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Hanging shelves keep things tidy and also look good. In order to fulfil their purpose, they should be adapted to the individual circumstances of a home. At Pickawood UK, you can configure the perfect custom-made hanging shelf for your home online. After all, the dimensions of a hanging shelf should be customised to the home and not the other way around. At Pickawood UK, you can put together your dream custom-made hanging shelving system online with the help of the hanging shelf configurator. In just a few steps, you can create the perfect shelving unit for your home. First, the external dimensions are determined and the desired material as well as the material thickness are specified. Then the plinth is customized and the number of desired columns is specified. This is followed by the compartments. In the last step, doors and drawers are determined and any additional options such as a strip with mounting holes or a wall bracket can be added.

The 3D configurator from Pickawood UK gives you the option of adding a variety of desired details to your shelving unit. By means of rows of holes, you can design your shelving unit exactly according to your ideas. For this purpose, rows of holes are drilled at a distance of 32 millimetres and metal pins are inserted for the bottoms of the compartments. Wall brackets provide more stability. These have a height of 15 millimetres, a width of 12 millimetres and are made of steel and die-cast tin. The high load-bearing capacity of the wall brackets was confirmed by an LGA test. It is a full 60 kilograms per piece. If the hanging shelf is to have doors or drawers, you can add the perfect handles to your shelving unit from a large selection of designs.

At Pickawood UK, however, you can not only create custom-made hanging shelves or hanging sideboards, but also browse through a wide range of already designed shelving units. Here you can choose between a variety of suggested dimensions and materials. Or you can simply get a little inspiration and then implement your ideas in the hanging shelf configurator. If you are looking for inspiration, you can also take a look at the gallery. Here you will find an extensive compilation of product photos that satisfied customers have sent to Pickawood UK.

Pickawood UK provides its customers with hanging shelves of excellent quality. The team of carpenters has many years of experience and works exclusively with high-quality materials. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are important to Pickawood UK. Therefore, the wood used comes from sustainable forestry. This means that with a hanging shelf from Pickawood UK, you are buying a custom-made piece of furniture that is not only durable, but also makes a valuable contribution to the environment. When planning the perfect hanging shelf, one or two questions may well arise. If you need help or have special requests, you are welcome to contact the Pickawood UK interior design consultants. They have many years of experience and can provide you with the best advice. Even special builds are usually no problem. You only need to convey your ideas to the furnishing consultants. They will try to make your wishes come true and will submit you an optimally prepared offer without obligation..

What is the purpose of hanging shelves?
Hanging shelves have the ability to bring order into your home. In doing so, it is important to choose a shelving unit that fits perfectly into the designated space in terms of its dimensions. Shelving units that are too small or too large not only fail to meet important requirements, but are also visually unappealing. With Pickawood UK's high-quality customisation, you can save the coveted space and also place a real eye-catcher in your home.

How does the online configurator for hanging shelves work?
You are not a specialist and do not know how to get your dream shelving? No problem! With the help of Pickawood UK's online configurator, you can get your desired product quickly and easily. In just a few steps, you can plan and individually design your hanging shelf. First, the outer dimensions and the desired material as well as the material thickness are determined. Then the plinths are inserted and the number of columns is determined. Then it's on to selecting the number of compartments. With just a few clicks, any doors and drawers are added, before we move on to the last step. Here, further details such as rows of holes or wall brackets can be added.

Where can I get the inspiration I need for my perfect hanging shelf?
Pickawood UK offers a wide range of pre-designed shelving units that invite you to browse and get inspired. The company also has a large number of satisfied customers who provide the shop with product photos of their furniture. These can be viewed in an extensive gallery.

How can I individualise my hanging shelf with the help of strips with mounting holes?
With the help of Pickawood UK's online configurator, you can create your own personal piece of furniture. Among other things, strips with mounting holes provide more individuality. These are drilled with a spacing of 32 millimetres. Metal pins are then attached to which the shelves are fitted. Thanks to the regularly drilled rows of holes, you can move the metal pins and thus also the shelves as you wish and customize them completely to your needs.

What details provide more stability?
To ensure sufficient stability, shelves should be partially fixed. High-quality wall brackets also ensure a stable hold. Since Pickawood UK attaches great importance to quality, the company only uses wall brackets from Häfele. These have a load-bearing capacity of 60 kilograms per piece, which was confirmed in an LGA test. The wall brackets are made of steel and die-cast tin and measure 15 millimetres high and 12 millimetres wide.

Can I also add colour accents to my wall shelf?
If you want to add an exciting colour to your hanging shelf, you can use lacquered MDF. For colour selection, you can consult the standardised RAL colour guide. If you have a smaller budget, you can also choose the less expensive decors for your hanging shelf.