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TV cabinets made to measure

Gather inspiration through our design suggestions or configure your personal custom TV cabinet using our online configurator.


Design TV cabinet with
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Materials from
sustainable forestry

"Every piece of furniture at Pickawood is made from materials sourced from sustainable forestry. Design your custom TV cabinet in our simple online configurator."


Tim Ehling

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Select external dimensions and material

Choose both the height, depth and width of your TV cabinet and your dream material from 5 materials and 11 solid wood species.

Select feet

Add to your TV cabinet either a base or various furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet.

Design TV cabinet

Customize the number and division of columns and compartments, add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

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Also design your perfect TV cabinets made to measure with Pickawood

The Pickawood company gives you the opportunity to design custom made furniture online that is completely in line with your own wishes and ideas. With the help of the online configurator, you can plan individual custom made wardrobes in just a few minutes. A TV cabinet has far more functions than just carrying a TV. It offers a lot of storage space and helps you save valuable space. At Pickawood, you have the opportunity to design a custom made wardrobe that fits your home exactly. Sideobards that are too big or too small and therefore do not fit your home do not make an appealing visual impression either. When you choose a customised piece of furniture from Pickawood, you can be sure that you are buying a product that will give you a lifetime of pleasure. The company employs a competent and experienced team of highly trained carpenters to manufacture the furniture you order. They manufacture your furniture with the greatest care and precision. One issue that is particularly close to Pickawood's heart is sustainability. For this reason, only the best quality wood from certified forestry is used in the production of the custom made TV furniture ordered by our customers.

Take a look at Pickawood's extensive range of products.

On Pickawood's website, you can browse through an extensive range online, which consists of a large number of already designed sideobards. These are sideobards of various custom made sizes, materials and designs. They are ideal as TV cabinets or simply as stylish storage space. If you like one of the sideboards, you can order it directly to your home with just a few clicks. Of course, you also have the option of just getting a little inspiration. If a material or design particularly appeals to you, you can use the online configurator to incorporate it into your desired piece of furniture.

Plan your individual custom made wardrobe with the Pickawood online configurator.

Pickawood provides its customers with a state-of-the-art configurator on its website, with the help of which you can design your custom made wardrobe entirely according to your own wishes and ideas. It only takes a few steps to individually plan your dream product. Step number 1 deals with the external dimensions. If the sideboard is to be created in a niche, Pickawood recommends keeping a mounting distance of 1.5 centimetres on each side. In the second step, you can add the desired material. You can choose from a variety of materials such as real wood veneer, MDF coating or solid wood. The next step deals with the thickness of the selected material. For a sideboard, for example, a material thickness of two centimetres or even three centimetres is suitable. The next step is to decide on the plinth and the feet. With regard to the feet, you can choose both metal and wooden feet. The columns are determined in the fifth step. When it comes to the number of columns, you have complete freedom of choice. In the 3D model, the width of the columns can be easily adjusted with a mouse click. Then the desired compartments are added. If you wish, you can add doors and drawers in the next step. To do this, you only need to click on the respective compartment that is to be provided with the door or drawer. The eighth step is also the last step. From here on, it won't take long until your desired product is completely designed. At this point, you can select additional options to give your furniture the perfect finishing touch. Among other things, you can choose rows of holes and a back panel. Wall brackets can also be added for hanging sideboards.

How does the Pickawood online configurator work?

You can find the Pickawood online configurator quickly and easily online on the company's website. Once you are at the online configurator, you will see that your desired product is not far away. Planning your custom made TV sideboard only takes a few steps thanks to Pickawood. As soon as the external dimensions have been determined, the material and the material thickness are determined. Feet and plinths are adjusted, compartments, doors and drawers are selected. In the last step, additional details can be added according to the customer's wishes.

Who is responsible for the production of the ordered furniture at Pickawood?

Pickawood employs an experienced team of competent and conscientious employees. If you have any questions, the motivated furniture consultants will help you. The carpenters are responsible for the production itself. They use only high-quality wood, carefully selected and sourced from certified forestry, to make the furniture of your dreams.

What are the pictures in Pickawood's customer gallery?

The company has a large number of satisfied customers who are pleased with their high-quality Pickawood furniture. They provide Pickawood with product photos that show the ordered furniture in everyday situations. As soon as the pictures have been viewed, the best ones are added to the customer gallery and published. The gallery can be viewed online on the website at any time.

What is the purpose of the rows of holes in my custom made wardrobe?

The rows of holes are always drilled with a spacing of 32 millimetres. Metal pins are inserted into the holes and the shelves are then attached to them. The positions of the shelves can be changed at any time. In this way, you enjoy complete flexibility with regard to your creativity.

Which handles can I choose for my piece of furniture at Pickawood?

If you want to visually embellish your furniture with handles, you can choose between various high-quality handles at Pickawood. The handles are usually made of aluminium, but can also be made of wood on request. You also have the option of doing without handles and providing the fronts with a push-to-open function.

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