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Clothes, linen, fashion accessories and even shoes: a spacious wardrobe is simply indispensable in every sleeping area. A sliding-door wardrobe offers interested parties several advantages at the same time: In addition to sufficient storage space, the integrated sliding doors hardly take up any storage space when opened. Sliding-door wardrobes are therefore also ideal for smaller or narrow bedrooms. To ensure that the new bedroom wardrobe fits perfectly into the room, it can be made to measure. The Pickawood company is a specialist when it comes to custom-made furniture. With Pickawood's modern wardrobes, you can save a lot of space in the bedroom, while at the same time enjoying the spacious interior design of the models. With the help of an online configurator, the personal bedroom wardrobe can be individually put together in terms of size and equipment. Pickawood offers a wide selection of colours and materials. In addition to a distinctly modern exterior, the individual sliding-door wardrobes from Pickawood also offer high-quality interior fittings. Special mention should be made in this context of the elegant metal hinges on the inside of the wardrobe doors. These ensure that the sliding doors open and close smoothly. The handles on the models are just as high quality as the hinges. Pickawood offers these in various shapes and versions. Various shelves and drawers round off the professional interior fittings of the sliding-door wardrobes from Pickawood. This allows clothing and linen, scarves, shawls, belts and more to be stored individually in the new bedroom wardrobe.

What materials are the sliding door wardrobes by Pickawood made of?
Pickawood only uses wood from sustainable cultivation for the production of its furniture. The company attaches great importance to knowing the origin of the different woods. As a finish, the finished sliding door units are treated with a quality oil from the BIOFA label. The oil offers excellent wood protection and is also colourless and free of solvents. Because the BIOFA oil also meets the EN 71 standard, the sliding-door wardrobes are also very suitable for children's rooms.

How does the online configurator actually work and can I get advice from the service team beforehand?
With the online configurator, you can put together your new sliding-door wardrobe from Pickawood from the comfort of your own living room. To do this, follow the configurator's instructions step by step. From the type of wardrobe you want, through colours and materials to the desired width, height and depth. The process is completed in just a few minutes. The new sliding-door wardrobe can then be ordered from Pickawood.

Can I have another look at my new bedroom wardrobe configured online before I order it?
Of course, you can take another look at the result at the end of the process. It is also possible to go back one or more steps during the configuration process. Among other things, you can customize the colour or size again.

What payment options does Pickawood offer and can I pay in instalments, for example?
The Pickawood company offers various payment methods for the payment of goods. In addition to purchase on account, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or alternatively direct debit.

How long will it take for my new Pickawood sliding door wardrobe to be delivered?
Delivery times vary depending on the type of material and the product group or country to which the furniture is being shipped. Pickawood will provide you with information on possible delivery times as soon as your order is received. Special requests can result in longer delivery times, as can orders placed at Easter or Christmas. Delivery times may be extended by two to four weeks during these times.

Can special requests be realised with Pickawood?
With Pickawood, special wishes can be realised. If you have special wishes and visions, it is recommended that you contact Pickawood directly. In preparation, for example, a sketch of the desired sliding door wardrobe can be made. Many special requests can already be found on the Pickawood website. If you do not find any information about your special request there, simply contact the Pickawood service team.

Is it possible for a layman to assemble the furniture?
Of course, the assembly of the new sliding door wardrobe from Pickawood is also possible for a layman. To ensure that the wardrobe can be assembled more quickly, Pickawood recommends that two people assemble the wardrobe. You can find detailed assembly instructions for the new sliding-door wardrobe directly on the Pickawood website.

Does Pickawood offer a guarantee for its sliding-door wardrobes?
You receive a manufacturer's guarantee for Pickawood furniture within the framework of the statutory guarantee periods. These are two years for the sliding door wardrobes and other Pickawood products. If you have any questions about the guarantee, please contact the members of the service team.

Does Pickawood offer other furniture and furnishings?
With Pickawood you can furnish your entire sleeping area and even other rooms in your flat or house. Pickawood offers a wide range of wardrobes and shelving units, tables, sideboards and much more. If you are interested, take a look around the Pickawood site and let yourself be inspired.