't take up your entire room. It is an extremely popular option for living room shelving. In addition, a difference in depths for your furniture offers the eprfecr space for displaying decorations and personal keepsakes. 

Special request: corner constructions

We regularly implement corner constructions for our customers and our online configurators can be utilised to help you with your initial planning. With some minor adjustments and the assistance of our specialist furniture consultants, we can offer most of our prefabricated products as a corner solution.

More special requests

Special projects from our customers

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Our made-to-measure furniture

*Discount valid until 30.06.2024 Cannot be combined with other promotions. Only redeemable for new orders. No cash payment is possible. Redeemable only once. The promotion is as follows: 4% discount for an order value from 500 €, 6% discount from 1.500 €, 8% discount from 3.000 €, 10% discount from 5.000 €, 12% discount from 7.500 €, 14% discount from 10.000 €, 17% discount for orders from 12.500 and a 20% discount for orders from 15.000 €. The discount only applies to customised products.

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