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"Use our online configurator to plan your custom 40 cm deep shelving unit or get inspired by our pre-made designs."


Tim Ehling

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Design your 40 cm deep shelf made to measure

In 3 steps to your 40 cm deep shelf

Set dimensions

You can configure your custom 40 cm deep shelf up to 3 meters high and 6 meters wide.

Choose material

Choose your dream material for the 40 cm deep shelf from 6 materials and 11 solid wood species.

Select fronts

Design your 40 cm deep shelf with doors and drawers according to your wishes.

Popular 40 cm deep shelves

Custom made 40 cm deep shelves from Pickawood

Order 40 cm deep shelves with customization at Pickawood. You configure your personal shelf in just a few minutes and create order at home. The custom work of Pickawood leads to the optimal use of space, which saves a lot of space in the room. Nevertheless, the 40 cm deep shelf will accommodate everything that belongs there.

40 cm deep shelves for supplies, books and accessories.

The 40 cm deep custom shelving would be a classic bookshelf, where you can usually find some accessories. But it can also hold supplies if it is placed in the kitchen or basement. It is ideal for, among other things:

  • Food including canned food and jam
  • Kitchen paper
  • Drinks
  • Empties
  • Used glass
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Decorative items
  • Toilet paper
  • and much more

Since these things vary in size and height, you need to plan the compartment layout well in your configuration. This will allow you to make the best use of the available space. Especially a somewhat smaller room will benefit from the comparatively small depth of the shelf of only 40 cm. Therefore, you can - for example, in the basement - equip almost all walls with such shelves, without making the room too narrow. For some things, of course, you need slightly deeper shelves, which you can also find at Pickawood. But especially next to doors and passages, the depth of 40 cm is really ideal. Even a beverage crate fits in there. There is another aspect in favor of this depth: if you build a shelf quite high and then it would be much deeper than 40 cm, sooner or later you would put items in the upper compartments, which you will inevitably forget afterwards, because they are simply not visible due to the depth. By the way, for very high shelves custom Pickawood offers you a ladder, which we would like to mention in this context. This would also be very useful if you build a high library in the living room with 40 cm deep custom shelves.

What can be a shelf 40 cm deep?

These shelves, which we find not only in kitchens and basements, but also in living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, and even in the hallway, depending on the way they are used and placed, are a

The place and purpose of use also determine the choice of color and material. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of solid woods (birch, ash, beech, maple, alder, pine, oak and others), even MDF would be quite possible. Our carpenters source the highest quality wood for your shelf 40 cm deep from sustainable forests. You can have the wood oiled, stained or painted, choosing any color you want from the RAL color palette. Customize the made-to-measure 40 cm deep shelf from Pickawood to fit your interior!

What other help can Pickawood offer me for the shelf 40 cm deep besides custom-made?

Of course, we will assist you with the configuration of your shelf free of charge (including 3D measurement service). In addition, you are welcome to book our inexpensive, yet extremely reliable assembly service. Would you like to have a look at possible wood variants for your shelf 40 cm deep? We will send you some wood samples free of charge, others for a small fee (only 12,- €/set). Our customers always find this very helpful!

Where do I get ideas for a 40 cm deep shelf?

You can see some of our pre-designed 40 cm deep shelves for your inspiration on our website. If you like them and they also fit your ideas, you can adopt the dimensions and materials we used. However, you can also customize them as you wish in the online configurator. In addition, our customers are very happy to send us photos of their shelves, which we are also allowed to put online. You are sure to find some ideas here!

What dimensions (W x H) are suitable for the 40 cm deep shelf?

In principle, you can choose any width and height, but look what we have already pre-designed for you. These six examples are truly representative (depth always 40 cm):

  • narrow drawer shelf 30 x 93 cm (W x H)
  • drawer shelf made of real wood veneer 94 x 144 cm (w x h)
  • deep, custom-made shelf 110 x 149 cm (w x h)
  • narrow custom-made shelf 50 x 170 cm (w x h)
  • narrow shelf including folding doors 35 x 120 cm (w x h)
  • white shelf 104 x 149 cm (w x h)

These are just a few examples that you can use to get an idea.

What materials are particularly suitable for shelves 40 cm deep?

Feel free to take a look at our inexpensive and very beautiful real wood veneer, MDF boards and multiplex. These wood variants can also withstand considerable loads. In the case of solid woods, we recommend for shelves, among others, pine, oak, classic beech or charismatic beech heartwood, alder, birch, maple or ash. There are even more woods. If you want to load the shelf very heavily, we recommend oak or beech. These woods are really extremely stable. Of course, solid wood also has something to do with home design. Make your choice!

Where does the wood come from?

It comes from European, primarily even from German forests and in principle from sustainable forestry. Pickawood's business philosophy, like that of its associated joineries, is based on the careful use of resources and environmental protection.

What are the color design options for shelves 40 cm deep?

You can have the shelves oiled or painted in the entire spectrum of the RAL color palette. Straight shelves 40 cm deep become an eye-catcher in your home with a vibrant color scheme!

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