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Pickawood UK: wooden wall shelves

Wall shelves are something like the joker in home furnishing. You don't have a suitable place to put your porcelain figurines, souvenirs or vases? Are they much too good to be hidden away in a cupboard or drawer? In a hanging shelf, the objects find their worthy place. The free space on one wall is crying out to be furnished? Where a cupboard would be too bulky, a hanging shelf is just the thing. Individual hanging shelves or deep wall shelves made to measure look wonderfully light. They perfectly complement an already furnished room and give it that certain something. In addition, you can emphasise the effect with a hanging shelf that is decorative in itself and by cleverly selecting the objects on the shelf. Voilà!
Pickawood UK wooden wall shelves are available prefabricated in numerous designs as well as made to measure for you personally. Let yourself be inspired by the range of hanging shelves on our website. In our shelving designs, we believe that individual wall shelving systems should form the background to their contents. The style of our wooden wall shelves is correspondingly matter-of-fact. The colour emphasis is on the natural brown tones of solid wood. We also have hanging shelves made of MDF and multiplex boards, manufactured from wood and lacquered in the colours white, black and grey as well as in more lively colourful shades from the RAL colour selection.
Hanging shelves from Pickawood UK are available as open and closed versions as well as mixed types. When hanging shelves are partially fitted with flaps, these elements add a delightful decorative effect to the shelf.
Wooden wall shelves fit into really any room. The practical small shelves for hanging are also popular, for example, in the bathroom for cosmetics and spare towels or in the kitchen for spices, mugs and coffee or tea tins. In the children's room, the hanging shelf is often the first library of its own. Even in the hallway, the small shelf on the wall proves to be extremely useful: for example, as a shelf for keys, gloves, shopping bags or a notepad with pen. At last, the little things that lie around in a slightly chaotic way have their fixed place and otherwise time- and nerve-consuming searching around becomes much rarer.
Pickawood UK offers you ready-made hanging shelves for direct purchase and also made-to-measure shelves according to your individual needs. It is also possible to have modifications made to ready-made shelving units. Pickawood UK's friendly professional carpenters will be happy to advise you on your planning and know how best to implement your wishes. Be sure to use our online configurator! It is self-explanatory. Try out different versions of your dream wall shelf to your heart's content. If you have any questions, our craftsmen and other employees will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail.

Which types of wood are available for a Pickawood UK hanging shelf?

You can choose from maple, birch, beech, oak, ash, pine, cherry and walnut for a hanging shelf made of solid wood. We offer oak in two additional qualities: "knotty oak" with the particularly intensive grain of knots and "smoked oak" in an almost black deep brown.
For a hanging shelf made of real wood veneer, the wood types maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany and teak are available. The "oak country house white" version allows you to design a wooden shelf in a white shade.

Are there alternatives to solid wood and real wood veneer?

We have MDF and multiplex as cheaper and yet stable material alternatives for wall shelves.
The term "MDF" is the abbreviation for "medium density fibreboard" or "medium density fibreboard" in English, which is a tried and tested material made of wood. To produce it, finely shredded wood is mixed with binding agents and then pressed into boards under pressure at an elevated temperature and baked. Finished MDF boards can be sanded smooth, stained, lacquered and oiled just like original wood.
The term "multiplex" comes from Latin and means "manifold" or "numerous". Material panels for furniture made using the multiplex process are similar to veneer plywood. While normal plywood panels consist of no more than five layers of wood, multiplex plywood panels have five or more layers, each in alternating longitudinal and transverse directions.

Does Pickawood UK deliver the wall shelves including wall brackets?

Of course, Pickawood UK delivers the wall shelves including fastening material for secure attachment to the wall. If you do not have any experience with fixing small furniture to the wall in your house or flat, please contact us. We are familiar with the optimal fastening material for your wall shelf model. We also take into account the type of wall you have, for example whether it is made of concrete or masonry. The wall texture is an essential factor to consider for the stable connection between wall and shelf.

Are samples for materials and colours available from Pickawood UK?

On request, we can send you wood samples and the RAL colour guide to help you decide in advance. Four wood samples are free of charge. Further wood samples can be sent for a nominal fee. We lend out our RAL colour fan - also for a small fee. You can find more details on our website under "Order wood samples".

Is it compulsory to use the configurator before placing an order?

We consider the configurator on our website to be a special service for our customers. They regularly give us positive feedback, especially with regard to the realistic planning options and the user-friendly, intuitive operation. However, there is no obligation to use the configurator. We know very well that not everyone is tech-savvy. Also, some prefer to use the internet passively rather than actively. At Pickawood UK, every customer is welcome. As an alternative to using the configurator, you are welcome to send us a sketch of your desired shelving unit and the required dimensions. We will then discuss everything else with you in detail.

Any questions? Contact us.