Special Builds to Your Specification

Do you have an idea in mind for a piece of furniture but can’t create it in the configurator? No problem. The possibilities are almost limitless. We will try to put into practice what arises from your creative imagination, whether this is a corner cabinet with different depths, a colour not shown on our site or a special design of room divider. Special requests are in fact part of our daily work. We do our best and are happy to advise you; simply talk to us.

Special requests we can realise

For us, special builds are not a problem - we make them every day for our customers. If your chosen piece of furniture cannot be created using the configurator, please talk to us. Our specialist advisors will take care of your projects and are happy to advise you or plan with you - all free of charge. Special requests could be:

  • Stepped shelving
  • Recesses for a TV within the shelving unit
  • Corner shelving
  • Varying depths for shelving units
  • Mixed materials
  • Mixed colours
  • Additional options such as rollers or locks
  • Individual plinths
  • Door modifications
  • Mobile shelving

Should you be interested in one of these, or if you have entirely different ideas, contact us.

Our competent advisors are available for any questions about your dream furniture item by e-mail on [email protected]

Questions? We will gladly answer your inquiry.

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If it is made ​​of wood, then we can build it

We love wood - so to have your special requests is our daily work. The following special requests are here to give you an overview of the possibilities in Pickawood.com:

Stepped shelves: you do not use previously unknown space? Our online configurator, you can divide your shelves into different columns. These columns can be provided with different heights so that your staircase shelf can be perfectly built under the existing stairs.

TV recesses within the rack: Gladly flatscreens inside a bookshelf or bookshelves to be installed. These vertical boards must be removed from the shelf. Since this is not possible in the configurator, please consult our adviser, this desire we can implement easily.

Corner shelves: Perfectly adapted to your circumstances with a corner shelf, they take advantage of the full space of your living room. If you decide for a corner shelf to measure, we will gladly send you photos of our corner solution. Talk to us at our advisers.

Different depths: create counter space especially in the living room wall shelves are in high demand with different depths. These serve as a storage area for accessories or other items. The lower deeper part of a wall shelf is provided with doors or drawers to get a really nice rack cabinet.

Different materials and colors: Our colors - your own design. We are happy to build a shelf in different materials. For example, you can use the body of oak and the doors from MDF painted. Different colors between body and doors or drawers you can implement directly in the online configurator or talk to our expert advisors.

Additional options such as rolls or locks: Anything is possible, please contact us for any additional accessories. They are not directly in the order process or in the Configurator. We then try to offer a cost-effective and high quality solution. Simple accessories such as rollers or locks we can implement easily.

Individual plinths: You are the designer by default. Our baseboards are continuous. We can also remove baseboards between columns.