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Custom made deep wall shelves

Design your customised deep wall shelf in our simple online configurator or get inspired by our ready-made designs.


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"Design your deep wall shelf step-by-step according to your ideas. If you have any questions about your planning, our furnishing advice service will be happy to help."


Tim Ehling

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Select outer dimensions and material

Configure your deep wall shelf in your desired dimensions and choose your dream material from 6 materials and 11 solid wood types.

Design a wooden wall shelf

Adjust the layout and number of compartments and columns, provide your deep wall shelf with different doors and drawers and select the additional option 'wall bracket' in the 8th step of the configurator.

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Add your deep wall shelf to the shopping cart and order your custom made piece of furniture safely and conveniently to your home.

Our most popular deep wall shelves

Pickawood - deep wall shelves as a jewel for your home

Has it ever been your wish to present a particularly beautiful larger object in your living room that did not fit on a conventional shelf?
There are very beautiful decorative elements or memories from your holidays that you would like to display as a highlight in your living room. These are not always small picture frames that fit in niches or can be quickly placed on a standard shelf. If, for example, you have special books that you want to place on a shelf, they can quickly add up to several kilograms in weight. This means that in addition to sufficient space, you also need a certain amount of stability for the deep wall shelf you require.
The carpenters at Pickawood produce customised solutions for you so that individual wall shelving systems become unique pieces of jewellery in your home. With a material thickness of three centimetres, you can determine the width and depth of the shelf yourself and at the same time design the material and colour to suit your wishes.

What material are wall shelves made of at Pickawood?

We pay attention to quality in our products. For this reason, we use high-quality solid woods, for example oak, beech or pine, to produce deep wall shelves according to your wishes. Alternatively, we also manufacture your individual shelf from MDF wood. All wall shelves we produce have a material thickness of 3 centimetres. You can choose between dimensions from 30 to 150 centimetres for the width of your desired shelf.
In terms of appearance, you are sure to find your favourite colour among the more than 200 RAL colour shades we provide. In addition to lacquering shelves made of MDF wood, you can also have your individual wall shelf made of solid wood oiled by us. For better protection of the wood, we only use solvent-free and colourless brand oils from BIOFA for our wall shelves.

What do we pay special attention to so that deep wall shelves fit perfectly in your home?

Stability is an extremely important factor for wall shelves. At the same time, massive support systems are not a pretty sight in the living room. The wall shelves from Pickawood are securely fastened with several wall shelf brackets. The screw-on plate is fixed to the wall and the support can be inserted directly into the pre-drilled oblong hole in the wall shelf. This solution gives the best stability and visually the deep wall shelf looks as if it would grow out of the wall without a support system.

How can you design your individual piece of furniture with the wall shelf configurator?

In just four steps, you are comfortably able to put together your own personal deep wall shelf without any previous craftsmanship or technical knowledge. First, choose the material from which your wall shelf will be made. You can choose between high-quality solid wood or MDF wood among many alternatives. In the second step, you have the option of finding the right shade for your wall shelf from more than 200 RAL colours. The material thickness in the third step is always 3 centimetres. By entering the width and depth, the product entries are already done. Now you can enter the number of shelves you want and, after saving, place the order in the shopping basket.

Are deep wall shelves from Pickawood sustainable products?

In the production of wall shelves with greater depth, we pay attention to the concerns of environmental protection and nature conservation. We only use wood from European forests that practice sustainable forestry. We have meaningful certificates for this. As a member of B.A.U.M. e.V., the German working group for environmentally conscious management, our company is geared towards sustainable production. For example, wood residues are not disposed of, but are made available to our customers as wood samples.

Do I get samples or suggestions of what deep wall shelves could look like?

We have prepared a gallery especially for you on our website where you can view solutions for deep wall shelves that we have already produced for our customers. Here you will find ideas for your own planned wall shelf. At the same time, you can convince yourself of the workmanship of our master carpenters by looking at concrete examples.

Do I need any previous technical or craft knowledge to be able to use the online configurator?

No! Compiling the specifications for your new dream shelf is child's play and can be done in just four steps on an input screen. First of all, you select the material from which your dream shelf is to be made by us. Step two is to determine the colour tone in which the wall shelf is to be delivered to your home. The material thickness in the third step cannot be changed at 3 centimetres. After you have entered the dimensions of the shelf in the last step, the order can be placed directly after saving your entries.

Can I put a row of books on a deep wall shelf that has appropriate weight?

Several wall shelf brackets provide high stability for your deep wall shelf. This means that you can dispense with visually unattractive support systems for the storage area. Your deep custom-made shelf on the wall thus looks noble, as if it had grown directly out of the wall. At the same time, your shelf is extremely stable. The maximum load-bearing capacity of your custom-made hanging shelf, for example, is about 100 kilograms per square metre with floor dimensions of 100 x 25 centimetres.

Can I order a deep corner shelf from Pickawood?

Yes! Our master carpenters are prepared for all situations. If it is your wish to put up a corner shelf in your home, then this is no problem for us. All we need are the individual measurements, the material and the colour from which your corner shelf is to be created by us.

How can I convince myself of the quality of Pickawood's work?

On the Trusted Shops platform, customers of our company have the opportunity to rate our work, our service and our delivery. Almost 2,000 customers have taken advantage of this opportunity and expressed their opinions. On a scale of a maximum of 5 stars, Pickawood has achieved a level of 4.79 stars.

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