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The wardrobe is usually located in the entrance area of a house or flat. Since the eye usually falls directly on it when entering the building, it thus serves as a kind of business card for your guests. And because first impressions don't get a second chance, your custom-made hallway storage should look just as stylish and appealing as the rest of your furnishings. Fortunately, at Pickawood you get exactly the wardrobes that suit your living style and personal preferences, because they are made exactly according to your wishes. You determine not only the dimensions, but also the design and the materials. You can either give free rein to your creativity and use our practical online configurator, or you can be inspired by our already pre-designed models. Customizations are of course also possible with these storage units without any problems. We are also happy to fulfil your special requests. You would like to place your wardrobe below a sloping roof or stairs?

Are you a large family that needs extra storage space for jackets, coats and accessories? Whatever your individual requirements may be, we will take them into account. If you are still unsure which wardrobe is right for you, we will of course be happy to advise you. Just get in touch with us, our Expert:innen will take plenty of time for you and support you in planning and configuring your wardrobe! Of course, you can always rely on the quality of our products. We only use the very best materials for the production, because we know very well what stresses and strains a wardrobe has to withstand over time. From the rain-soaked jacket to the bulging school backpack that is carelessly stuffed into a cupboard compartment at home, to the motley collection of hats, gloves and scarves, your individually planned wardrobe from Pickawood can cope with all the challenges of everyday life. It is absolutely stable and robust, scores with an impressive lifespan and is pleasantly easy to clean when needed. And by the way, it also looks really classy and prestigious, because as a made-to-measure item it is, after all, a real one-off! Of course, we make wardrobes to measure in any size. So it doesn't matter whether you want to place it in a small, cosy hallway or in a spacious entrance hall. In addition, you can choose between numerous practical equipment elements that guarantee you maximum user comfort. Design and functionality thus form a perfect combination.

Do I need any prior knowledge if I want to configure my wardrobe online?
No, our configurator is very easy to use. You are guided step by step through the programme and start with the desired dimensions. Then you specify the material and the features such as compartments, doors and drawers. Of course, you can customize or change your design at any time. If you would like to edit your design at a later date, you can save it with us conveniently and of course without obligation.

Who can help me if I want to implement special requests?
Sometimes we have an idea floating around in our heads, but we don't quite know how to implement it. In this case, it can be helpful to make a sketch first. You can send us your drawing free of charge. Our furnishing experts will use your sketch to precisely configure your wardrobe and send you a non-binding offer that you can view at your leisure. Are you satisfied with our consultant's design? Then we will be happy to put it into practice for you!

What are the advantages of a wardrobe with closed fronts?
A closed wardrobe always gives a well-kept and tidy impression. Even when chaos may be raging inside. It radiates calm and is suitable for all those who attach great importance to an all-round tidy overall appearance in the hallway or entrance area.

What are the advantages of an open wardrobe?
If you're always in a hurry and don't have time to look in a wardrobe for the jacket you want, an open wardrobe is the right choice. This way, the coat or cap is already visible from a certain distance and all you have to do is grab it. Of course, combinations of both variants are also conceivable. Stow small items in drawers and behind closed fronts, while coats and jackets hang clearly visible on an open clothes rail.

What extras can I add to my wardrobe?
To ensure that your new hallway storage fits perfectly into your home, we offer you a whole range of customisation options. For high rooms, for example, a clothes lift can be interesting. It gives you the opportunity to reach jackets and coats hanging higher up without having to climb a ladder. You can also equip your storage unit with a practical bench that makes it easier to put on and take off shoes. Of course, the seat height can be individually customised. By the way: as a free extra, you get "invisible" height adjusters with every wardrobe. So it stands perfectly straight and stable even if the floor is uneven, which is often the case, especially in an old building.

Does every wardrobe automatically get the same handles for doors and drawers?
Of course not! Whether quite simple and timelessly classic or quite modern and dynamic, handles offer more than just a practical benefit, because they can be used to create great accents. Simply choose the handles you like best! But no matter what you choose, all designs are characterised by an extremely stable and sophisticated finish!